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Chapter 35: Luna

We follow quickly behind Imogen and Ethaniel, all in a single file line- trying to avoid as much of the overgrowth as we can. I'm not trying to sprain a fucking ankle in the middle of the forest with nobody else around. I'm directly behind Kitty, and I reach out to grab her hand. We've been through hell and back recently. I just want her to know I'm here for her, in case she needs to talk. She turns to smile at me and squeezes my hand before she drops it and picks her walking speed up.

"Let's get this shit. I want to be at the pack before night fall. I need a shower." What nobody ever thought to tell me was that the more dense a forest is, the hotter it is. I swear to the Goddess above the fucking air is wet. This shit is sticky-and not for me. I huff one good time and roll my eyes. This is only temporary. If I had to guess, I would say that we've been walking for a good thirty or forty-five minutes. Didn't they say before all this shit happened with Kitty that it was only a few miles from where we had landed when we came through the portal? If so, we should have already been there. I abruptly stop walking, causing the guys to skid to a stop behind me. "Imogen, Ethaniel, why aren't we there yet? You said two miles north of where we came through. We've been walking for over a half hour. What gives?" I throw my hands up in the air, instantly pissed off. We went through all this bullshit to be able to get through the forest and now we're fucking lost? I think not.

"Yes Priestess, you are correct. I originally thought it was two miles, however, I believe i undershot that answer by twenty or so miles. I'm sorry Priestess, my sister didn't know. I didn't know how to tell you, so I was just hoping I could play it off. We've successfully walked eight miles so far, so we should be there in another hour or so. I do apologize once again." I gape at Ethaniel, mouth wide open. If you were fucking wrong you could have just told me? The fuck?

I pinch the bridge of my nose between my forefinger and thumb, breathing out- trying my damndest not to lose my cool. "It's alright Ethaniel, next time though, please tell me. I don't mind exercise, but surprise exercise is a whole different ballgame." I wave my hands around in the air, gesturing for them to start walking again. I'm done with everything at this point. If one more thing happens, I'm going to fucking scream as loud as I can. It's a never ending line of bullshit. I just roll my eyes again and start walking. As much as I complain in my brain, I'm still fucking doing this. It'll all be worth it when we stop the Council from taking over the world.


An hour later, I look up and see some sort of wooden wall type thing in the distance. I tap Kitty and point to it. "Hey! I think we made it! Look!" I say to the rest of the group, barely keeping myself from yelling in excitement. I was beginning to think this pack really didn't exist. We pick up the pace, and as we approach, there's people on the top of the wall.

"Stop where you are!" These two men shout down at our group before jumping off the top of the wall and start walking towards us. "State who you are and what your business is." They stop about ten feet from us and stand with their arms crossed, menacingly. I'm pretty sure one of them is baring his teeth at us. I step forward to the front of the group, grabbing Kitty on the way.

"We are Luna and Victoria from the Coven of Balance. Our Coven was wiped out by the Council almost four years ago. Until about a month ago we were on the run, worried that they were after us. We then started getting visions about the prophecy being fulfilled. We have reason to believe that your pack is going to be attacked next. Please allow us in to talk to your Alpha." I drop my head, bowing to them before looking back up.

"Our Alpha and Beta have gone missing. You can talk to our Gamma. He's the third in charge. We'll take you to him." With no further words, they turn and walk towards the gate. "Open up! We've got visitors! And tell Talon we to speak with him immediately. It's urgent!" The gate starts to open up as soon as the mystery man ends his sentence. Once the gate is open about two feet, it stops. They start walking forward and gesture for us to fall in line behind them.

As soon as I step through the walls, I notice that something feels off. The air here is thick and nasty. It's tangible, and it's making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I stop walking, my eyebrows furrowing in concentration. Kitty must have been feeling the same thing, because she spins around to face me. "Something is wrong here Luna. I can taste it." I nod.

"Hey dudes up front, what happ-" Almost as soon as I start talking there is a shrill scream coming from Kohl and Snow. I turn towards them and see them spasming on the ground in pain. I run to Kohl and Kitty doing the same with Snow. "Someone help! Please! Something's wrong!" Tears are streaming down my face and I look to Jake. "Get him up now!" I get up with lightning speed, feeling my powers flowing through me. I run to the mystery guy who had the gate opened for us. "Get me to a healer, NOW." I demand, pushing every bit of power I can manage behind that command. I will NOT lose another piece of my family. He nods quickly, gulping, before running off. I turn to see that Vlad and Jake have picked the wolves up. I run after dude man and know that the group is following.

We run to the first, huge community looking building and through the door, busting a hard right into the first room. There are two empty tables, and the guys put the wolves down as easily as they can manage. They're still wailing and and jerking. I narrow my eyes at dude man again. "Go find someone to help our wolves. So help me, if something happens to them, I'll rip your fucking head off of your shoulders and shit down your throat." I growl at him, showing him that I mean business. They're not the only ones with claws. "Kitty, see if you can do some weird healing shit or at least calm them. Please, anything is better than nothing." She nods and jumps into action.

He swallows hard and runs out of the room, almost tripping over his own two feet. Almost instantly, we hear a huge commotion in the hallway and look at the doors, hoping that it's the healer we need. A big, burly man walks through the doors, looking calm and collected. As if there's not two wolves on the table- WHO NEED ACTIVE MEDICAL ATTENTION! I step towards him, my arms crossed in anger. "Listen here bud, if you're not a fucking healer, then you can march right the fuck back to where you came from. We need a HEALER." He backs up a couple of steps, like he can't believe that I've just talked to him like that. I raise my eyebrows, waiting for him to say some dumb shit so I can rip his heart out. He smirks and goes to open his mouth, until he looks down at Snow and Kohl. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His face goes stark white, and he looks like he's seen a ghost. His eyes start watering and he swallows hard before speaking. "Why do you have our Alpha and Beta?"

Bitch what?

OrgasmsxanxBruises OrgasmsxanxBruises

Hey guys! Long time, no chapter- I know. I've been busy with CNA school and I've just applied to nursing school! Wish me luck and let me know what you thought about this chapter!

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