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80.09% Science/Magic / Chapter 338: Date in Academy City

Date in Academy City - Science/Magic - Chapter 338 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 338: Date in Academy City

The three chapters I promised yesterday...


Bloed and Liu Ying were walking side by side through the streets of Academy City. According to Liu Ying, they were going to visit a famous weapon store in the city.

Bloed, however, knew it was just an excuse.

After he saw Eve's smile and after Liu Ying asked him out, he realized what was happening.

"Was it what Eve promised to you the day of the welcome ceremony?"

Liu Ying looked away without answering, making Bloed smiled helplessly.

"You know that I would have agreed to go on a date with you if you asked me, right?"

"… Actually, Miss Eve promised me she would give me an opportunity to be alone with you without Regina nearby."

Bloed put on a strange expression.

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"... She could not have been thinking of that, right?"

Liu Ying blushed until the ears and lowered her head.

'As expected...' Bloed was speechless. These girls…

He could not believe that Liu Ying and Aya agreed to something like that so readily!

'Are the girls of this world all so bold…?' Bloed shook his head with a wry smile.

Well, he would be lying if he says he is not tempted by such a proposal.

After shaking his head to get rid of these thoughts, Bloed stared at Liu Ying with an odd expression.

"Hey, Liu Ying, could it be you are planning to take me to a hotel?"

"W-W-What in the hell are you talking about!?" Liu Ying's face turned so red that it seemed an apple, "... W-Well... I was planning to, but then I thought it was too soon... So..."

By the end of her words, Bloed could barely hear her.

For an instant, he did not know if to feel disappointed or relieved.

Smiling wryly, he shook his head and caressed Liu Ying's hair.

"Let's just have a normal date then. I think something like that can wait until you think you are ready."

Liu Ying's turned slightly red and nodded.

"… By the way, I'm just asking, but, do you know if Eve promised the same to Aya?"

Liu Ying froze.

But then, she put on a strange expression before shrugging.

"Well, I don't think Aya will ask for anything beyond a kiss even if she has the opportunity to push you down. Even I got cold feet at the last minute, so someone as shy as Aya will probably faint just at the thought of seeing you naked."

Bloed did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

However, he agreed with Liu Ying's words.

He could not imagine Aya having the courage for something like that.

In the end, Bloed decided to stop thinking about it and thought he would just pat her head or something like that when the time comes.

Perhaps he could take Aya on a date. She should be satisfied with that.

After he confirmed that going to the weapon shop was just Liu Ying's excuse to have a date with him, Bloed decided to give his all as a boyfriend to make this date perfect.

Thus, he started by intertwining his fingers with hers and pulling her closer and at a more intimate distance.

After that, the pair of lovers entered fully in date mode.

Firstly, they visited the weapon shop, but they left a few minutes later after realizing there was nothing interesting inside.

It was not that the weapons and artifacts in the shop were bad, but Bloed and Liu Ying were born in royal and imperial families respectively. They had seen much better artifacts before.

In fact, Liu Ying's boots were demigod artifacts, and her gloves and armor (Liu Liu) were made by Bloed using highly advanced technology. They could even compare to some demigod artifacts.

Afterward, they visited several famous places in the city. They strolled around the city like a pair of lovers that came to sightsee.

Occasionally, they received one or two strange places due to how unusual it was to see a human and a demon behaving so intimately, but neither Bloed nor Liu Ying minded it. They just enjoyed their time alone as much as they could.

Perhaps it was because it had been a while since the last time they were alone, but Liu Ying behaved much clingier and more childish than usual. She hugged Bloed's arm intimately as she pointed to the different places in the city with an innocent smile.

Occasionally, she would ask Bloed to kiss her, ignoring the people around them completely.

When Bloed saw her like that, he could not help but think she was very cute.

'Well, she is just a fifteen-year-old girl after all.' Bloed thought to himself.

Even though Liu Ying was much more mature than her age due to her circumstances, it did not erase the fact she was still a young girl.

Well, he was not much older than her, so he was also a bit excited.

Around two hours later, the pair of lovebirds felt hungry. Hence, Bloed invited Liu Ying to a classy and expensive restaurant nearby.

Regina should be returning soon, so it was already time to return to the club. A romantic meal was a good way to finish their date.

"… Hey, Bloed."


"Thank you… I was pretty nice."

Bloed smiled softly and caressed her hair.

"We can do it again if you want. I don't mind."

"Yeah, but… Next time we can come with Regina. I feel a bit bad leaving her behind."

Bloed chuckled softly.

"You two have become pretty close."

"... Actually, despite everything, Regina is very nice. I admire her a lot. I would like to be as strong and confident as her."

Bloed was surprised.

"How unexpected… I wonder what would Regina think if she hears those words."

"Keep it a secret from her, okay? It's pretty embarrassing…"

"Hahaha, okay, I'll try... Okay, okay, I promise."

"Hmph! You better!"

Bloed chuckled planted a kiss on Liu Ying's lips, making her turn slightly red and look down in embarrassment.

The pair finished their meal quickly and paid the bill. Then, they left the restaurant.

Unfortunately, it meant that their date was coming to an end.

Smiling wryly to each other, the pair held each other's hand and started the way back.

But suddenly, they felt a strong gaze on them.

Startled, Bloed and Liu Ying looked in direction of the gaze while frowning.

To their surprise, they saw a daemon young man walking towards them.

Moreover, Bloed and Liu Ying recognized him.

"Your names are Bloed and Liu Ying, right?" The young man greeted them with a serious tone. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mu Quan."

He was the strongest student in Academy City.

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