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100% Say Yes, Mr. President! / Chapter 20: Mr. President, Don't Go Away!

Mr. President, Don't Go Away! - Say Yes, Mr. President! - Chapter 20 by Mingyan full book limited free

Chapter 20: Mr. President, Don't Go Away!

"My neck still hurts." Dylan stretches his neck.

Since he woke up, this stiff neck is bothering him. Who would not suffer from stiff neck if you sleep with your neck stretched to the side for the whole night? Dylan's head fell from the pillow without noticing it with his body still laying straight.


"It's because you stayed in an uncomfortable position all night." Ulysses replies in a plainspoken manner.


This statement of his made the other knit his eyebrows. "And who's fault is that? You took more than a half of the bed."

Since Ulysses spent the night in Cruz' residence. Except from he slept on the same bed as Dylan, he also borrowed some change of clothes from him. Of course, he can't sleep with his school uniform, right?

Unfortunately for Dylan, he wasn't informed that this grumpy student council president is like a clock when sleeping. His body rotates in different directions.


"..." Ulysses is silent for a while. He must have bothered Dylan so much. Surprisingly, he feels bad for causing inconvenience. "Sorry." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20508717305965705/mr.-president-don&apos;t-go-away!_55510692521897714">!_20508717305965705/mr.-president-don&apos;t-go-away!_55510692521897714</a> for visiting.


Dylan the drama king, replied in a dramatic way, like a protagonist does when someone hurts his feelings. "The damage has been done."

And then he realized... did he just apologized? This is new! "And it's not like you to say sorry. Just don't."




Dylan and Ulysses are carrying some bags and boxes which contain Ulysses' belongings. Just like what Mrs. Cruz said last night, she insisted on moving Ulysses' things to their house today. They did the packing afterschool so it's getting dark when they finished and start transferring these boxes to Cruz' residence.


"Are you sure you're not forced to do this?" Dylan asks him casually without looking on Ulysses' way. "As for me, I don't mind you being my roommate. But what about you? I think you really loved your personal space."

Ulysses is introverted in nature. He prefers to spend his time alone. Dylan actually noticed this detail about him!


He'd be lying if he'll say he's very okay moving into a house of his mere classmates, and sharing a room with a real human being. However, Mrs. Cruz' offer is too good to refuse. Imagine, he doesn't have to pay for monthly rent in an apartment until he finishes his studies. Although he'll be paying for bus fare, it's not much compared to renting an apartment. Plus the meals are free!

"Honestly, they kind of giving me pressure but really, I appreciate your mother and Denise' kindness. This is already a big help for me so I won't complain."


"How about your unseen roommate?" Dylan is a little hesitant asking Ulysses about these matters but he still asked him anyway. "And the strange vision we saw that day. Are we going to forget it all?"


"I already bid my goodbyes to Mr. No Face." Ulysses is talking about his mischievous roommate. He actually made friends with it and it feels a little sad to leave him. "As for that vision, and that nostalgic melody... maybe it's better not to dive in deeper on it."


That's the exact answer that Dylan is hoping to hear from him. He felt relieve that Ulysses decided to ignore it from now on. Just the thought of that familiar melody that only the two can hear creeps Dylan.

"If you say so, then I won't bother myself with it too." He made it sound like it doesn't really bother him either way.


Speaking of which, Ulysses is right. The melody they were hearing yesterday was still sounding into their ears until midnight. Dylan fell asleep quickly because it was a calming one. A melody that sounds so familiar which made them feel comforted.

Although it's such a mellow music, Ulysses got a hard time sleeping. He wants it to stop but even after covering his ears, he can still hear it. It's as if someone is desperately calling for him. He rolls his body from side to side, which eventually made him get the majority of the space. He continued this until he fell asleep.


"Ulysses." Ulysses got dragged out from the silent thoughts in his mind when Dylan calls for him.


He glances on Dylan's direction. "What?"


The other then replied in a casual manner like it's no big deal. "Be my boyfriend."

Turns out, Dylan is still not giving up on him even though the chances of Ulysses saying "yes" to him is low. Well, it's true that chances are low but it's not that the chances are down to zero, right?

Our campus heartthrob really is optimistic!


This made Ulysses let out a quiet sigh. When will he even stop pestering him about this?

"Is this the price I have to pay for letting me share your room?"


Dylan stares at him for a good while and blinks twice. "No."


"Then, I'll refuse." He replies as he turns his sight ahead again.


"Seriously, are you some kind of a chick?" Dylan can't help but to mumble.

In the past, he didn't have a hard time courting a girl. Actually, most of the time, it's the girls who go after him.

And then here comes the grumpy student council president who dares to make Dylan walk through hardships. Is he even worth it?

"Why won't you help me out?"


Wearing a face of indifference, Ulysses replies. "It's not a curse. You're just a playboy."

Ulysses believes in ghosts since he proved it based on his experience with Mr. No Face. However, curses are different from ghosts. He doesn't believe in that. He's convinced that Dylan got it wrong, and that he just brought it to himself.


Since Ulysses doesn't have much belongings, they managed to take it all one time. The distance between Ulysses' apartment and Dylan's house aren't that far so they just walked their way towards their destination.

It didn't took them much time to arrive. But just when Dylan was about to sit on the sofa, he got goosebumps all over his body. He's hearing the melody played in a piano again. It's the same music they've been hearing for a few days now.

He casually turns his attention to Ulysses. He's sitting on the nearby chair with his back straight, trying to concentrate his sense of hearing. From the looks of it, he seemed to hear it as well.

"You're hearing it too, right?"


The pair of eyes that's locked on Ulysses glares at him giving him a hint that whatever he's thinking isn't a good idea. "Keep your words, Ulysses. You told me that you're going to ignore it."


"This would be the last time." He rises from his feet and looking like he want to go outside.


Facepalming, Dylan disappointedly throws a rhetorical question to the other. "Seriously?!"


Ulysses looks a little hesitant too but it's really bothering him more than it bother's Dylan. He thinks that this melody is a call from an important yet forgotten memory. With a pair of solemn eyes, he looks straight at Dylan and asked him, "Don't you think it's calling for you too? Only the two of us can hear it."


"Well... that's..." Dylan can't find the right words to say.

Of course it bothers him too. However, he's too afraid of the uncertain. He doesn't know what's coming for them if they follow it. He's living just fine as he is right now. He doesn't want to know what that sound is for anymore. He just got a bad feeling from it. A feeling of unusual pain and tightening of the chest.


However, Ulysses already made his own decision. Unlike Dylan, there's a part of him that wants to uncover the mystery behind that melody. "If I can't prove to myself this time that this melody has something to do with me, I'll stop responding from it."

He walks towards the doorway and goes out of the house. At first, he's just walking slowly. And then later on, his pace increased its speed.

Still hesitating to leave, Dylan could only yell at the other. "Hey, don't leave! Ulysses! Come back here!"

Realizing the other won't even turn his head on him, he also steps out of the house. He'll go after Ulysses.


Meanwhile, his mother in the kitchen noticed the commotion in the living room so she peeped on them. "Dylan? Where are you two going? Dinner is almost ready!"


Dylan is quick to make an excuse. "Uh... Ulysses forgot something in his apartment. We'll be back soon!" It sounds smooth, no lie detector can reveal him.

Well, he can't just tell her that they're hearing a melody that only them can hear, right? It would only confuse her.


"Alright. Make it quick." As expected, his mother bought his excuse.


Denise also peeked from the kitchen. She's helping their mother for tonight's dinner. "No, take your time."

A mischievous smile appears on her lips, and her eyes look like they're teasing. This made Dylan feel uncomfortable.


"What the heck, Denise. What are you even thinking?" He didn't waste any more time and goes after Ulysses.

Ulysses already distanced himself, and Dylan was delayed too much. And so, Dylan only caught up to him when Ulysses stopped in front of the gate of his old apartment.


Dylan and Ulysses catches their breaths as they stare at the old two-story apartment building.

When Dylan inhaled enough oxygen, for the last time, he tries to convince Ulysses. "Are you sure you're going in? What if something strange happens again?"

He really have a complicated feeling about it. If it's all up to him, he'd ignore it but Ulysses is just too curious!


"I'm already here, so..." Ulysses averted his eyes away from the door of his room to look at Dylan. "Why are you here? I thought you want to disregard this?"



How should Dylan respond to him? That's he's scared but is worried to Ulysses? Scratch that!


Receiving no response, Ulysses took it as 'I don't want to go inside'. "If you don't want to take a look in there, you wait for me outside or you can go back to your home."


This made Dylan sneer. This grumpy president knows that this area is too creepy especially when it's nighttime right? The sun is already setting and the skies start to get dark. There's no way he's going to wait outside! "You're telling me to wait here outside? And alone too? No thanks. I'm coming with you."


"Alright." And then the two of them enter the gate and are heading towards the second floor where Ulysses' room is.

Mingyan Mingyan

Hi! To those who are wondering what the melody they are hearing sounds like, I imagined it to be similar to this:

(This is an OST of The Sword and the Brocade entitled "Be Together" by Zhou Shen)

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