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Chapter 165: Airship

Hey guys, Aidka's Here!

Sorry for the delay (again), but to be honest, this week has been a bit hard for me. I have been running around for several reasons (Even with the pandemic around) and have been unable to write as much I wanted.

Yesterday, especially, I was busy the entire day, and when I returned I was too tired to write. Fortunately, today is Sunday. I'm planning to post all the chapters I owe today.

I would like to tell you that things will return to normal soon, but unfortunately, I'm not done yet. Next week will probably be the same. Of course, I'll try to follow the schedule as much as I can, but I may miss one day or two.

Thank you for your understanding, Aidka.


The blue sky extended endlessly before Bloed's eyes. He could feel the soft wind caressing his face as white clouds passed close to his eyes.

It was a scenery a normal person could not enjoy in his life. Even in the human confederation, few people would have had the opportunity to enjoy something like this.

Currently, Bloed was standing in the deck of an airship.

Bloed was very surprised when Javelin showed it to him. He had heard of airships, but he had never used one before.

Well, Bloed rarely left the palace when he was a prince, much less the capital, so there was no opportunity for him to use an airship.

And to be honest, he somehow regretted never trying it before. It was completely different from flying using Leto, or an airplane (although Bloed never flew in an airplane before). When you traveled in an airship, you could go to the deck to enjoy the soft and cold high-altitude wind and observe the beautiful scenery below; something that you could not do when using an airplane.

But it was not as though Bloed was completely satisfied with the airship.

Well, the travel was certainly comfortable, but when Bloed saw the airship, his engineer mind could not help but come up and criticize the countless flaws non-efficient parts of this luxurious vehicle.

Bloed found the shape of the airship absurd. The airship was like a dirigible with a deck propelled by magic. It burned a lot of magic ores (a kind of mineral burnt to get mana) to activate several arrays which gave the airship the ability to fly in the air.

That method was not completely wrong, but it limited greatly the airship maximum speed. It could hardly reach one hundred kilometers per hour.

During the time Bloed had been in the airship, he had thought already of more than twenty-seven modifications he would have done to this vehicle to improve its efficiency. Unfortunately, this airship was not his, and Bloed was not sure it was a good idea to make his ideas public.

He did not want to be chased by this world's countries due to the knowledge he possessed.

In the end, he forced himself to just keep his ideas in his mind. However, Bloed promised himself that one day, he would create his own airship. He already had the basic idea in his mind. He was planning to design it following the design of an aircraft carrier.

Unfortunately, Bloed was not sure how long he was going to need before making that image reality.

"Master, you are here."

A soft voice came from behind Bloed. When he turned around, he found Regina and Liu Ying walking towards him.

"Bloed!" Liu Ying ran towards him and hugged his back. Bloed instantly felt the warmth of her body pressing against him, making him a bit awkward.

Fortunately, Regina quickly grabbed Liu Ying by her nape and pulled her away.

"Stop bothering master, demon."

She would have been more convincing if she was not looking at Bloed's back with a trace of longing.

Liu Ying pouted. "Don't be a coward, Regina! Just hug him if you want!"


"Then I will hug him again."

"… Demon, don't go too far, or you will see."

Liu Ying shivered and stopped instantly with a strained smile on her face.

After experiencing Regina's hellish training, Liu Ying was noticeably a bit afraid of Regina.

Thinking about what Regina could do if she became angry, Liu Ying could not help but ask Bloed for help with her gaze.

Bloed did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

To be honest, he was feeling a headache recently. The girls (mainly Liu Ying), had been much more straightforward when it came to express their feelings with physical contact.

Liu Ying, for example, frequently found excuses to hug him or to sit beside him. Sometimes, she put her head chin on Bloed's shoulder and stayed like that for a long while.

To be honest, that was nice. In fact, Bloed felt really flattered that such a beautiful girl showed interest in him.

The problem was that Liu Ying's behavior stimulated the competitive part of Regina's personality.

And lately, Bloed realized she was looking at him with a strange gaze.

Bloed was not even sure he was ready to start a romantic relationship yet. But he knew that at this rate, he would soon be unable to resist.

While Bloed was thinking about that, someone called his name.

"Bloed, you are here."

Three people came from inside the ship and walked towards him. Bloed was familiar with two of them. The catkin Javelin and the wolfkin Illina.

As for the third, it was a skinny lionkin boy with a pair of spirited eyes.

If Bloed was not wrong, he was–

"Bloed, I have not introduced you to him, right?" Javelin smiled. "He is Prince Calisto Firstmane, the prince that you helped us to rescue."

"Nice to meet you." The boy bowed slightly to Bloed and the girls.

"Nice to meet you." Bloed and the girls returned the greeting. At the same time, Bloed observed this lionkin prince carefully.

Calisto was around twelve or thirteen years old, with soft blonde hair and blue eyes. Bloed could not help but think that the boy handsome. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

No. Cute was the right word.

Although he was still a bit malnourished due to the days he spent trapped underground, he did not show any other sign of having suffered something as terrible as a kidnapping. Instead, he seemed more like a lively and shy girl (although he was a boy).

"Mr. Bloed, mmm… I wanted to give you my thanks for helping Javelin to rescue me."

"It's nothing," Bloed said with a smile. "It's good to know that you are alright."

"Hehe." Calisto smiled sheepishly before looking at Liu Ying and Regina. "I also want to thank you, Miss Regina, Miss Liu Ying. The two of you are very beautiful. Mr. Bloed is very fortunate of having two lovers like you."

Bloed felt himself freezing briefly. But Liu Ying and Regina, on the other hand, seemed very happy with the boy's words.

"You are also a very cute child, prince." Liu Ying said and patted his head. "Next time, however, you should be more careful. Also, you should train more and become strong so nothing like this happens again."

"I understand!" Calisto smiled seriously. "Don't worry, I will train a lot… Although I think I will have to receive my father's punishment before that."

Bloed could not help but let out a small smile when he saw the disheartened expression in the lionkin prince.

After shaking his head, he decided to ask Javelin something.

"By the way, how long until we reach the beastmen countries?"

"No much." Javelin replied. "However, we still need to travel for another two days before reaching the capital."

"Two days, huh."

That was a lot of time.

Fortunately, the airship included rooms, baths, and luxurious food, so the long travel was not going to be so tiring.

Bloed was especially interested in the baths. He had not seen them yet, but he heard they were very luxurious.

"I guess I'll use that time to work in some things I thought recently." Bloed thought aloud. "Who knows, perhaps I can get something good by the time we arrive."

"Don't worry, two days will pass very fast." Javelin smiled. After that, though, he put on a mischievous smile and whispered something on Bloed's ear.

"Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a rest with the two misses? Righ, Which one between Miss Regina and Miss Liu Ying are you going to choose? Or are you planning to marry both?"

Almost instantly, Bloed got the feeling that Regina and Liu Ying were looking towards him.

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