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Death Warriors - Science/Magic - Chapter 66 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 66: Death Warriors

"Ufff! Perfect! I was needing to stretch out my body!" Liu Ying exhaled with a satisfied expression.

Bodies after bodies of people were lying around her. All of them had suffered violent deaths, most of them crushed by a punch, and a few others with their head pulverized. As for Liu Ying, she only had a scratch on her cheek and another in her arm, but both were healing at a visible rate.

To be honest, the fact that Liu Ying managed to defeat a group of around ten C-Rank practitioners without suffering major injuries was a bit mind-blowing.

"Amazing." Bloed could not help but praise her honestly. "You probably can fight a B-Rank practitioner by yourself, Liu Ying."

Liu Ying smiled wryly. "Even if I can, I can't do it so easily as you or Regina."

Bloed did not deny it. After all, he and Regina had faced a B-Rank practitioner each, and neither had suffered injuries.

In truth, Liu Ying was already a very outstanding individual in her age group, it's just that Bloed was a bit too much of a monster. Moreover, his weapons granted him an enormous advantage against his enemies.

This time, his enemy was a B-Rank focused on speed, but if it would have been one focused on strength or defense, Bloed probably would have managed to defeat him easily simply by virtue of [Molecular Disintegration].

At that moment, Regina returned from checking up the bodies. "Master, the only survivor was the one caught by Leto."

"Is it so?" Bloed nodded. "He will be enough. Leto, take him inside. We will interrogate him after he wakes up."

*Woof!* Leto nodded and bit the assassin on the nape, carrying him inside the house.

After Leto carried the unconscious assassin inside the house, Liu Ying observed the mess in the courtyard and furrowed her brows. "Bloed, what about the bodies here?"

Bloed hesitated for a moment. To be honest, he was not sure about what to do.

It was not as though he could put them inside the storage devices, right? Bloed did not want to bring corpses with them until they find a way to get rid of them.

But he did not know of any other better way he could use to get rid of the bodies.

Bloed decided to create something for situations like this later. Mmm, maybe he could create nanorobots that discompose the corpses into atoms or turn them into dust. Yes, that was a good future project.

While Bloed was thinking about a way to get rid of the bodies, Regina tensed up. She then glared towards a shadow in a corner of the courtyard and created an energy blade.

"Who are you!? Stop hiding!"

Bloed and Liu Ying instantly tensed up their body. Bright electric light shone on Bloed's eyes while he followed Regina's gaze.

However, he needed a few seconds to find the person hiding.

"Calm down, I'm not an enemy." A tanned girl walked slowly from the shadows. She looked at the ground filled with corpses, craters and burns and wrinkled her brows. "It looks like you had a great party just now." The girl said.

Bloed furrowed his brows. "Miss Sara, what are you doing here?"

"I live next door, remember? I heard the commotion and came to see what was happening."

Bloed narrowed his eyes. Since the moment when the fight started until now a considerable amount of time had passed. Sara was a B-Rank practitioner, she needed less than twenty seconds to arrive here from her house.

The fact that she appeared only now was downright suspicious.

Besides, Sara was a servant of the city lord; in other words, a potential enemy.

Sara frowned when she saw the suspicion in Bloed's eyes but she did not bother to explain anything. She just looked at the bodies and sighed.

"It looks like you already took care of everything, huh… You guys are a lot stronger than you look huh."

"Do you need anything, miss Sara? If not, we are tired and want to rest." Bloed asked coldly. It was obvious he was indirectly asking her to leave.

Sara smiled wryly inwardly. Then, she shook her head. "You need help with the bodies, right? Don't worry, I will take care of that."

Bloed was surprised, but he nodded at the next instant. "I'll thank you for that then, miss Sara."

Sara took a magic stone out of her pocket and put mana on it. Bloed recognized the sone as a communication magic crystal.

It was a useful artifact able to transmit limited information on a certain distance. A useful gadget, but with too many flaws in Bloed's eyes.

After holding it for a few seconds, Sara nodded and looked at Bloed.

"Someone will be coming in a few minutes to take the corpses away."

"I understand. Miss Sara, the girls and I will be returning inside then. We are a bit tired after being attacked."

Sara understood his meaning. "Don't worry, I will take care of things here."

Bloed nodded in thanks and returned to the house with Regina and Liu Ying.

But when he was about to close the door, Sara called out at him.

"Young master Bloed."

"Yes, miss Sara?"

Sara fell silent for an instant before looking into Bloed's eyes with a solemn look.

"You should leave this city as soon as possible. I think it's better if you leave tomorrow. And about the outing with my young master and young mistress, I advise you to not go."

Bloed was startled. He looked at Sara deeply to find a sign of deceit on her face.

When he failed to find anything, he smiled. "I understand, miss Sara. But don't worry, we have our own plans."

After saying that, he closed the door.


*Cough cough cough!*

A bucket of cold water and a coughing fit woke Josh up.

He opened his eyes and realized he was in an unfamiliar place. His body felt heavy, and her back hurt badly.

Almost instantly, Josh recalled everything that happened before he fell unconscious.

"… Dammit, I was caught." He chuckled bitterly and lifted his face. In front of him, he saw the three targets of tonight.

The blue-haired body was standing in front of him with an ice-cold expression while the silver-haired girl was standing behind him. As for the black-haired girl, she was leaning in a wall with her eyes closed.

"Mr. Assassin, I trust you know your situation."

"Yeah, you don't need to explain anything. Cough, cough." Josh coughed and smiled in a self-deprecating manner. "You want information, right?"

"Smart." Bloed nodded. "I hope you spit it out voluntarily. I don't like torture people and I'm sure you will not like it either. Now, tell me, who did send you and what is his goal?"

"Heh." The assassin chuckled. "Unfortunately, it's useless to catch me, boy. I will not say anything. No, I can't say anything."

Instantly, the mana inside Josh surged out.

Bloed raised an eyebrow. He grabbed his saber in case Josh was planning something funny. But in the next instant, he understood what was happening.

"Dammit!" Bloed rushed towards Josh, but it was already too late.

Before Bloed could reach him, a bluish flame engulfed the assassin completely.

"Farewell, boy. I will wait for you on the other side."

Then, his life came to an end.

Bloed and the girls wrinkled their brows. They were not expecting this.

"Death warriors." Liu Ying opened one eye and said. "Warriors trained to follow their master's orders or die trying. They are absolutely loyal, preferring to die before betraying their masters."

"… It's my first time seeing one, I thought they were just rumors." Bloed sighed. He had been careless.

Well, it was not as though he had a way to stop him from killing himself.

"It looks like it will not be so easy, huh…"

"… Are you truly planning to accompany the city lord's children tomorrow, Bloed?" Liu Ying asked with a frown. "That will be dangerous."

"I will go with Regina." Bloed nodded unhesitantly. "I need to know what it is all about."

"I'll go with you."


"I will go with you, Bloed. Perhaps I can help if you are in danger."

"Demon, do you think master will be in danger with me beside him?" Regina snorted.

"Even so, I want to go." Liu Ying did not flinch in front of Regina's words. She looked at the Valkyrie with determined eyes, expressing that she was not going to take no for an answer.

Regina clicked her tongue in displeasure and looked away, accepting Liu Ying's help.

Bloed stared at Liu Ying in surprise. But in the next second, he curved his lips up. "Sure, why not? You are our companion after all." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Perfect!" Liu Ying smiled brightly and nodded..

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