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10.34% Scene of the Crime Detectives / Chapter 3: CHAPTER 2: SHERLOCK HOLMES CLUB

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Chapter 2: Sherlock Holmes Club

Joseph Downey's POV

And at last, we're now here in front of our dear principal's office. And until this moment, I still didn't know why he did call us. Sofronio and I are still arguing if whoever should be the one to open the door. Tsk, why is this man afraid of the fat man inside this room?

"Ako na nga! Kaliit-liit na bagay, palalakihin pa!" Ceah said, and he seems to be insulted. Ceah then held the thing near the escutcheon and opened the door.

I was actually expecting to see our principal in his formal suit because it's the first day of class. But expectation is still weak compared to the reality. Wearing his usual hawaiian motiff dress, he was giving us his playful smile.

"Hello, dears!" He sounded like an arab man because of his statement.

"Good morning, principal!" The students beside me politely said.

"So, bakit ko nga ba kayo pinatawag?" He asked. Tsk, as if we knew it already.

"We don't know so why don't you just tell it because you're causing us delay." I said.

"Alam ninyo naman sigurong hindi ko lang kayo pinapunta rito, right? I tested you, kung gaano kagaling ang detective intellect and instinct ninyo. Surprisingly, lima kayong nakapasa. And that test is actually the deduction showdown, if you don't know."


"Mr. Sayson, may lakad ka ba? You're always talking as if may lakad ka. Nagmamadali ka ba?" He asked. Should I laugh at his joke? Okay, HA HA HA. I glared at him but he just continued talking. "So, let's continue, shall we? Mr. Sayson, you impressed me when you found the culprit of that library ghost case last year. You have an excellent deduction instinct."

He seems to wait for my response but I didn't. I'm sorry to say but I can't requite his complement for me. Wait for him to lose patience. I almost thought that he will lose his patience but he just smiled and continued talking. Ugh! That's why I hate this man.

"Mr. Velasquez, your charm, your talent and your looks are deceiving. That's why you easily found out who's the culprit behind that mystery kidnapper case. And that's an awesome skill of yours."

"Maliit na bagay lang 'yun principal. Ano ba?" The fat man just smiled to Sof's playful statement, then he continued talking.

"Ms. De Morgan, you amazed me when you helped in hacking the involved persons and figure out who tried to hack the school's computer's service. Muntikan nang mawala ang lahat ng documents ng school kung hindi mo 'yun nagawa. That's a very good job!"

"Uh, thank you po, principal." Her face turned red. Well, uh, don't you think she's blushing because she like Principal Jones? Nah! I know what's her standards, I know her that well.

"Mr. Del Fuego, your photographic memory is one of your unique traits. You have an excellent mind not just in terms of memorization but as well as in your academics too. Glad you're not abandoning your studies huh?"

"No, and I won't. Education is the best thing my parents could give me, so why would I abandon it." The principal just repayed it with a smile.

"Why can't you just try to tell your purpose in calling us to come here directly? Too many ad-libs."

"Sige, diretsuhin ko na. Mukha kasing may lakad pa si Mr. Sayson, e." He joked again. Fuck, why is he that corny? "Dahil sa test, na-evaluate kong kayo ang magiging part ng newest club na gagawin ko, Sherlock Holmes Club."

Sherlock Holmes Club?! Oh hell'a crap?

"But before I discuss everything. May you please tell me first your name." He requested.

"They already knew it. We're batchmates right?" I sarcastically said.

"It's not for them. For me, Mr. Sayson. At dahil may lakad ka, pangunahan mo na."

"Joseph Downey Sayson." I said monotonely. The next person I heard spoke is the woman beside me - Irene.

"Hello, everyone! I'm Irene Adler De Morgan. Nice meeting you all!" She said lively. Ugh, we're totally different. But different attracts each other, right? Never mind.

"I'm Ceasar Del Fuego. Hi." A guy from Betelgeuse section said. He is a bespectacled one.

"Sofronio Velasquez nga pala. Hi!" My classmate said energetically. We're both from Centaurus.

Lastly, the transferee girl said. "I-I'm Mary Russell Corpuz. From XI- Andromeda."

"And, all done!" The principal said. "Ngayon I will tell you everything 'bout the Sherlock Holmes Club."

Everyone seems to be excited hearing about this so-called 'Sherlock Holmes Club' except me. Yes, I would admit that I'm a fan of Holmes but I don't know why I'm not interested about our principal's crap.

"Sherlock Holmes Club, ito ang newest and exclusive detective club na ipapa-implement ko inside the school. Alam niyo naman sigurong last year, nagkaroon ng maraming incidents, troubles at kung anu-ano pa. Sadly, hindi na kayang i-manage ng CAT Officers bilang mga campus police ang mga gulong nangyayari dito, kaya naisipan kong gumawa ng club involving students with excellent intellects regarding deductions, codes, hacking, memorization, and crime investigation na makakatulong sa investigation ng bawat case. At kayo ang kinalabasan ng evaluation na ginawa ko. Congratulations! You, five of you, will be the very first batch to be the Sherlock Holmes Club Member."

Wews. He planned to make us his club's members without our permissions? Ugh, please get me hell out of here.

"Wait! There's wrong in here. You can't hire us to be a member of a particular club if we don't like so. There's some other deserving person for your offer. But not us, or should I say, not me." I complained.

"Mr. Sayson, kung may iba pang deserving na tao para maging member ng SHC, bakit wala sila ngayon dito, nakaharap sa akin?" He sarcastically said. Irene then spoke causing our principal's gaze to turn to her.

"I would love to po, Mr. Principal. But hectic po ang schedule ko being the EIC ng Sherrinford Publications dahil mag po-produce po kami ng copy this coming september."

"Sa akin po Mr. Principal, ayos lang po. Wala naman akong masyadong ginagawa and mas mabuting ituon ko muna ang atensyon ko sa ibang bagay maliban sa pag-aaral at pag-mememorize para sa darating na contest." The bespectacled man uttered.

"No prob po saakin ang plano niyo Principal Jones. Ayos lang po saakin and para na rin po mahasa at magamit ko ang talino ko at skills ko sa crime investigation." Sofronio said.

"Bilang group, kailangan ninyong mag-decide as a group. Since the two of them don't want to and the two of them want to, Ms. Corpuz, this is the time that you have to break the tie. Whenever na ayaw ni Ms. Corpuz, I will make another evaluation pero excluding you all. Ayos ba 'yun?" The fatty man - or should I say our principal - said.

"Ayaw ko pong..." Well, I already know that she don't wanted to. "...Ipalagpas ang opportunity na 'yan. Gusto ko pong maging part ng Sherlock Holmes Club!"

My mouth suddenly opened. My hunch is wrong. Why can't I read his mind. This is awful, this is impossible. How can this be happening?

"So, paano 'yan? The deal was closed by our dear, Ms. Corpuz." He said. I rolled my eyes after glaring at him. Ugh! I hate him. "And, bago ko makalimutan, this is the set of officers. Ms. Corpuz, you're the president, hopefully you would accept my offer. Mr. Sayson, you're the vice-president. Ms. De Morgan, you're the secretary. And is it okay for you to be the club members, Mr. Del Fuego and Mr. Velasquez?"

"Hell no!"

"But what about me being the EIC?"

"Ayos lang po sa'kin maging president."

"Okay po sir, noted!"

"Astig nito ah!"

"You can't do anything Mr. Sayson, because the group decided. And you, Ms. De Morgan, you will give up being the EIC because you will become the secretary of SHC."

"Okay na po sa akin 'yun Mr. Principal, matagal na rin akong naglingkod sa Sherrinford Publication. But can I ask some favor?" Irene asked. The fat man nodded. "I prefer to be called as 'Sexy-tary' rather than being simply called secretary." I rolled my eyes. Joking isn't right at this time.

"Anything you want, Ms. De Morgan, the Sexy-tary of SHC." Irene chuckled. Knowing her that much, she always wanted to be complemented.

"Now, take this badge as a sign na kayo ang official member of SHC. Take note, it is made from bronze, so please take care of this badge." He said then he gave us the badges. The badge was a rectangular-shaped and it's a thin one. Engraved there the logo of SHC and Sherrinford High and the position to the club. Well, he came prepared looking after this day, huh.

They excitedly put their badge on their uniforn, while me? I just continued taking a look from it.

"Why don't your try it SHC Vice President Joseph Downey Sayson?" The pricipal sarcastic'lly said, emphasizing my position and my name.

I put the badge on the pocket of my polo even if I was just enforced. I am now wearing my badge, with a face of impatience. "Why don't you smile, Mr. Sayson? Para makita ko ang gwapong mukha mo at kung bagay ba talaga." He said. Couldn't he see these students beside me? Am I the only person he can see? Ugh! I hate him. Period!

"Aha! Kailangan din pala nating itago na ako ang gumawa ng club na 'to, kaya whenever you call me in phone, call me PJ, okay? And, before anything else, in case of incidents outside the school, tell my name, the police will automatically let you inside the crime scene."

All of my batchmates nodded. Well, is he a character of a story? Using a code name, huh? Poor Principal Jones. Well, I already know that Jones family is one of the most influential family here in our city. Principal Jones is also an heir of their family. He continued their business about schools and one of those schools which they owned was this Sherrinford High, formerly known as Jones Integrated High.

The fat man suddenly became quiet? After his silence, he then shouted. Shit this man! Psycho! "Ngayon, pumasok ka na!" The man with a bulk of fat shouted. I deduced that it's not for us, it's for the person whose in far place. And I think that the person he's trying to call is outside. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The door of the office opened. Another fat person entered the office. And I don't know why I'm pissed by just looking at the two fat person inside this room, not to mention a discrimination about one's shape and size. Please welcome, Ms. Razon Fuentebella, my favorite teacher. That's sarcastic though.

"Good morning, principal and students." She said, smiling to us. I smirked. Fuck! Why am I given this destiny?

"Good morning din po, Ms. Fuentebella." Their response.

"Gaya ng nakikita ninyo, si Ms. Razon Fuentebella ang magiging Club Adviser ninyo sa SHC. Ayos ba 'yun sa inyo?" The four people wearing the student's school uniform smiled as a response. Well, me? No way!

"Hi, my club students." She said, evilly smiling towards them. Then, when she looked and showed her evil smile to me, it's enough to function my body and produce shivers down to my spine. She then turned her gaze to that transferee girl. "Hey, you! Are you that transferee girl? I'm proud of what you've done! Ang galing mo!" I saw that transferee girl pissed when she was called by the title. Look's like she don't want the title given to her or likes.

Ugh! Is it fucking necessary to have an adviser to every club?

"By the way, SHC will be under the CSI dpartment. Now, Ms. Fuentebella will show you all your clubroom."

"Roger, Sir Jones!"

We're now heading to our clubroom. I looked at my wrist watch and saw the time, it's recess time. I didn't notice the time, that's because of the evaluation and the useless convo with that fatty man inside a pineapple-designed cloth.

We are six of us whose been catching the eye of every human here in our school. Wow! Are we a celebrity now? Nah! That a sarcastic joke. I guess that's because of the badge hanging on our polo/blouse pockets. Well, how did I know that? Deductions. When they look at us, I can see that they are looking at our chests, then after looking at ours, they also look at theirs. Deductions with observation is the term.

We headed straight forward to the club building, where all the clubs' rooms are. When we reached the room, it was opened by our beloved adviser. Oh, yuck.

We all got our body inside the room. It was just half of a size of a usual classroom here in Sherrinford High.

The club room was furnished with tiles. We were all greeted by plenty of foods located at a circular table. I saw another table but this one's a rectangle one, maybe for conference. There was also five chairs in the conference table. There is also a square table, siguro for the club adviser. May nakita rin akong whiteboard with a marker below. It's just a typical clubroom, no specialties at all.

"Welcome to the SHC Room!" Our club adviser excitedly said. "Now eat first, alam kong gutom na kayo kaya kumain na muna kayo."

Nah! I'm not yet hungry. And what if there's poison there. You don't know what Ms. Fuentebella is capable of doing, so better not trust her.

"Walang lason 'yan, Mr. Sayson." She said. I'm not that amazed by how she read someone's mind, it's just science and no magic at all. And, that's fucking simple and no difficult at all.

My so-called clubmates who started eating turned their gaze at me. I glared at them. Suddenly, there was a loud shout heard from afar. It's probably from a girl and from the main building which is just beside the building where we are. All of us were schocked as they stopped scooping foods and eating those.

"Looks like your first case is waiting, huh?" Ms. Fuentebella said while jerking her eyebrows.

Well, I don't think Ms. Fuentebella is wrong. This probably is the first case of us together.


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