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Saiyan in Marvel (Completed) original

Saiyan in Marvel (Completed)

Author: Monkey_Godking

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Chapter 1: A new life

A young man woke up in a bed as he heard an alarm clock ringing. He groaned and turned it off before sitting up and looking around, he frowned "Where the fuck am I?" he remembered he finished re-watching Avengers: Endgame and then there was a flash of light. He stood up and walked to the mirror and gasped, he saw an extremely handsome young man with white hair and pitch black eyes, but that wasn't what he was most shocked about. He shocked that the young man wasn't him, and he had a monkey tail!

He took off his shirt and saw he was perfectly muscular, he looked on the table next to his bed and saw a note that said 'You're a Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z now. Congratulations! You have all of Master Roshi's teachings, and there's another surprise too!' the young man frowned and said "Where am I though?" suddenly he clutched his head and screamed in pain, memories of his body's previous life came flooding in along with Master Roshi's teachings and training.

A while later

The boy was gasping on the floor covered in sweat, he stood up slowly and chuckled to himself "Parents dead and today's the first day of new school eh? What a life.." as he walked to the bathroom and took a shower. He walked out of the shower and dressed himself in a zip up hoodie, jeans, sneakers, and a white T-shirt. He grabbed his school bag and walked out the door as he said while chuckling "Well Reese, your new life starts now.." before grabbing his bike and pedaling to the school.

The young man's name was Reese, by some lucky chance he was reincarnated into a new body in a different world. Strangely enough he was also of the Saiyan race, Reese was whistling to himself as he pedaled to school before realizing "I'm a Saiyan just like Goku?!" He was also a little slow at times... "WOOHOO I'M A SAIYAN HAHAHA!" The surrounding citizens glanced at him and walked in the opposite directions, assuming him to be a crazy person as Reese laughed happily to himself, not caring at all.

A while later

Reese bust into a classroom and everyone inside turned to him, he blinked and said "Sorry i'm late." the teacher said "You're the new student, Reese Toriyama?" Reese said "Yeah, though usually people just call me Reese." the teacher said "Please take a seat Mr. Reese. Do not be late again." Reese nodded and walked over to an empty seat before sitting down. The kid next to him said "Hey tough morning eh?"

Reese sighed and said "Like you would not believe." as he turned his head to look at the kid and froze, the kid touched his face and said "Something on my face?" Reese said "Um, what's your name?" the kid grinned and said "Peter Parker. Nice to meet you!" Reese almost had a meltdown and said "Yeah that's crazy I'm Reese. Stupid question, what year is it?" Peter almost choked and said "2009." Reese said "Yeah that's what I thought too but it's obviously impossible. What's the month and day?" Peter said "February 20. Are you okay man?"

Reese grinned like a mad man and said "Never better actually. Do you know who Tony Stark is?" Peter nodded and said "Of course! He's a super genius and the CEO of Stark industries! He's my hero!" Reese smiled and said "Can we be friends? I promise I won't ask anymore stupid questions." Peter chuckled and said "Sure." Reese and Peter high-fived and the teacher snapped "PETER! REESE! NO HIGH-FIVING IN CLASS!" the duo chuckled and went back to talking for the rest of class until the bell rang.

Reese and Peter were walking down the halls when a fat boy ran up and said "Peter! I got the new Lego death star set! Wanna build it with me?!" Peter was shocked and said "Really?!" before realizing "Oh yeah Ned this is Reese, he just came to school today." Reese said "Hey Ned! Nice to meet you!" Ned said "Hey Reese nice to meet you too. You can come help if you want." Reese said "I have to do something today but if there's a next time for sure." Peter smiled and Ned nodded as the now trio walked the halls to the cafeteria.

The trio sat at a table and started talking amongst themselves, Peter said "Where do you live Reese?" Reese said "It's a 15 minute bike ride from here." Peter tapped his chin and said "You live near queens?" Reese said "Actually I don't know where it is." Ned laughed and said "You don't know where you live?" Reese gave them a wry smile and said "I just moved here by myself, both my parents are gone. I don't even have a phone. All I have is a wallet with a credit card and some cash." he took out his wallet and opened it, his eyes widened at all the bills and said "Eh? Scratch that a lot of cash." he chuckled and added "Maybe I should buy a phone huh?" the duo both laughed and nodded their heads, Peter said "We can go to the mall after school! You doing anything later Ned?" Ned shook his head and said "Not anymore." they laughed and made plans.

A while later

Reese stretched his arms and said "Finally, I thought I was going to die sitting there." as the trio walked towards their bikes, Peter chuckled and said "Definitely not going to get good grades staring into space like that." Reese snickered and said "Maybe I'll just be a super hero. Flying around and beating bad guys!" he punched the air and did a few kicks, the duo laughed and said "Yeah maybe not." Reese pouted and said "You don't think I have the potential? Maybe you'll be a superhero too."

Peter sighed and shook his head and Ned said "I would get a super cool costume! And My name would be Super Ned!" Peter and Reese looked at each other before bursting out laughing and getting on their bikes, Ned said "What? Don't like the name?" Reese said "Super Ned? What about Ultra Ned II?" Ned mocked him and said "Ultra Ned II has roman numerals in it. What super hero has roman numerals in their name?" Reese said "I think the roman numerals are a fine touch for you Ned." Peter chuckled and the trio rode to the mall.

A while later

They walked out of the mall and Reese was playing with his new phone, he flipped it over and said "How the fuck do you use this thing?" Peter said "I told you not to buy the newest one. Stark phones are hard to use." Reese said "Newer is better no?" Peter sighed and said "Whatever you want Reese." Reese nodded and said "Plus I already got both your numbers in it, now it's time to get some girls in this thing.. Whenever I figure out how to use it." the duo laughed and Reese said "Anyways see you guys tomorrow!" Peter and Ned waved and Reese rode his bike away.

Reese got back home and finally looked at his house. It was a nice two floor house, he walked inside and there was a big TV and a nice kitchen. He opened the fridge and said "I guess whoever left that note also decided to do some groceries. What a nice guy." he grabbed a coke from the fridge and sat down on the couch, he turned the TV on and saw Tony Stark saying "I am Ironman." Reese got goosebumps and the TV newscaster said "This was from a press conference this morning.."

Reese spit out his drink and said "Fuck me! Everything at once I guess.. That means he should be at Tony's house tonight.." he looked at his phone and smirked "I can make it." and he ran out of the house and jumped onto a roof before jumping along the roof tops with his hood up, he had been hiding his tail by wrapping it around his waist, he definitely did not want to show people his tail, at least not yet. He grinned and made his way to Tony Stark's house, luckily for him Tony's house was a simple google search away.

A while later

Reese landed on top of Tony's house, and let out a breath of relief, thankfully there was no super strict and high tech security system. He slid down the wall and peered into the building, he saw Tony talking to Nick Fury, he almost gushed over in a fanboy frenzy, he took a deep breath and watched as Tony told Nick Fury to get out of his house, then looked and saw Reese, who froze and immediately disappeared, running for his life. Tony only saw a hooded figure, he couldn't make out any details as he said "Jarvis did you get a look at his face?" Jarvis said "Yes sir. It seemed to be a teenage boy with white hair."

Tony was stunned and muttered "Looks like I need to up security, any random kid can just pop in to say hello and leave. It's making me look bad. Jarvis find the kid." Jarvis said "Yes sir." Tony grumbled and walked to his room to sleep.

Reese was running as fast as he could as he made it back home and closed the door. He slumped to the floor and said "Thank god. I thought I was gonna have Ironman on my ass.." he unwrapped his tail and let out a breath "Looks like 6 months of training..." Reese went over his memories and saw Master Roshi's teachings and training, he got up and smiled "Alright. Doesn't look too hard, plus the fighting style is already burned into my brain. All I have to do is work out and access my Ki, let's do this!" and so just like that Reese started training.

A month later

Reese was sitting in the cafeteria with Peter and Ned, when a girl walked up to Reese and said "Hey. Can I have your number? My name is Samantha." Reese smiled and said "Sure." he gave her number and she kissed him on the cheek and ran away with a red face, Reese chuckled and said "Which number is that?" Ned grumbled "27." Peter sighed and said "You don't even do anything. I don't understand how you get all these girls." he shook his head, Reese chuckled and said "It's obviously because i'm extremely handsome!" the duo laughed and Peter said "Right, and Ned's a superhero." Ned rolled his eyes and said "You're just upset because Liz hasn't been paying attention to you."

Reese chuckled and said "Go talk to her, it's not helping if you just sit here and do nothing." Peter gave him a look and said "We can't all be like you Reese." Reese chuckled and got a phone call, he picked up his phone and said to Peter in an old man voice "It's all in the charm. You'll learn soon youngster." Peter rolled his eyes and Reese answered the call "Hello."

"I see you've been living well after spying at me through my windows." Reese choked and stuttered "Sorry the number you're trying to call has been terminated." and hung up quickly. Peter said "Who was that?" Reese gave him a wry smile and said "Would you believe me if I said Ironman?" Peter burst out laughing and shook his head, Reese gulped and said "Yeah, me neither." as they walked out of the cafeteria, Reese was panicking and in his own world when he bumped into a girl, he snapped back to reality and looked down, he crouched and helped her pick up her books as he said "Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention." he picked up all her books and looked at her face as he handed the books to her.

Reese was enamored as he stared at her, she was absolutely gorgeous, she had black rimmed glasses and bright blue eyes, blonde hair and beautiful cherry lips. Reese was frozen as he held the books in front of her, she looked at him and said "Thanks." even her voice was like silver bells ringing in his ears as he mumbled "Yeah.. No problem.." She giggled and grabbed the books before walking away, Reese watched her go, still stunned and Peter tapped his shoulder and said "Reese?" he woke up and said "Who was that?" Peter said "I don't know, I've never seen her before." Ned said "She's in one of my classes.. I think her name was.. Uhhh.. Gwen Stacey?"

Reese mumbled "Gwen Stacey..." Peter smirked "Oh? The casanova has a crush now? I think the rest of the girls will be heart broken." Reese blushed and said "You!" Peter laughed and ran away as Reese chased after him, Ned sighed and ran after them.

Peter was running when he was suddenly tripped and fell face first into the ground, Reese ran over and said "Peter you okay?" Peter got up and said "Yeah i'm fine." Reese turned around and said "What was that for asshole?" the kid sneered and said "Penis Parker and his pals, what a coincidence." Reese said "Answer me Flash! Why did you trip him!" Flash said "Because I wanted to. You got a problem with that, Snowy?" Reese grabbed his collar and said "Yeah I do, how are you going to handle it?" the other kids surrounded them and said "Fight!"

Reese stared at Flash and said "Apologize!" Flash said "Or what?" Reese punched the locker next to his head and dented it before saying "Or the next one hits you." Peter said "Reese, I'm fine. There's no need." Reese let Flash go and said "If you do it again, i'm not asking questions next time." before walking away with Peter, leaving the inch deep fist mark in the locker.

Reese was fuming and said "Who does that guy think he is? Really, what's his deal?!" Peter chuckled and said "Who cares, forget about him." Reese sighed and said "Peter you were my first friend, that guy tripped you. You're lucky that your nose wasn't broken." Peter waved him off and said "Anyway, are you going to see if you can find that Gwen Stacey girl?" Reese sighed and said "I want to, but that would be weird." he chuckled "Kind of like a stalker?" Peter burst out laughing and said "Maybe she likes stalkers." they reached outside and saw a man leaning on the wall outside, who said "I know I don't like them."

Reese froze and said "Hey Peter? Is there a man with a goatee and sunglasses on that wall?" Peter said excitedly "Yeah! It's Tony St-" Reese bolted and hopped over the wall saying "Ah I left my refrigerator running! I'll see you later Pete!" Peter was stunned and Tony chuckled and said "Jarvis." Jarvis said "Already on it sir." as an Ironman suit flew back in front of the duo, the helmet opened and revealed Reese's face as he said "This isn't my house.. Must be still dreaming." Tony said "Not today kid. Jarvis send him back to the house." Reese said "Hey Peter if I go missing it was Tony Stark!" before the helmet closed and shot him off to Tony's house.

Peter was dumbfounded and said "Hey Mr. Stark! Big fan! Um, what did Reese do?" Tony said "He hung up on me. I had to come here myself. See ya kid." as he suited up and flew into the sky, Peter said "So he really was talking to Ironman on the phone! I gotta tell Ned!" as he ran back into the school looking for Ned.

Reese landed on Tony's property and sighed "Jarvis, is Mr. Stark going to kill me?" Jarvis said "I assume not, Mr. Reese. He already updated his security protocol around the building." Reese said "So really I did him a favor." Tony's voice came through "Yeah, now i'm not in danger of white haired kids climbing up and down my house." Reese said "Yeah. About that, so I was actually lost and stumbled on to your house! What a coincidence, can you believe it?" Tony said "Not in a million years. Inside."

Reese was sitting on a couch inside Tony's house and said "Nice place you got here. Need a roommate?" Tony almost laughed but didn't as he said "Not for the time being, plus i'd prefer a woman." Reese said "To be honest with you, I would too. There's a girl at school though. By the way can someone hack into these cameras?" Tony said "First of all, I don't need to know about the girl from school and secondly of course not." Reese said "Perfect." as he unwrapped his tail and said "It's really uncomfortable being in the suit with this wrapped around my waist."

Tony spit out his water and said "You have a tail?!" Reese chuckled and nodded "Yeah, though I have to hide from full moons." Tony was confused and Reese explained "If I look at a full moon I turn into a giant ape and lose control of myself." as he grabbed a glass of water, while Tony was still stunned. Tony said "Right so you have a tail and you can turn into a giant ape that destroys things." Reese nodded and said "Yup, there's more later but I have to train to do it. I thought I heard that guy with the eye patch say you're not the only super hero around."

Tony said "You heard him?" Reese nodded and Tony said "You're from Shield?" Reese chuckled and said "Why would I go there? You're the first person who knows even my friends don't know." Tony smirked and said "Pretty trusting don't you think?" Reese shrugged and said "I think you're a cool guy, plus I owe you for sneaki- I mean accidentally stumbling upon your house." Tony rolled his eyes and said "Right. Why were you there in the first place?" Reese said "I just saw the news of you and ran over." Tony said "Why do I feel like your lying to me?" Reese scratched his head and said "Really I wanted an autograph.."

Tony said "The giant ape kid wants an autograph from me." Reese grinned and nodded excitedly and said "YEAH! Oh right and also I just thought of something is it possible for you to make a gravity chamber?" Tony wrote him an autograph and said "Gravity chamber?" Reese nodded and said "It's basically a room or a cell unit that can multiply gravity of the earth by tens, or hundreds of times." Tony frowned and said "What would you need one of those for?" Reese said "To train in." Tony said "In heavier gravity? That'll stunt your growth."

Reese said "I won't be in for long times a day. So can you do it?" Tony crossed his arms and said "I can, but what can you do for me?" Reese was about to say something when Pepper came in and said "Tony, one of these days you're really going to die from these power cores." Tony turned green and Reese hid his tail before saying "I can keep that secret for you." as he grinned, Tony sighed and said "There goes that child labor..." Reese grinned and stuck out his hand and said "Deal?" Tony shook his hand and said "Fine." Reese cheered and said "Nice! I have to tell Peter Tony Stark is my friend now!" Tony snapped "When did I say I was your friend kid!" Reese ignored him and laughed, while Pepper was just confused.

2 months later

Reese got a call from Tony and said "City morgue." Tony said "Harhar your gravity machine is ready." Reese said "Thanks!" before looking around and chuckling "My bad." the rest of the students glared at him before going back to whatever they were doing. Tony sighed and said "Please tell me you did not just scream in the hallways." Reese grinned and said "Accidentally. Anyways, since we're friends now I can just come over right?" Tony said "We're not friends." and hung up, Reese chuckled and put the phone back in his pocket, before walking through the halls humming to himself.

He passed by a blond haired girl and stopped, he turned around and said "Excuse me." the girl turned around and said "Oh it's you. The guy that just stares at me whenever he sees me." Reese scratched the back of his head and said "Yeah, about that. I'm sorry. I'm Reese by the way." the girl smiled and said "Gwen Stacey. Did you have something you needed Reese?" Reese said "Well, I wanted to know if I could have your number." Gwen giggled and said "Just like that?" Reese was confused and said "Should I have made a big show? Do you want me to try again? Hold on a sec." Gwen said "Wait don-"

Reese walked away before turning around and flipping in the air and landing in front of Gwen, he went on one knee and grabbed her hand and put the other in front of his heart and he lowered his head and said "Ah fair maiden, may I have your cellular device contacting numerals? My eyes have been burned by your beauty, alas I may never see a more beautiful woman is my life!" as he kissed her hand.

Gwen's face turned red and said "Idiot! In front of all these people?!" Reese flashed a grin and said "Did you like it?" Gwen grabbed him and dragged him away as the rest of the students watched them and filmed the show with their phones. Gwen dragged him to a place away from people and snapped "Are you trying to embarrass me?!" Reese stood up and said "I think I embarrassed myself no?" Gwen sighed and said "Give me your phone." Reese smiled and handed her his phone, she put her number in it and said "Idiot, I was going to give it to you anyway..." as she walked away.

Reese watched her go and laughed as he yelled "See you later!" Gwen's ears turned red as she fled in embarrassment, he chuckled and walked back to class. He sat down in his seat and Peter was watching his performance on his phone, Reese looked over and said "Pretty good eh?" Peter sighed and said "A bit extravagant." Reese flipped his hair and said "It's all in the flair Pete." before taking out his phone and shaking it in front of him saying "I got her number anyways." Peter grumbled "Damn flashy bastard.." as the class started and Reese fell asleep.

(Author's Note)

Hey Guys! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! IT'S NOT GOING TO BE DAILY UPLOADS!! It's basically whenever I feel like writing it. Anyways I hope you liked it!

Monkey_Godking Monkey_Godking

Hey Guys! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! IT'S NOT GOING TO BE DAILY UPLOADS!! It's basically whenever I feel like writing it. Anyways I hope you liked it!

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