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71.95% Science/Magic / Chapter 331: Golem-Making Club (4)

Golem-Making Club (4) - Science/Magic - Chapter 331 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 331: Golem-Making Club (4)

Well, they came later than expected, but three new chapters here...


Once the group left, Bloed let out a short sigh.

He then turned around to face the young man behind him.

"Well, it looks like this club is in a worse state than I thought."

"Y-You... Are you truly the new leader of the club?"

When he saw Bloed nod, Toby was stunned.

This club leader… He came out of nowhere!

For a few seconds, he did not know how to react.

"Boy, your name was Toby, right?"


"Well, Toby. Do you know who the young man in the end was?"

"Huh? Ah, he is the sub-leader of [Flying Leaves]. His name is Yaru. I heard he is very powerful."

"Yaru, huh." Bloed frowned slightly.

That young man was definitively not weak.

Even though he was just a B-Rank practitioner, his true strength was not so simple.

Although Bloed was not sure, he had the feeling he was stronger than any of the B-Ranks he fought yesterday.

'Perhaps at the level of Atai… As expected of Academy City. It's worthy of being the place where talents of all the world gather.'

He was definitively a strong enemy.

Of course, Bloed was sure he would not lose if they fought.

In fact, Bloed had become much stronger since he fought Atai. Right now, he was sure he could defeat Atai if they fought again even without using [Door of Nothingness] or [Imaginary Slash].

However, if the sub-leader was already that strong, it meant that their leader would be stronger.

'A-Rank, perhaps?'

It seemed that this Golem-Making Club had its fair share of enemies.

Smiling wryly, Bloed shook his head and looked at Toby again.

"Okay, can you show me the club?"

Toby nodded in a daze, still processing the news he just got.

He was still confused by the situation. Just a few minutes ago, he was thinking that his club was about to be disbanded, but now, the club got a new president all of sudden.

'Where in the hell did he come from!? And how did he become the president of the club!?'

Toby had not watched the welcome game of yesterday or he would have known who Bloed was. He was too busy thinking of ways to save the club to pay attention to something like that.

Thus, he could not help but be suspicious of Bloed.

His first guess was the same as Harold. He thought that Bloed was someone with the intention of getting the rank of the Golem-Making Club without fighting for it in the War of Clubs.

Even so, he said nothing. Bloed was now officially the club leader. Even if he wanted to change something, he could do nothing.

A sense of despondence filled Toby. The feeling of powerlessness to defend what he cherished made him grit his teeth.

He could only observe and do his best to protect the club as much as he could.

Actually, he was not wrong.

Bloed could not care less about the Golem-Making Club. His goal was to use it as a springboard for his own club.

As for the story of the Golem-Making Club? Bloed could only apologize to it.

Besides Bloed, Regina, Liu Ying, Aya, and Prince Calisto had followed him to the club. Princess Elwha wanted to come as well, but she decided to stay behind due to the issues with her identity.

Guided by Toby, Bloed's group observed the facilities of the club curiously.

The Golem-Making Club was worthy of being one of the top one hundred clubs. Despite its bad situation, its facilities were first class.

Bloed saw two training rooms, two golem-making rooms, several bedrooms, a hall, a dining room, an underground bath, several laboratories, several offices, a library, a warehouse, and several other rooms.

Just like Headmistress Wave said, this club was pretty compatible with Bloed's idea. Many of the facilities could be put to work immediately.

"It's pretty good." Liu Ying nodded to herself.

"Well, our Golem-Making Club is ranked 86th after all. It's normal." Toby said with a wry smile.

He then bit his lips and put on an expression as though making up his mind.

"… Mr. Bloed, what do you plan to do with the club?"


"Do you… Do you plan to create a new club? Or are you perhaps going to fuse this club with another club?"

Bloed stared at Toby fixedly before smiling.

"You like this club a lot, huh."


"Are you good at making golems?"

"… Just a bit."

"Is it so?" Bloed thought for a moment before looking at the delicate-looking young man again.

"I'll be honest with you then. I'm planning to create a new club. However, that club is a bit related to golems, that is the reason I chose this club as my starting point." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Golems?" Toby opened his eyes slightly. Quickly, his expression brightened.

If Bloed's words were right, it meant that his club still had hope.


"However, the name of the club will be changed."

His hopes were dashed immediately.

"W-Wait! W-Why do you want to change the name of the club!?"

"I'm sorry, but Golem-Making club is a horrendous name, who in the hell names a club like that?"

Toby flinched.

Thinking about it, most of the members of the club had been dissatisfied when the previous leader decided to name the club like this.

Even so, he did not want to change the name.

To him, this name carried a great sentimental value.

Unfortunately, nobody in Bloed's group thought the same.

"I have an idea." Liu Ying raised her hand smilingly. "How about calling it [Bloed's Harem]."

Bloed stiffened. Speechless, he looked behind him only to see Liu Ying smiling teasingly, Aya lowering her head with a shy look, and Regina's ice-cold look.

"Rejected," Regina said immediately.

"Hey! I think it's a good name!"

"No, it's not." Bloed glared at the demon exasperated look. "Another idea, please."

"What about [Master's Base to Conquer the World]?"

"Rejected. Regina, I don't have any plan to conquer the world." And it sounded too chunni.

"… Friendship and Unity, perhaps?���

"Aya, your name is very childish."

"Big brother Bloed, how about [League of the Strongest]!"

"… Please, can you stop? I'm becoming embarrassed"

Bloed looked at Regina, Liu Ying, and the others speechless. What kind of names were these?

None of the names was normal!

Sighing, he decided to use the name he had thought beforehand.

"The club will be called [Machina Revolutio]."

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