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80.8% Science/Magic / Chapter 341: Diodora

Diodora - Science/Magic - Chapter 341 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 341: Diodora

Hey, I'm back!

Six chapters today, and probably three coming tomorrow... I'm not sure, though...


"So that happened..." Regina murmured with a pensive expression.

Bloed and Liu Ying smiled wryly. They found it ironic that even when this date was supposed to be 'secret', they finished revealing it to Regina.

Well, it could not be helped given the current circumstances. It was more important to ask Regina to use her abilities to protect Liu Ying.

Fortunately, Regina did not react much when she learned about Liu Ying's date plan (besides narrowing her eyes slightly). She also knew that it was not time to bicker with the demon girl.

"Master, should I use my abilities to add a layer of protection to Liu Ying?"

"That is my intention." Bloed nodded. "It should be enough to keep Liu Ying safe as long as she is inside Academy City."

"I understand."

After closing her eyes in thought, Regina looked towards Liu Ying and extended her hand to her forehead.

"Demon, don't resist."


In the next second, a small spark was infused in Liu Ying's brain.


"Don't worry, it's done."

Looking at Liu Ying's face twisted in pain, Regina smiled.

"Ouch ouch ouch... H-Hey, I-Is it supposed to be this painful?" Liu Ying asked while grabbing her head and crouching down tremblingly, to which Regina shrugged indifferently.

"That is normal, my energy clashes against your mana, so a bit of pain is unavoidable."

When Bloed heard that and saw Regina's smirking expression, he shivered.

As someone that had experienced that technique before, he knew that Regina's words were completely false.

He did not remember feeling any pain.

Plus, how is that a bit of pain? Judging by Liu Ying's expression, it was obvious she felt as though her head was about to explode.

'Women sure are vengeful…'

Just now, he thought Regina had forgotten about Liu Ying's secret date, but who would have expected that Regina would pay her back so quickly.

"Master, is anything wrong?" Regina tilted her head and smiled softly.

But for some reason, he felt as though he was seeing a devil.

Bloed's cheek twitched as he did his best to ignore what was happening.

"… I-It's nothing, don't worry."

"Is it so? That is great. By the way, master, we need to talk later pri-va-te-ly."

"… Can I say not?"

"What do you think?"

Looking at Regina's bright smile, Bloed simply gave up.

It seemed he should get ready to spend the night spoiling Regina and calming down.

Now that Regina had left a bit of her energy in Liu Ying's body, her safety could be more or less guaranteed. At the very least, she was not going to die even if a demigod attacks her (unless the demigod is stronger than Regina).

And if the barrier is activated, Regina would feel it instantly and rush towards Liu Ying's location to protect her.

"That should be enough for now."

At that moment, the AI of the tower sent a message to Bloed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Mm? An intruder?"


"… It looks like someone is trying to enter the tower… Let me see…"

Frowning, Bloed activated the cameras of the entrance, only to see a dark-skinned woman frowning as a child-like young man was standing flustered beside her.

"Toby?" Regina frowned. "But who is her?"

Bloed thought for a moment before smiling wryly.

"It looks like the last member of [Machine Revolution] appeared. Let's go to greet her."

Five minutes later, Bloed and Regina were in the entrance of the tower facing a dark-skinned young woman and Toby.

Liu Ying stayed behind, still suffering due to the headache Regina caused. According to Regina, it would fade out after half an hour.

Bloed shivered when he heard that. He never imagined Regina was that vindictive.

As for the other members of the club, Aya, Gina, and Sara were still in the training hall, and Elwha and Prince Calisto were in the mansion where the group was staying.

By the way, Bloed's group was planning to move to the tower soon.

This place was not only safer, but it had many more facilities, making living here more convenient.

Prince Calisto was also planning to come with them and bring a few servants with him. Bloed had constructed a group of cleaning robots, so the servants were going to be used mainly to cook and attend the group.

Back to the topic, Bloed observed the dark-skinned woman in front of him with a curious expression.

"You must be Diodora, right?"

"I am." The dark-skinned woman replied in a curt tone. "You are Bloed, right? Toby told me about you. He should have told you that I'm a member of the Golem-Making Club."

Bloed glanced at the child-like young man behind the dark-skinned young woman and nodded.

"He did."

Diodora was the name of the dark-skinned woman. She was the last member of the Golem-Making Club that had not appeared until now.

She seemed around twenty-five years old, with grey short hair and a curt expression. Her dark skin coupled with her ash gray hair gave her an exotic and wild look.

It was the first time Bloed saw a dark-skinned human. He knew there were several countries whose entire population was dark-skinned people, but he had never visited them.

Unfortunately, many human countries discriminated against them. In fact, some countries such as the Sun Kingdom treated them even worse than demons.

However, besides her beautiful features and exotic appearance, something else caught Bloed's attention.

Instead, it was her well-hidden aura.

Toby did not know much about this member of the club. He only knew that she was rather mysterious and seldomly appeared in the club, sometimes appearing just once in several months.

But through his eyes, Bloed managed to see the powerful energy hidden under her calm and curt look.

"Peak A-Rank…" Bloed murmured softly.

However, the dark-skinned woman managed to catch his words.

"… How did you know?" She glared at Bloed and narrowed her eyes.

Bloed said nothing, just pointing to his eyes, making the woman frown before nodding.

Bloed's eyes had a very unique look, so the girl easily deduced that his eyes were special and that they were the reason he managed to see through her strength.

But once she realized the meaning of that, her expression turned ice-cold.

She immediately created a layer of mana around her body to stop Bloed's eyes from prying her secrets.

"I don't like it when other people try to peek on me." Diodora scowled.

Bloed wrinkled his brows before nodding and closing his eyes.

"You are right, sorry. Don't worry, I won't use them on you again."

"I hope so." The woman said and raised her head to observe the interior of the tower.

"… I heard the rumors, but this is beyond my expectations."

"Do you like it?" Bloed asked.

Diodora nodded. "It's nice. However, I'm not sure if it's what I want."

"Oh?" Bloed raised an eyebrow.

"My circumstances are a bit special. I agreed to belong to the Golem-Making Club because the previous leader promised not to hinder my activities with other clubs. In fact, I belong to a total of seven different clubs."

Bloed, Regina, and even Toby were stunned.

"That is possible?" Bloed asked.

"As I told you, my circumstances are special." Diodora shrugged. "Actually, although I belong to seven different clubs, I'm not truly a member of any. I don't participate in the War of Clubs or anything like that. At most, I help them a bit if it's in my capability. In exchange, I use them to acquire the knowledge I desire."

Bloed raised an eyebrow. He was not expecting that.

"Then, you…"

"Yes, I'm planning to leave this club, although I'll take a look at it first. If I think this club is still worthy of me staying, I plan to stay."

Bloed fell silent and glanced at Regina.

This situation was pretty unusual. He was not sure about what to do.

But before he could reply to Diodora, the shota-like young man behind her raised his hand.

"A-Actually, I think I'll leave the club as well."

Bloed was startled.

Then, he furrowed his brows.

"Are you planning to leave?"

"Y-Yes… I don't think this club is the same club I belonged to… I-I'm not sure if I want to stay here."

Bloed stared at the young man for several seconds before sighing.

"Well, I understand. But before that, why don't you come with me first?"

"Huh? Where are we going?" Toby was startled.

Bloed curved his lips up and turned around calmly.

"To a place where you can build golems."

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