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74.29% Science/Magic / Chapter 318: First Use of the Door of Nothingness

First Use of the Door of Nothingness - Science/Magic - Chapter 318 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 318: First Use of the Door of Nothingness

When you thought there would not be chapter today, a wild chapter of Science/Magic appears...


Oculus's attack startled the B-Ranks, but none of them hesitated. They knew they could not leave Bloed and the girls escape.

With a wave of her hand, a mage girl created a magic circle just over Leto. Then, a strong gravity assaulted the metallic wolf!

[Increased Gravity]!

Under the effects of the spell, Leto's speed slowed down, allowing many of the B-Ranks to catch up to it.

Following it, several attacks flew towards the metallic wolf!

Bloed's eyes sharpened. Just before the attacks reached the metallic wolf, he used his mind to give it an order.

Then, the metallic sand forming the metallic wolf dispersed, turning into several metallic spears that rained towards the B-Ranks attacking it!

Under the effects of the increased gravity, the metallic spears became much faster and heavier! They were so fast that the B-Ranks barely had time to react!




However, each B-Ranks in Academy City could be considered a genius! Despite the sudden attack, none of them panicked.

With swift movements, they used their weapons or defensive techniques to stop the raining spears!

But they underestimated Leto's spears. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When the spears hit the enemies, Bloed's eyes flashed coldly.

Then, electricity surged out of the metallic spears, zapping the bodies of the enemies!




For a brief instant, several of the B-Ranks were paralyzed by the electricity.

It was not enough to cause severe damage, but it froze their movements briefly.

And Bloed and the girls did not plan to let pass that opportunity.


As soon as Bloed spoke up, the three of them moved. Still in the air, each one of them chose a target.

Bloed's saber, Liu Ying's fist, and Aya's daggers cut towards three of the paralyzed B-Ranks.

But suddenly, a magic circle appeared on their way.

Then, it turned into a barrier that protected the B-Ranks!

A B-Rank mage on the ground had cast it when it saw the danger!

The barrier only managed to endure Bloed and the girls' attacks for one second. However, that second was more than enough for the B-Ranks to recover.

Bloed's eyes flashed with disappointment. It seemed like eliminating a few of these B-Ranks was not going to be so easy.

However, this was still in his expectations.

"Aya, now."

The cat girl nodded. She glanced at the enemies briefly before turning into a shadow and fading out of the battlefield.

Aya's technique caught the attention of several B-Ranks. They immediately recognized it as a stealth technique!

"Stop her! Otherwise, she will ambush us when we least expect it!"

"On it!"

Three B-Rank mages reacted immediately. Mana surged out of their bodies, turning into three magic circles designed to fish Aya out.

But suddenly, they felt a terrifying killing intent locking on them.

Not just them! Each B-Rank felt the same killing intent!

It was as though a predator was staring at them! They got the feeling that if they turned their attention towards the cat girl, they were going to be killed!

Instinctively, they put their entire focus on the owner of the killing intent, wondering how many beings he killed to get such a heavy killing intent!

It was Bloed!

He had merged [King's Aura] and the killing intent he got in the exiled lands to create this horrifying pressure and then directed it towards the B-Ranks!

In fact, using [King's Aura] in so many targets at the same time lowered greatly the power of the technique. It could at most intimidate his enemies.

However, that was more than enough in the current situation.

Because it allowed Aya to leave.

And she was the key to winning today's battle.

Bloed's killing intent spread through the entire battlefield. His murderous aura filled the B-Ranks with wariness.

Liu Ying moved at that moment.


Kicking the ground, the demon girl rushed towards the nearest B-Rank at great speed!

In an instant, her punch was already in front of her enemy's face!

However, the B-Rank managed to react. He raised his weapon to stop Liu Ying's attack as two B-Ranks beside him attacked Liu Ying from the sides and a B-Rank mage cast a spell to attack her.

To their surprise, though, Liu Ying grinned.

Then, just before her punch touched her enemy, her body disappeared, only to appear before the B-Rank mage.


The unexpected teleportation caught the mage by surprise. In such a situation, he was unable to block the blow!

Liu Ying's attack hit his face cleanly, sending him flying several meters away and eliminating him from the game.


The B-Ranks around Liu Ying reacted immediately. In a rage, five B-Ranks attacked her simultaneously!

But the eye on the sky lit up at that moment. It fired a barrage of bullets around Liu Ying that forced them to retreat!

Seeing that, a B-Rank elf grunted and drew his arc towards Oculus, shooting an arrow that pieced Oculus!

But at that instant, he felt a terrifying killing intent locking on him.

Then, a bullet of energy shot from Bloed's blaster gun reached him!

Fortunately, one of the mages managed to cast a barrier in time, stopping the bullet in time.

Bloed wrinkled his brows when he saw that.

'It looks like we need to take the mages out first, huh.'

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done.

Several B-Ranks were attacking Bloed at that moment, using their weapons to release attack after attack in quick succession.

Moreover, different from the mob he had been fighting before, the B-Ranks were very well coordinated. Although their cooperation could not be considered flawless, it was enough to not leave any opening Bloed could use.

That was the reason the C-Rank and D-Rank students were not participating in the battle. Without them, the battlefield was not chaotic enough for Bloed or Liu Ying to take advantage of it.

The only reason Bloed had managed to endure until now was Leto's metallic sand acting as a barrier plus his outstanding predictive abilities.

However, Bloed knew this would not last.

'Should I use [Imaginary Slash]?'

Bloed frowned before shaking his head. Imaginary Slash was too dangerous. If he used it, at least five or six of the B-Ranks attacking him would die.

It was not a technique he could use in a 'friendly' battle like this.

Liu Ying came beside Bloed at that moment. She was in a similar situation to Bloed, being attacked by several enemies at the same time.

She still could use Blink three times, however, she had not used it after she eliminated the first B-Rank. She was waiting for an opportunity to take down another enemy.

But the B-Ranks were wary of that technique after one of them was eliminated. None of them lowered their guard for even an instant.

At that moment, Oculus recovered from the arrow it received earlier.

Under Bloed's order, it unleashed a barrage of bullets that forced the B-Ranks attacking him and Liu Ying to jump back.

Thanks to that, they got a brief respite.

However, Bloed and Liu Ying heard an ice-cold voice at that moment.


Instantly, five magic circles appeared around them! Each magic circle meant a powerful spell!

Liu Ying's eyes widened. It was too late to evade the attack!

The next second–


The five spells were activated, bombarding the place with fire and lightning.

Seeing that, one of the B-Ranks let out a deep breath.

"Finally... Are they truly B-Ranks? How can they be so strong?"

Alex, the B-Rank from [Genius Society], put on a complicated expression and shook his head.

"Geniuses are truly different. Anyway, don't lower the guard. The cat girl is still around."

But at that moment, his eyes opened wide.

Because two bullets of light flew out from the dust, hitting two unprepared B-Rank mages!


Before he could understand what happened, the cloud of dust was blown away, revealing Bloed and Liu Ying standing behind a strange barrier, completely unscathed.

It was Bloed's [Door of Nothingness]!

The second technique he created after he acquired the ability to split his mind from the Heart of the Forest!

Bloed's eyes flickered coldly. And at the same time, a savage smile appeared on Liu Ying's face.

Then, her body flashed, appearing behind another B-Rank mage!

"Careful!" Alex cried out, but it was too late.

With a bam, Liu Ying's fist hit the mage's head, sending him flying away and knocking him unconscious.

Bloed's lips curved up.

"Three mages less, only two remaining."

A chill ran through Alex's spine when he heard these words.

'What kind of monsters are they?'



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