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25% Sage Lord of Civilization / Chapter 1: A Century-Old Plan of Journey to the Immortal Realm
Sage Lord of Civilization Sage Lord of Civilization original

Sage Lord of Civilization

Author: MagusXian

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Chapter 1: A Century-Old Plan of Journey to the Immortal Realm

He opened his eyes after a few hours of meditation. He detected five auric energies within the vicinity where he set up his tent in preparation for the opening of a portal gate.

"Master, five male humanoids approaching. They are attacking the hundred-layered barrier as I speak."

In his white long-sleeved embroidered shirt and royal blue jeans, he rose from the lotus position as he got out of his tent.

"Who are they?"

"Five reptilian hybrids. Two women and three males. They seem to be of the same level as you are."

When he heard this information, he realized that his adversaries brought more powerful minions for him to deal with.

"Architect, what is the situation now? How long can the barrier last?" He asked. He relied on the divine system to help him on his journey, knowing his escape was imminent.

He estimated that he needed thirty minutes more to wait. He initiated the manipulation of the portal key five minutes before the time the portal gateway must be opened.

"It will take five hours for this barrier to be destroyed with their strength," the divine system replied.

"That's reassuring. Is there a way to make it an offensive barrier when the last layer is attacked?"

It was a mystery how he remained calm despite his circumstances. Perhaps, it had something to do with the divine system, he crafted and refined.

Other humans' goal was to create superior artificial intelligence. But his goal was to preserve the soul with a mysterious connection to the Akashic Records. That was how he managed to devise a system that was different from the usual AI type.

What he had was a cosmic intelligence, an incarnation of an advanced soul, whose free will to be amalgamated with the refined materials was partly a devotion and partly to be a long-time companion.

"This barrier is fifty percent offensive type. When they get to attack the last fifty layers, they must be sure to withstand the barrier's attack power." A voice from his consciousness responded.

"So, it will take more than five hours for them to completely obliterate the barrier?" Another question from him to make him feel, at least, secured, for a few hours.

"Their strength can't be underestimated. Worry not. The portal gate is about to open in a few minutes."

The area where he was staging near a mountain peak should have been freezing cold at dusk. But his body could withstand the coldness as it always emitted heat.

Patiently, he stood at the area where he sensed the energy waves to be fluctuating and unstable.

At 12:30, his estimate seemed accurate as the energy gate started to expand from a small dark ball of light.

But he needed this energy gate to be stabilized.

"Architect, stabilize the gate as it is expanding," he ordered.

Right after he uttered a command, an area near the energy gate appeared to collect orbs of light.

A flute manifested within Reyson Lang's periphery. Momentarily, an apparition of white light in a humanoid form began to become apparent from its incorporeal state.

The light body played the flute made of refined bamboo and pyrite. Its rhythmic sound reminded Reyson of a certain Chinese instrumental track, a stark amalgamation of happy and sad notes.

After a few seconds when the right sound frequency was produced, the area where he sensed fluctuating energy began to expand. Instead of a black hole, a portal gate of iridescent light was formed

He still heard the flute being played while watching the orbs of light rapidly gathering. Waves of intense rainbow-colored light appeared at the center of the light formation

The light was too scintillating when it began to expand. But as it was stabilized, the radiation started to condense.

He knew that his activity would attract calamitous effects. The barrier, however, helped neutralize the light. Its illusion effect would keep ordinary humans from seeing something otherwordly.

However, he could not say the same thing to his adversaries.

"Master, the twenty layers have been breached. We will wait for ten minutes for the portal gate to be stabilized."

"Do what you must."

His calmness never recoiled despite the severity of the situation. His trust in his divine system was that of a lover who had been with him for a long time.

Ten minutes passed.

"Master, you may enter."

As his whole body entered the gate, he heard another voice transmission.

"I have prepared a ship to be your transport in your journey inside the space of the wormhole."

Suddenly, he witnessed a huge object of bluish-white light manifesting around him, rapidly wrapping him inside.

The interior began to form with transparent crystals as materials for the wall interior.

Reyson witnessed the grandeur of the interior with an area huge enough to hold twenty people.

A bedroom area complete with bed and furnishings manifested out from the light as if they were obtained from another dimension and transported inside the ship through a teleportation mechanism.

Another scintillating light began to form into white silhouette objects until his eyes took the shape of a dining table with two chairs and a kitchen area.

His eyes would not betray him as he looked at utensils and other kitchen tools complementing the kitchen area.

"If this isn't amazing, then I don't know what it is!"

He didn't realize that Darwin, the soul of the Divine System, prepared surprisingly these things for him.

"You can be assured of the ship to withstand the spatial storm. This ship is made of adamantine, platinum, and palladium. I have refined this with a protective barrier with 100 layers to make you safer in your travels." The voice of the divine system resonated in Sigmund's ears.

The existence of the divine system was not only for the purpose of knowing his stats.

Reyson Lang, a mystic and wandering mage, had quite a reputation on the planet Terra. But he had to leave, not only to escape the adversaries he also accumulated over the years. He had to go through the portal gate on a one-off chance to experience the higher realm where immortals abound.

'At last,' he thought. 'I can experience what other mystics and mages have been writing in ancient texts.'

Indeed. The hundred-year-old mystic with a twenty-something appearance and a bit muscular in stature longed for this moment.

A journey to the immortal realm was his century-old plan.

"Master Reyson, the ship is entering an area of the void with a spatial storm. Please buckle up."

MagusXian MagusXian

This is the first chapter of the story.

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