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100% Sadistic Love / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: New Life

Chapter 1: New Life - Sadistic Love - Chapter 1 by Julie_Mancha full book limited free

Sadistic Love Sadistic Love original

Sadistic Love

Author: Julie_Mancha

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: New Life

My name is Alice. I'm 16 years old and have big sky blue eyes and long midnight black hair. I use to live with my father until he sadly passed. So now, I'm in a car on my way to a close family friend's house. I was sad at first, but the way my father's friend explained to me where I would be staying it didn't sound too bad.

"Oh no, the clouds are getting darker. I hope it doesn't rain.", I thought as I rolled down the window. I peeked my head to see a large mansion come into view.

* * * *

Once I passed the large iron gates, I began to study the mansion. I noticed it had gunshot markings all over the wall.

"Whoa! That's strange..", I thought looking up, as I looked up it began to rain. I quickly grabbed my bags and ran to the door. I grabbed the large door knocker and banged it against the door.

"Hello?!", I yelled. I knocked again and jumped a little when the door opened slowly. I then grabbed my bags and went inside.

"I'm so sorry.", I started to apologize, but when I looked around there was no one. I slowly walked down the hall to a staircase that parted ways in the middle.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" I looked around. I then saw a boy with white hair near the window. I noticed he was focused on the outside world.

"He looks so handsome." I thought.

"Umm.... Excuse me, but can you help me?", I asked trying not to stutter. The boy turned to me and I could see he was stunned a little. His eyes were wide in surprise. I gasped when I realized his eyes were different colors. His right eye was a crimson red while his left eye was emerald green. He walked up to me and asked in a deep voice,

"What are you doing here?" I bowed,

"My name is Alice. I'm Shiro's daughter. I believe your father use to know my father." I said standing back up slowly. I felt like his eyes were piercing through me. I then realized I was backed up against the wall.

"How did I end up against the wall?", I thought. I gasped when he pinned my hands against the wall.

"W-What are you doing!?", I shouted a little. "Shut up. You're so noisy. Right now I want to have a quiet meal now that I got a smell of you.", he said gently lifting my head a little then moving my hair away from my neck. I gasped when I felt a warm-wet sensation going up my neck.

"No! STOP!", I tried to kick him away from me. He chuckled then said,

"Your mine now." I closed my eyes tightly shut, till I heard a voice,

"Saburo! What do you think you're doing!" I opened my eyes to see a boy with dark red hair and hazel-blue eyes looking at us.

"Dammit Roan, don't bud in!" I then looked at the boy named Roan, who slowly made his way to the boy named Saburo. Roan then quickly grabbed Saburo's neck, which made Saburo released me quickly and grabbed Roan's hand.

"I asked nicely Saburo, but you brought this on yourself." I grabbed Roan's hand,

"No! Stop your hurting him!" I could tell Saburo and Roan were both shocked at my action. Roan let go of Saburo's neck, then snapped his fingers.

"Please take her bags." I looked behind me to see a butler grab my things.

"Please come with me, miss.", said Roan walking away. I made eye contact with Saburo, he looked upset. So I quickly turned and went to catch up with Roan.

* * * *

I sat in the living room Roan and Saburo were quiet till,

"May I ask for your name, miss?", Roan asked. I nodded,

"I'm Alice." Roan nodded than looked at Saburo.

"Did you bring her here?", Saburo looked at him,

"No, she walked in on her own.", he said in an annoyed voice.

"Well, well.", heard a voice say. I looked up at the staircase, two people looking down at me. One guy had orange hair with purple-blue eyes. The other person was a little girl who had light aqua-blue hair and like Saburo, she had different colored eyes: one was a crimson red and the other was a deep blue. I gasped when I saw the guy with orange hair right next to me, he then licked his lips,

"Mmmm..... She smells really sweet, like candy." I blushed a light pink after I heard him say that. I jumped when I felt someone lick my hand. It was the girl with the different colored eyes,

"She is really sweet." Roan saw and yelled,

"Alec! Yuki! Don't be rude!" The two of them then went away from me.

"So, Nate was right. She came.", I heard another voice say. I turned to see a guy with silver hair and crimson red eyes walk to Roan.

"So, Nate knows something about her.", asked Roan. I looked at all 5 of them but mainly focused on Saburo till he got up.

"What does he have to do with her.", he asked in an angry voice.

"Saburo!" I heard a voice yell. Saburo and I turned to see a guy with blonde hair and deep-ocean blue eyes coming to us.

"She's here because her father has passed and he asked our father before he died if we could take care of her." I watched all 6 of them in silence.

"Well now that we solved that problem.", said Roan.

"Let us formally introduce ourselves, I'm Roan, the oldest son." He then pointed to Saburo,

"That's Saburo, the second oldest." Saburo closed his eyes,

"She knows already." Roan then pointed at the blonde-haired and deep-ocean blued eyed boy and said,

"That is Nate, the third oldest." Nate bowed then said,

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Roan then pointed at the silver-haired and red-eyed boy,

"That is Zephyr, the middle son." Zephyr looked at me then licked his lips and chuckled a bit,

"You do look very tasty." Roan then pointed at the orange-haired and purple-blue eyed boy,

"That is Alec, the second youngest and the youngest out of the 6 of us is Yuki the little aqua-blue haired girl." I bowed and said,

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Alice." Saburo licked his lips,

"Hmm... So, Roan can I please show her to her room?" Alic then cut in front of Saburo,

"No. I'll do it.", said Alec grabbing my hands. I gasped when Alec hugged me. Yuki then grabbed Alec's hand and pulled me away from him.

"She doesn't like being hugged by you." I walked to Roan, who watched as Saburo, Alec, and Yuki argued. I looked at Nate and Zero who were watching the argument as well.

"Umm... I don't want you guys to fight so umm... I better get the rest of my stuff from the car." Just as I began to head for the door, I then tripped. All 6 of them stared at me as I slowly grabbed my knee,

"Oww, my knee is bleeding.", I thought. I gasped when I saw all 6 of their eyes glowing a light red. "I knew it. You guys are..." My voice began to tremble, as I quickly got up and ran out the door. Roan shook his head,

"She knows we can't let her leave now."

* * * *

"The car. I need to make it.", I thought as I ran down the hallway.

"Princess? Where are you?" I heard Alec's voice say. I stopped and looked around,

"I-I gotta hide!" I gasped when I felt hands grab me from behind,

"Where do you think you're going, Princess?" I screamed and pulled away from him and continued to run.

"The door." I thought as I ran down the stairs.

"Please. Open." I thought as I pulled on the door, but it wouldn't budge.

"Alice!", said Nate running down the stairs,

"Please don't make this hard." He slowly walked to me and hugged me. I blushed a deep red.

"Nate take her to her room.", I heard Roan say. He nodded. I tried to push him away,

"No! Let me go, please!" He picked me up,

"Sorry, Alice. You cant leave now that you know the secret." I began to cry then covered my face with my hands. He then gently sat me on a chair.

"Alice. He needs you. You've got to remember.", Nate than gently moved my hands from my face. His deep blue eyes were calming.

"Look, Alice, I need you to help me.", he said in a low voice. I tilted my head,

"What do you mean?" He looked down then shook his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I'll tell you later." I looked down then gasped when I felt someone touch my cheek.

"Why are you crying?", Saburo asked. I blushed a bright red,

"Saburo? How did you--" He cut me off,

"You smell so good." He grabbed my hand and lead me to the bed. He then pinned me down and licked my neck gently. I blushed a bright red.

"Saburo?", my voice trembled as I said his name. "Shut it! Please just let me." I felt his fangs pierce through my neck. I could hear him drinking my blood. He gently ran his fingers through my hair as he drank. "S-Saburo. Stop p-please I feel faint.", I tried my best not to stutter. He gently took his fangs out of my neck and licked where he bit me. I closed my eyes and blushed a light red. He gently helped me sit up.

"Are you alright?", he asked in a calm-smoothing voice. I nodded as I watched him go to the corner of my room and open a cabinet and get what seemed to be juice.

"Is that a fridge?", I asked weakly. He nodded and passed me the juice. I slowly drank it then said,

"Thank you, Saburo." I then looked up only to notice he was gone.

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