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Chapter 20: Chapter 20

When they arrived in the Grimmlands, Jaune told Qrow and Tai to activate their nanite suit while activation his own. When they landed Jaune saw just how big the place was and he was thinking that searching the place might take some time, luckily they have some information on what they are looking for, but when Jaune looked around he realised that this mission may take a while, the information that he has is that it has a visible castle, the problem was they are near the edge of the Grimmlands and the castle was very visible meaning that it was not a piece of very useful information, and the only thing they can go on is that the place they are looking for is avoided by the Grimms.

"Qrow, Tai, we might have a problem." Jaune said.

"What's the problem kid." Qrow asked

"Well, the problem is that, the information we have to go on is not going to be that helpful, Summer said that the place she was attacked was in a location that has a castle that is visible, but right now we are in the edge of the Grimmlands and the castle is visible from here." Jaune said.

"God damn it, meaning that is one information that will not be useful, at least we still have another clue on the location, according to you it was near a base of a mountain, meaning we have to go further in and then we have to look for a place that the Grimms are avoiding." Qrow said, but right now Tai is realising something.

"If the mission that Summer went to is not in the Grimmlands but in a nearby area then how would she be further in the Grimmlands." Tai asked Jaune and Qrow.

"She would not be anywhere near here unless she had no choice but to flee in this direction." Qrow said.

"But according to the both of you Summer is strong enough to fight and kill a sphinx easily in a few seconds, and according to my scans of the nearby area, there are no strong Grimms outside the Grimmlands meaning that there is a chance that Summer was lured here by a person." Jaune said.

"Jaune, are you trying to imply that she was hunted down." Tai asked Jaune.

"It is not that farfetched, I heard that a long time ago people with silver eyes was hunted down and if you Tai don't have silver eyes and you are the father of Ruby, I am assuming that Summer has silver eyes." Jaune said.

"You are right, Summer does in fact have silver eyes, but you are telling me that some was sent to kill Summer or at least lure her here, but who would be able to do that and no one should have known the location of a certain huntsman or huntress, since that information are classified for their safety." Tai said.

"If that was the case, that could only mean one thing, that we have a mole feeding location of our huntsman and huntress to the enemy." Qrow said.

"Qrow, you can't be seriously thinking that, who would do something that disgusting as to get people who work to protect humanity killed." Tai asked.

"I don't know, but as soon as we head back, I will do what I can to find out." Qrow said.

"For now, we need to get further into the Grimmlands, rescue Summer then we report to Ozpin what we think is going on." Jaune said which got a nod from both Tai and Qrow.

The trio headed in further into the Grimmlands, trying to find the location of Summer. Meanwhile back at beacon team RWBY and NPR are currently heading to the class that Jaune was supposed to be teaching.

"Hey guys, who do you think will be teaching in Jaune's class since he isn't here." Ruby asked.

"There is a chance that the class would be cancelled." Blake said.

"I hope not, I like going to Jaune's class, I mean everything that he has thought us is leagues ahead of even Atlas technology, I want to learn more and have a deeper understanding of the way Jaune thinks when he creates new things." Weiss said.

"Pfft, Weiss everyone knows that you just like looking at Jaune whenever he is teaching, the way he takes command of the class, the way he reprimands some of the students that don't behave, we all know that you like it when Jaune acts very dominating." Yang said.

"Wha-, I would never… Shut up Yang!" Weiss said while blushing redder than Ruby's cape.

"HAHAHAHA, I can't believe you didn't think anyone would notice the way you look at Jaune, and the fact that I have read it in your diary." Yang said.

"HMPH." Is all Weiss said as a response.

"What do think is Jaune-Jaune doing now, I bet he is somewhere, where they are having an all you can eat pancake buffet." Nora said.

"I don't think Jaune is in an all you can eat pancake buffet Nora since the mission that Jaune is going to seems to be serious because I saw two other guys with Jaune when he went to the bullhead port." Ren said.

"I hope he is doing okay, I would hate to see Jaune hurt." Pyrrha said.

"We all hope so too." Ren said and everyone just nods.

Back with Jaune, Qrow and Tai, they have been sneaking around the Grimms as to not attract them since the Grimms they saw are far stronger than any Grimm they have faced and they are everywhere. On the left, there is some velociraptor looking Grimm, on the right, there is a Grimm walking on two feet while holding a sword looking weapon but was made from the same bone plating of the Grimm, in the air was a horde of Griffon but was larger than any they have seen. The trio is making their way further into Grimm territory.

"Kid, how much longer till we reach the first area that we need to search." Qrow asked.

"If we go slowly and not attract any Grimm then it would take us an hour to get there, but if we try to speed up a bit we might get there in half that time but there is a high chance we might attract Grimm." Jaune said.

"How many locations exactly are we searching." Tai asked.

"From the scans that I took on the Quinjet, there are about twenty-five location and they are a lot further in." Jaune said.

"Shit, that would take some time to search all that locations, it is a good thing that we packed a lot of rations." Qrow said.

"Well, at least even when you were on a rush yesterday you were able to properly pack what we need for this mission." Tai said.

"What the hell are you two talking about, we won't be eating any ration, they suck. I prepared a lot of ingredients that I could use to make us some proper food, and beside we won't be camping in this dark looking forest, I brought one of my smaller mobile base that we could stay in, and it has a cloaking tech as well, meaning as long as we don't produce too much negativity then the Grimm won't be a problem." Jaune said.

"God damn it, I brought all those rations for nothing, and the tents as well." Qrow said.

"It was not for nothing, we could use the ration as emergency food in case we have to eat something immediately due to emergency and don't have time to cook some food." Jaune said.

The trio have now been running to their destination for an hour and they have finally reached it but upon searching they did not find anything, so they decided to rest for a bit before heading to the next location which is two hours of running.

It took the Jaune, Qrow and Tai five days of searching and they have finally nearly finished half the location but the more location they search the less they are motivated to search since they are not finding anything, but the next location that they arrived too was the place they were looking for, and the Grimm was actually avoiding the place and now that Jaune was physically here, he knows why the Grimms are avoiding the place, it was saturated with holy magic which Jaune believes to be due to Summer's silver eyes since Ruby has some trace of it in hers.

Back to team RWBY and Pyrrha, they are currently sitting with Glynda since they decided it was better to talk to her now and confess their feelings for Jaune when he gets back.

"What did you girls want to talk to me about." Glynda asked.

"We wanted to talk to you about Jaune." Ruby said while having a blush on her face but was also due to her nervousness.

"Let me guess, you girls have some romantic feelings for him too." Glynda said.

"How did you know." Yang asked.

"You do know that I was once your age, personally I never had that sort of feeling before, but I have seen other people have that same look as you girls, the face of someone who is in love." Glynda said.

"Wait, you said before, does that mean that you are also in love with Jaune." Pyrrha said.

"You are correct. I started to have a crush on Jaune when the school year started, when we were planning on the lessons we were going to teach, but since we had a bit of an age gap I hesitated, and when he asked me on a date and he told me that he did not mind that we had an age gap I took that chance. And during the date, when we were talking, it was then that I realise that it was not just a crush but it was something more, that I was in love with him, then I started to think back, and I knew that I started to slowly fall in love with him but didn't realise it since I was hesitant due to age but stop caring about it as the date went on." Glynda said.

"Wow, I thought that maybe you were just giving Jaune a chance to date you, but I did not think that you are in love with him." Yang said which she got an elbow hit to her side courtesy of Ruby.

"What did you girls want to talk to me about exactly." Glynda asked.

"We have all decided that since we all have feelings for Jaune, that we would be ok with sharing him, and since he has asked you on a date we thought maybe we should tell you that we plan to tell Jaune our feelings." Weiss said.

"We don't mind sharing Jaune, but you will have to ask Jaune first if he is okay with have more than one girlfriend, if he accepts then great, but if he doesn't want to have a polyamorous relationship, then know that I won't back down." Glynda said in which the girls just nodded.

Currently Jaune, Tai and Qrow entered a cave and was looking around, the could not see much so Jaune took out a lantern to have a better view. The entrance of the cave was narrow so they had to be behind one another, but after a few minutes of walking, they reached an area with a huge open space and hole in the ceiling that is currently letting some moonlight enter and illuminate the area.

"This is the place that I saw in my dreams." Jaune said.

"If that was the case, then where is Summer." Tai said.

"Let's search the area, we might find some clue." Qrow said.

They started searching the place, and after a few minutes of searching they were able to find something, but it was not what they were hoping for. Near a rock was a white and red cloak that Tai was able to easily recognize as Summer's, and along with the cloak was some black clothing's and bones, with this Tai started crying knowing that he got a confirmation that Summer is dead. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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