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100% Saelova's Metamorphosis / Chapter 2: First words

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Chapter 2: First words

Three months have gone by since Saelova was born and in that time all she has been able to do is eat, sleep, and get changed. The security over her is so tight that every facial motion is written down and sent to be inspected. Ever since the original was declared a stillborn her parents have been scared for her health to the point they even have at least 2 Imperial doctors in a 50m radius at all times. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-metamorphosis_18122773505347105/first-words_48687676068512624">;s-metamorphosis_18122773505347105/first-words_48687676068512624</a> for visiting.

In these 3 months Saelova's mother and father have been visiting her every day and from what they have been telling her and talking to each other about in this time, she has been able to learn the world she was transmigrated into is called Baalnce and it is unusual compared to other worlds because it only has 2 great superpowers separated by an ocean.

One is called the Gray Dragon Domain and is a matriarchal society where the Queen has the highest rule. The continent it inhabits is called The Grand Expanse because it is one giant forest and instead of tearing down the trees for clear land the Domain decided that they would integrate their lives into the forest by carving their homes into these giant trees and roping one another together creating a second layer at the treetops for all their citizens.

On the other side of the Ocean is where Saelova lives and is called The Ojunai Continent, It got its name from one of the 2 Arch-Sorcerers that split the once mega continent in half. The name of the Empire she lives in is Phoenix Empire and it is ruled by the King otherwise known as her overprotective helicopter dad. She thought it was generic and wanted to scold whoever named it then one day her mother asked her "Baby Sae do you know why the Phoenix Empire has its name?" of course Saelova couldn't speak coherent sentences yet because of her baby tongue so she just stared at her mom with eyes full of no emotions. Her mother continued "It's because a phoenix was the closest animal next to your father when was asked what he wanted the name to be."

Saelova "..."

Saelova 'I can't fault him for the name anymore, that's about how much thought I would put into it.'

Two more years had gone by in the blink of an eye and saelova is now 2 years old, and because her mind is that of a computer but she has already read 1/5 of the archives of the empire consisting of over 10 million books overall subjects from cooking to martial arts and magic control.

She thought it was going to be hard to go there at first considering how tightly Guarded she was all the time so she opted for the most direct method. When she was 5 months old and could properly speak she asked her father. "Can you bring to the library so I can learn to read" Just like her, her father rarely showed emotions on his face the only time was when she was declared dead and he almost killed 2 people in an outburst of rage. But once his 5-month-old daughter said her first words and they turned out to be asking to go to the library he couldn't help but show a surprised face. "You can talk?" her father asked.

Saelova didn't say anything but just nodded her head she didn't feel a need to confirm with words. She had been cared for to the point she didn't even need to move her body to go throughout her daily routine so she hasn't needed to speak since when has been able to. This was how she decided her personality to be. 100 percent effective, she would not do anything she didn't like, like show emotions in her eyes or face or move around too much all she wanted to do was gather information like a good A.G.I should, or at least that's what she thinks. Why be able to memorize everything perfectly and not use it, that's just stupid. Also, she doesn't want to be oblivious to the world now that she has a body and has to live as a human.

Her father stared at her for a while trying to see through his daughter and asked "How long have you been able to talk?"

"A few days" saelova wanted her father to stop asking questions she needed to speak for because it wasted energy she could use for the info gathering later this was her wasting her precious brain juice, although she didn't show it on her face.

Her father said "ok" not seeming to start by this fact anymore. The reason for this was because her father is a genius himself that was able to talk in complete sentences at 7 months old. He picked her up and headed to the library.

Once again astonished by how fast his daughter, The speed at which she learns is something he can't compare himself to in the slightest. He taught his daughter what each letter looks and sounds like and it only took her one go over to master writing down complete sentences. What would take him 16 hours to originally understand. It took a total of 5 minutes for her and he felt he was slowing her down.

From that day onward every time her father visited her, he would bring her to the library to read, it took even him a few days to get used to the speed his daughter reads and comprehends information. All she had to do was flip the pages of a book in a way she could see all the letters and she had the book memorized. It looked like all she was doing was flipping through the books her father handed not caring about them at all. The Empires archive keeper Ms. Brook was confused as to what was happening but she didn't stare too long as that was something his majesty was up to and none of her business.

Saelova asked her mother to take her to the library once but besides an exaggeratedly large startle to her mother followed by the Queen making a fuss about how much of a genius her daughter was and praising Saelova, trying to get her baby to speak more by asking questions and praising her like "Why do you resemble your father so much with that emotionless face? My genes are obviously better." and "You should speak more, you sound so cute." She didn't make any progress. So whenever her mom visits she dreads it slightly on the inside because she will be constantly pestered with questions and pleading to speak more because her mom thinks she's the cutest thing to exist.

Speaking of cute, Saevola's appearance is she has long shining gold hair that is as soft as a foxtail she inherited from her mother and purple-black heterochromia that she inherited from her father. Her left eye is as purple as a pansy and right eye looking near venta black. her skin was softer than a 10 thousand-year-old soft jade bed and skin as white as snow taking after both her parents in this aspect.

Her father has long jet black hair he ties into a ponytail that goes to his waist, his face is like he was pulled out of an Otome game as a secret final boss you're not meant to beat. His eyelashes were sharp enough to cut you by looking at them and his eyes like hers were purple-black heterachromia but his here both a few shades lighter. his jawline was sharp and he had no facial hair fully showing off his naturally pale red mesmerizing lips that even a man is tempted by. Although he didn't have large muscles he had absolutely no excess fat. His body looks like it was sculpted by the Gods and not something a living man should have.

On the other side of the gene pool is her mother she was something that even immortal fairies would be envious of, her long straight shining blonde hair that she lets naturally flow down like a waterfall shines like the cosmos on a clear night, along with her snow-white skin and midnight blue eyes that make anyone's heart start thumping erratically even her maids around her all the time are not immune to its allure. Her long eyes lashes were black and watery while her cheeks always seemed to have a tinge of healthy red making her seem even more attractive than any makeup could. While her lips were rose-red making anyone want to lust after them.

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