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90% Say Yes, Mr. President! / Chapter 18: Mr. President, Just Stay!

Mr. President, Just Stay! - Say Yes, Mr. President! - Chapter 18 by Mingyan full book limited free

Chapter 18: Mr. President, Just Stay!

"Ulysses, there's something bothering me for sometime now." Dylan is currently staring at the ceiling of his room while he's lying flat on his bed.

He seems to be thinking deep, like a philosopher wondering why he exists.


"What is it?" Ulysses didn't bother to look at his direction.

He's crouching on one corner of the room, busy playing with Dylan's Xbox. He's so into it that he barely pay attention to the other.


He heard Dylan sigh before he replies. "There are no girls approaching me anymore."


"When?" The video game requires Ulysses to move his character in an instant or else, he'll lose. Subconsciously, his body dodges in real life too.


"After I broke up with my last girlfriend. It's expected that after a week, there will be a new girl who'll approach me and will volunteer to be my next lover." Dylan paused to count for the days that passed since he's single again. "It's almost two weeks after our breakup!"


Unfortunately for Ulysses, he lost the game. He blames Dylan for it internally. If he didn't distract him from the game, he should have gone a little farther.

Annoyed, Ulysses finally turns his head to face Dylan with his grumpy mode activated. "No. I'm asking, when did I ever asked?"


A little embarrassed, Dylan slams his hand on the mattress and blurted out. "You know what? You should finish your damn questions! Geez, you're annoying."

Come to think of it, this is the second time he felt victimized by Ulysses' unfinished question.


Ulysses just ignored Dylan's complains and turns his attention to the game console again. With his eyes on the screen, and his hands holding the joystick, he speaks in a plainspoken manner. "Haven't you ever thought that this is the very reason why your romantic relationships only lasted for at most three months? If you want longer relationships, you should be serious about it."


This made Dylan's eyebrows almost meet in the middle. This grumpy Student Council President clearly wants to tell him that he's not serious in the relationships he's in. Well... he has his point but there's more than that!

"Are you telling me that there's really no curse and it's just me being a jerk?"


"Exactly." Ulysses even nods his head as he spoke.


Dylan rolls over on the other side of his bed. "I was, okay? At first, I was serious but it really always ended in the third month. I've been hurt several times until I feel numb. I noticed that the breakups don't cause me pain anymore." He pauses, a little hesitant whether he'll say this to the other or not.

In the end, he decided to say it but his voice this time sounds less loud than the usual one. Although audible, it's just enough for Ulysses to hear it. "You see, I'm afraid of being alone when I grow old so I keep on getting in relationships. Hoping the one for me will eventually come and stay."


This is something Ulysses isn't expecting to hear from this stupid campus heartthrob. Well, even him doesn't want to grow old alone. He's been living alone in his teenage years. That's enough loneliness.

He somehow feels him.


"You're dumb." Ulysses said in a casual tone. "You don't need to find the person assigned to be with you until the end. Your person will eventually come for you... that's what my mother said."


Dylan, "I didn't know you're a sentimental person."



For a moment, Ulysses doesn't know how to react to that. It's something Dylan would probably not say casually but there's no sign that he's joking either.

Is Dylan mocking at him again? Or is that how he truly sees him? Ulysses doesn't know what to think anymore.

In the end, he didn't give any response to that statement. He chose to just ignore the other.


Dylan's sight landed on the window of the room. The sun is already setting and the darkness slowly dominates the skies.

"It's getting dark outside. Are you not going home yet?"

He doesn't have the intention to shove Ulysses out of their house at all. It's just the day is finally over and Ulysses needs to rest in his apartment too. And besides, their area is creepy, especially when it's dark.



Ulysses thought of the opposite of Dylan's intention. He suddenly felt the fact that he doesn't belong in this place. He put his hands down on his lap, and let the AI defeat him.

"I am going now." He put the joystick on the floor, rises to his feet, and picks his bag.

The truth is, he really doesn't want to go back to his apartment yet. He can still hear the nostalgic melody.

"The music is still playing in my ears. Don't you hear it anymore?"

The truth is, he doesn't want to go back to his apartment yet. Not until the harmony he hears stops. Instead of going back to his room, he thought of going around the downtown. Perhaps the park? Anywhere away from his apartment.


Dylan pursed his lips and closes his eyes, trying to listen if he can still hear the music. The melody is still playing until now but it's not as loud as lately.

It's still calling for them.

"I still hear it."

Dylan slowly opens his eyes. He then looks at Ulysses who is currently putting his bag on. "What are you going to do now?"


"..." Ulysses paused for a while. He seems to be thinking but his mind is too occupied with the strange melody he's hearing that he can't think of any. "I don't know."


Dylan rises into a sitting position. "Why don't you just stay over?"


"But it's getting dark." Ulysses replies while looking outside through the window.

He thinks, maybe he should just go back to his apartment. He can't just stay outside and wait until it stops, right? What if the music will only end by midnight? Will he not go back until twelve in the evening then?

Whatever's waiting for him on his room, he should face it. If worse becomes worst, he have no regrets and can go to the other side peacefully

On the bright side, maybe he'll find out why is this happening, and understand the reasons behind it.


"Yeah. So why don't you stay over?" That's Dylan's point.

It's getting dark so he's suggesting the other to stay over!


"I told you, it's getting---" He wasn't able to finish his sentence when Dylan interrupted him.


"Stay over for the night." Dylan made sound so casual but his eyes is sincere about the offer.

Truth to be told, if he's Ulysses, he'll probably beg for a friend to sleepover their house. Unfortunately for this Student Council President, he doesn't seem to have a friend except for that SC Secretary. After going to that area where Ulysses is staying, he would most probably not go there during nighttime.

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Ulysses squeezes the straps of his bag. He'd like to, honestly but he thinks that's too much. He doesn't have as the face as thick as Dylan's. "I don't want to be a bother here anymore."


Dylan parted his lips, he's about to say something but the door suddenly swings open. The smiley-faced Denise is standing right on the doorway. "Don't worry about it, Ulysses! You're not a bother at all! In fact, mom would love it when our friends stay for the night."


While Ulysses is speechless about her sudden appearance, Dylan blurted out. "Denise?!" He narrows his eyes as he looks at his twin sister. "Are you eavesdropping?"


"No? I just arrived!" Feeling guilty, Denise averted her eyes away from her brother and denied with all her might.

Actually, Denise is in fact, eavesdropping on them for a little while. Just enough for her to hear that Dylan offered Ulysses to stay over.

"I'll go get you some blanket... or do you guys want to share?" Her grin grows wider.


Dylan clicks his tongue and glared at Denise. "Stop messing around! Of course we won't share!"

He knows very well that Denise is teasing him and he doesn't like it. He's usually the one who teases others, not the other way around!


"Hey, you don't need to yell over this. I was just asking!" This brother of hers is always acting all prickly whenever he's embarrassed. "Anyway, mom says dinner's ready. Let's go downstairs."

Denise was about to walk away but a mischievous thought suddenly pops out of her mind. She looks at the guys inside the room, particularly at Dylan, and smiled like crazy. "Dylan is introducing his lover to mom for the first time."


"Have you lost your marbles?" Dylan glared at her.

Yes, he's protective over his sister but sometimes, she's just so annoying to him. Dylan isn't sure anymore if she's doing it on purpose to get him annoyed or she's just a crazy woman.

What he doesn't know is that Denise already joined his fan club, particularly the pro branch, and that she's doing this partly because she hears the call of duty.

Meanwhile Ulysses is as cold as usual. "Ridiculous."

It would have been better if she's the one who's going to introduce him to their mother.

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