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81.81% Sacred Swords / Chapter 9: CHAPTER 9, OPENING OF THE HEART

CHAPTER 9, OPENING OF THE HEART - Sacred Swords - Chapter 9 by Red_Earl full book limited free



As we all sat down in the Division room, everypne was busy with their own thing. The room is large, with four large sofas and a coffee table. There's a bathroom and bedroom as well as a kitchen. While all of us sat down on the sofas we begin our plan. Yesterday when we ensured that Licht wasn't listening, we talked about that strange Special skill he used and decided to ask him about it. "Licht, can we ask you something?" Aria began.

"Sure." He answered sipping the tea made by Lia.

"What happened to you yesterday ~degozaru?" Shin asked.

"..." He remained silent for a bit then answered us. "Please keep this within our Division for now."

"We understand." I answered him as he placed down his tea.

"Our family... the Silvers Family... it has had a long history... a Special Skill that for some reason only our family members can inherit." He began. "Special Skill; Trance. When feeling high emotions while holding an Arc, we enter a trance-like state. During which if negative emotions like anger, hatred, healousy and other ugly emotions overflow we lose control, unable to tell friend from foe, only wield our Arc till we... collapse of exhaustion."

"Isn't that similar to-" Bell was about to say something when Licht cut him off.

"If you think it's something like Berserk then I suppose your right. But there is a major difference between them." He said with a forced smile. "Trance has Berserk's combat amplification ability, Limit Break's Aura multiplier ability and Boost's overall enhancement ability."

"Berserk which enhances a Light's attack, defense and agility. Limit Break allows a Light's Aura Capicity and Helios Core Capicity to exceed their limits there by producing more Aura for the Light to use." Lucia said. "Meanwhile Boost enhances a Light's abilities and Special Abilities. What a fearsome combination. However, if so then there should be a time limit."

"There isn't because of my Ability." Licht said. "Guiding Light, the ability to go beyond the limit of a person."

"Indeed but even so, there must be a limit to it." Lia said. "Like an exhausting point or something."

"Gift; Argonaut. The ability to surpass my own limits and stand and the zenith." Licht said with a frown. "When the three abilities are used at the same time, I become a force of destruction unlike any other. With the power to destroy everything in my wake. Don't I sound similar to them?"

"You aren't like the Shadows." I told him and gripped his hand.

"It is a scary ability, it may be best to seal it." Yuri said. "Do you have any other Special Skills?"

"I don't." He answered. "And if we sealed it, my emotions will disappear as well. So no dice on that."

"Licht, do you know that place where we met yesterday?" I asked him recalling the dark mist that loomed over empty space. He seemed to he familiar with that place.

"That old man called it Helios." He answered. "I have no idea what that was or why it happened, but it was without a doubt Helios."

"That place you saw, I think it's safe to assume it was called a Link." Lucia said. "A place nowhere on the map, I read amongst the papers we have at the Research Department that there were similar events to it."

"What kind of events?" Aria asked.

"In times of need or when two or more hearts connect with each other, they create a Link. This Link is said to be created by the Heart." Lucia answered. "As far as the Helios, it's safe to say that the Heart is connected to it. But only a selected few can go there."

"Sacred Sword." Licht spoke with a serious voice.

"Did you know about it?" Lucia asked him with a surpirsed tone.

"What is Sacred Sword?" Mizuki asked.

"It's not a what, it's who." Lucia said. "We managed to decode the last symbols and it said 'Gather the Twelve Sacred Swords and let their light fill the world when the darkness encroaches.' As for what it means..."

"It means that there are twelve special Lights out there, and during times when the dakrness is about to consume us they will shine their light and drive away the dark." Lia said. "Though it's only my hypothesis."

"It's as you say. The twelve represent different things. Each seem to have a relation to the twelve messages we decoded." Lucia answered. "We still haven't completely decoded it but, we managed to get a grasp a piece of the whole truth."

After she drank some water she spoke once more telling us everything.

"The Sacred Swords are Lights who possess an untainted light, a Helios Core that surpasses others. While the identity of the Twelve remain unknown they are special indeed. Lately due to the strange amount of Shadows we can assume that there is something wrong." She said. "As of the moment, the school has allowed us to spread the word about this, the purpose is to find Lights with a different Aura from others. And judging by what had happened, I can say with certainty, Licht you are a Sacred Sword."

"Are you certain?" Bell asked.

"Yes, the Sacred Swords are connected to the Heart via their Helios Core, so without a doubt you are a Sacred Sword." She said. "However you haven't 'awakened' yet. A few days ago, the Heart suddenly released a large amount of Aura creating twelve locks. I believe the locks are the Twelve, when one is unlocked a Sacred Sword awakens."

"For now, let's keep this between our Division." Yuri said trying to brighten up the heavy mood. "Oh yeah, what should we call our Division?"

"Hmm... that's a difficult one." I said.

"Something that can't be easily forgotten and isn't too long might be good." Jade said. "Ah, but before who should be the captain?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I think that's obvious." I said and looked at Licht. "He's the one who made this team after all."

"True." Arthur said. "The vice will be Ray."

"Then it's settled." I said.

As we all ebded our meeting we began to enjoy our time. I saw that Licht was starting to smile more, hopefully being surrounded by different people will help thaw his frozen heart. I don't want to see that light in his eyes go dark and disappear ever.

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