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Chapter 9: Chapter 8

As everyone else was getting ready for the initiation Nova was waiting at the location while looking at his stats.

' So far my stats are pretty good but my level good use some work. At the level I'm at I couldn't see Cinders level or even Ozpins. The fall maidens power and power of the light god diffently helps.

I haven't been able to get any Gates either. After the first one none have appeared. Well whatever let's see if staying at Beacon will help in getting more. As for challenges Emerald forest seems like a good place.Ill head deeper into it when I want to gain more levels. I should be able to grind there and the exp will be higher than the other times.

Well anyway Ozpins coming and so is everyone else. Initiation is about to start. '

Soon everyone arrived at the platforms where Ozpin gave his speech.

" Blah blah blah partners blah blah eye contact blah blah Grimm blah blah blah destroy blah blah blah. "

Ruby had a little freak out but Nova calmed her down by giving her head pats and a thumbs up. Ruby smiled and blushed a bit before becoming focused.

" Umm sir I have a question. " Jeanne said.

" No questions good. Goodbye. " Ozpin said before everyone were being launched.

" Um sir how will we get down? "

" You will use your own landing strategy. "

" Okay bu AAAAHHHHH.... " Jeanne yelled as she got launched.

Ozpin watched as she fell. " I love my job. "

Nova just stares at him before he got launched.

'I'm pretty sure he was saying blah the whole time. '

As the ground came Nova say a lone it's a walking across the forest. The it's a was minding its own business before it something above him. He say a human coming at him but wasn't able to react and died by getting a boot to the face.

[ Quest

Defeat 300 Grimm in the forest before the initiation ends. You can't use your shadows.

Rewards: Renewal taekwondo and full contact karate.

500,000 lien



' Fuck yes. I get money and have martial arts from God of Highschool. Those two styles are extremely good and suit my style.

However I need a way to attract Grimm towards me. '

Nova thought for a moment before releasing negative emotions and used his aura to amplify them to attract Grimm.

' Gamers mind allows me to stay calm in death situations but I can still release negative emotions. I just don't get affected by it as it gets pushed down so it doesn't effect me. However I can always replicate the feeling and release outwards to attract Grimm and use aura to amplify it. '

Soon enough multiple Grimm came towards him.

' Sorry fellas. I have nothing against you but the reward for killing all of you is worth the sacrifice. Thank you for donation. '

Taking out his scythe and his gun He took out all the Grimm that came towards while smiling under his mask fantasizing about how fun it will be when using the styles to beat Grimm and the people who annoy him.

To not give away to much about his weapon he mainly used his different gun forms. Each shot killed a Grimm while he used his scythe to cut the rest.

Multiple Grimm decided to surround but he wasn't phased.

' Hmm I should use this as a training. I need to get used to observation haki so this is a good time to use it. ' The Grimm were ready to charge in but,

" Wait wait. Hold on a sec. " Nova said with his hand raised with his palm facing forward. He then took a blindfold and put it on. " Okay I'm ready. "

" ROOOOOAAAARRRRR!" One of the Grimm said. The rest of them attacked. Nova stood still as he sensed them coming. Each of them were outlined with a silver colour. Nova saw them coming and started killing them.

' Slow. ' He thought while dodging their attacks with ease. He dodged their attacks like a snake before using his scythe to kill them and his gun to shoot at the others with long range.

He only a few more to kill and the exact amount was right in front of him.

" Alright I only have 10 bullets left but there's 20 of you. Some of you were naughty which is why there's only 10 bullets. The naughty ones will get booted. "

Nova then ran at the 3 in front. They tried to attack but he just dodged before putting a bullet through their heads. The next wave of 10 came. As they came to attack dodged before smashing their heads with his boots.

Weaving through their sentences like a snake he made sure to give them what they deserve. 10 were good so they recieved a bullet while the naughty ones gained a boot.

[ Quest completed

Grimm killed 300/300

rewards earned

Gained renewal taekwondo and full contact karate.

Gained 500,000 lien

Renewal taekwondo learned.

Full Contact Karate learned


[ You levelled up. ] x5

' A single quest gained me 5 levels, more money for me to use and two incredibly useful martial arts.

Today is a good day. '

Nova then headed towards the ruins. He runs into a few more Grimm but he just killed them.

' Sigh they don't give enough exp to level up. I'm getting bored of this. I want to back to sleep. '

Nova arrived at the ruins. He walked towards the ruins without a care in the world and shows this by reading his book with his blindfold off.

[ Quest

Destroy the all Grimm in 5 minutes

Grimm 0/500

Grimm: Echo minotar

Use any method


The sky then turned dark as ominous feeling filled the air. At that moment Grimm started to come out and stand in front of Nova.

The Grimm were standing on their legs with bone armour covering them. They had arms covered in bone as well with their finger fully covered and a large rectangular sword inr their hand similar to Zabuzas sword from Naruto. Their head was covered by bone but they could still see proven by the red light coming from that point.

Nova stayed silent for a few minutes and just started at them.

' That's so fucking awesome. They look so cool and are powerful. I want to add them to my army but Ozpin is keeping his eye on me and this would probably be shown to all the students later.

However let's use this as training. I need practice with the martial arts I learned. Sigh whoever sent these I thank you for generosity.

Again today is a good day. '



Level: 72

Money: 2, 500, 000 lien



Customised gun: Revolver, Railgun, grenade launcher, mini rocket launcher, sleep gas canisters


Exploding knifes

Customised sword that uses dust to coat itself in that specific dust. Ex: Lightning dust. The sword gets coated in lightning and gets extra cutting power.


Aura: Mastered all forms of Nen.Tree climbing and water walking

Semblance: Shadow Soverign.














130000+ shadow soilders

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