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Chapter 1: Prologue

Prologue part 1

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scream of someone like crazy, like a madman, was heard, and woke up the whole Imperial Palace.

 Every dragon on the Imperial Palace, and not only, heard his scream and powerful roar. All of them ran towards the room of the Crown Dragon Prince, to learn what happened.

His wife beside him woke up with a scared look, startled from what happened. All one could hear were the powerful roars, and the screams of depression, that Tianlong Yun was making at the moment.

His scream and roar went far beyond his luxurious room, far beyond the Imperial Palace, far beyond the green valleys and high peak mountains.

Those screams were heard beyond the clear waters and colorful trees, beyond the boundaries of the Royal Dragon Dynasty, embracing the whole Immortal World.

Everyone was startled hearing such a roar and scream, it seemed like an alert announcing the end of the Immortal World.

After all the one roaring and screaming was one of the most important people of the Immortal World, the Royal Dragons, Crown Prince himself.

For eternity, the Royal Dragons, and their dynasty had been one of the most powerful and important clans of the Immortal World.

Their strength, power, wealth couldn't be estimated anymore. Rumors said that they even had Ancestors who had surpassed the known limits of cultivation.

But they lived in peace and reclusive places, cultivating and passing their last drops of eternity far away from the public's eyes. But always ready if their clan was ever endangered.

Unfortunately even such a powerful and mighty clan like theirs didn't seem to be immune towards the sins and especially greed.

And the greed of a powerful, and mighty Royal Dragon, is many times bigger and more profound, you could even say it's insatiable.

It seems that together with the humanoid transformation, they got not only the shape of a human but also the good and evil characteristics of human beings.

Virtues like bravery and justice, but also sins like greed and treachery. At the same time, not forgetting their own characteristics like pride and lust.

It was precisely these characteristics that seemed to be the cause of Tianlong Yun's roaring and screaming, that alerted the whole Immortal World and especially his parents and the Imperial Palace.

Tianlong Yun's father, the mighty Dragon Emperor is, Tianlong Shen. He is the Dragon Emperor of the Royal Dragons with high cultivation of High GOD rank.

Tianlong Shen is a tall man about 2m, with black hair and a black-trimmed beard. He has ocean blue eyes and the body of a celestial with and the personality of a prideful and arrogant dragon.

His main wife is Zhu Que Mei Li one of the daughters of the Phoenix Emperor. Just like her name states, she is one of the most beautiful, and hot phoenixes, to have ever existed.

She has a tall posture of 1.9 m with scarlet red hair, and amazing ocean blue eyes with a tint of gold, which can make any male, lose themselves in her eyes.

With a beautiful oval shape face, milky white teeth, and small pink luscious lips, that one can kiss for eternity, without getting bored.

Hourglass figure, with big soft mountains of jade that seem like, will explode from her clothes, and a small waist without a gram of extra fat, combined with big, hot rear mountains, that makes any being lust just by one look.

Tianlong Yun was the apple of their eyes, even though to Zhu Que Mei Li he was just the last will of her closest friend, she had always treated him better than she would treat her own son.

To both of them, Tianlong Yun was the jewel in the crown of the Dragon Emperor. One thought like this from love, and one from the potential he saw in him.

From a small age, Tianlong Yun's talent in cultivation was revealed. He was the most talented and intelligent descendant that Tianlong clan had seen in years.

Due to his talent in cultivation Tianlong Yun was raised with extra care from the Tianlong Clan. He would always have whatever he wished.

Apparently this lifestyle wasn't the correct thing for him, because very soon Tianlong Yun started to develop his drawbacks and sins.

One of the drawbacks of his character was that he was a very lustful dragon. He liked the company of many dragon women of the clan and not only.

Every time he went in the gatherings of the Immortal World with his father, he would always try to find new additions to his harem.

Tianlong Yun was a descendant of dragons with dark red hair and golden blue eyes that could charm any girl, or any woman, regardless of age.

He was tall at 1.85m, with the body of a celestial just like his father, and a handsome face. He was one of the most good looking Princes in the Immortal World.

To sum it up he was the prince charming of the dragon race, and even though he was lustful he had good moral values and a bottom line.

The night before, was one of the happiest nights for the ROYAL DRAGON Clan, because that night, was the night, which Tianlong Yun reached GODHOOD in his cultivation.

But not only for that! The previous night, was also the night of the mate selecting for Tianlong Yun. And as the Crown Prince, this was something that attracted the attention of the entire Immortal World.

Just reaching GODHOOD at the age of 160 was one of the most amazing and unbelievable things that had happened in the history of the Royal Dragon Clan.

And now there would also be the ceremony of Tianlong Yun joining together with his 'mate'. Mates were really important to the Royal Dragon Clan.

They were the head of the Harem, and also the second in command in the Dragon's household. When the head of the house was missing, they were in-charge.

And of course, for such a genius, his mate wouldn't be normal either. Tianlong Yun's mate was none other than the 'succubus' of the Royal Dragon Clan, Tianlong Mei.

Tianlong Mei was almost the same age as he was, and just like him, she was one of the geniuses of the Royal Dragon Clan. With her appearance and talent, she was the goddess of the Royal Dragon Clan.

The dream of many Young Masters of the Immortal World. She was 1.8 m tall with beautiful blonde hair, and emerald green eyes, which could bewitch, any being of the Immortal World.

With an hourglass body, more than modest front pillows, a thin waist, and big, perky rear mountains, that could make even the old fogies excited.

But like they always say, where the light shines the brightest, the darkness is attracted the most. The dark star in Tianlong Yun's life was his older half-brother Tianlong An.

Tianlong An had always been envious of Tianlong Yun's talent, and the treatment he was getting. But the cup was filled, when the girl he was obsessed with, would become his mate.

Tianlong An was madly obsessed with the new bride. While his paternal uncle Tianlong Xie, always lusted for his own sister-in-law, the Dragon Empress of the clan, Zhu Que Mei Li.

This was supposed to be the best morning of his life, the morning of the first day with his mate. But Tianlong Yun woke up with a terrible headache, and with pain like his body was sucked dry of everything.

He couldn't remember anything that happened the night before. The only thing he could remember was entering the bridal chambers together with an ashamed Tianlong Mei.

He tried to ease his pain by circulating his cultivation, which shouldn't exist with his level of cultivation. But soon, he found out that his cultivation didn't exist anymore.

It was a bad dream.

 It was a joke.

How could it happen?

Everything that he had worked so hard for, every grain of his cultivation that he worked so much for was inexistent.

How was it possible!!??

No, it can't be!!!

This must be a dream, yes a bad dream or a cultivation demon that tried to destroy his DAO heart.

He tried to close his eyes again, and try to Wake Up from this hellish dream…


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