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87.91% Science/Magic / Chapter 371: Her Majesty is Waiting for You (1)

Her Majesty is Waiting for You (1) - Science/Magic - Chapter 371 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 371: Her Majesty is Waiting for You (1)

The next morning, the club members of [Machine Revolutio] were gathered in the meeting room.

In front of the confused, surprised, and dubious gazes of the club members, Bloed introduced the black-haired girl beside him again.

"As many of you know, she is Eres Skysword. From today onwards, she will be another member of our club."

Liu Ying, Aya, Gina, and the others were stunned.

However, they soon found it normal.

After all, they knew that Eres was Bloed's sister. Due to that, the fact that Eres became part of the club was not so surprising.

When Bloed finished introducing her, Eres bowed towards the group and introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Eres. I'm Glen–Bloed's sister. Sixteen years old. I broke through A-Rank recently."

Eres's introduction surprised a part of the group.

Sara, Toby, and, Prince Calisto, who were too drunk yesterday to witness Eres, Liu Ying, Aya, and Gina's fight, opened their eyes wide when they heard Eres's age and mana rank.

Moreover, their expressions turned even more astonished when they thought about the meaning of Eres's surname and the fact that she was Bloed's sister.

However, neither Bloed nor Eres paid any attention to them.

Anyway, they had explained most of the situation yesterday. If Sara, Toby, and Prince Calisto wanted to hear the details, they could ask the others.

Looking at the group, Bloed clapped his hands once to get their attention.

"Very well, now that Eres introduced herself, it's time to start the main topic of today's meeting. And that is, our activities during the War of Clubs."

The group looked at each other with curious expressions.

"As you know, there are two ways to make points." Bloed continued. "One of them is through winning challenges, and the other is through missions. Unfortunately, we can't rely on challenges alone to keep our rank. Thus, we will have to do missions."

"What missions are we going to do?" Elwha asked, her voice slightly sharp and piercing.

Bloed had an inkling of the reason why Elwha was displeased (The fun he had with Regina last night), so he decided to feign he did not hear the thorns in her voice and answered her question as usual.

"That is the reason we are here. Prince Calisto, please."

"Yes." The little lionkin prince took one step forward and distributed a document containing a list of available missions to each member of the club.

"These are the missions that Academy City posted yesterday," Prince Calisto explained. "I asked my men to collect this information and organize the missions in order of difficulty and reward. We can analyze it to determine what mission we should take."

The group nodded in silence and read the information.

The first mission in the document was:

Hunt a Demigod-Level Beast in the Beasts' Wilderness. Reward: 10000 Club Points.

With just a glance, the group stiffened.

"Yeah, not this mission."

Liu Ying, Aya, and the others immediately nodded.

In fact, this mission was kind of a joke in Academy City. It had existed for many years, but it had never been completed.

Well, hunting a demigod-level beast was not something that a group of A-Rank and B-Rank students could do easily. It was borderline impossible.

The second mission was:

Kill Idhore Adkena and bring proof of his death. Reward: 5000 Club Points.

The group only glanced at this mission briefly and decided to give it up as well.

According to the information in the mission, this Idhore Adkena was a powerful demon with half-step demigod mana rank. Moreover, he was famous for his vicious methods and outstanding strength.

According to the rumors, he once killed the family of a demigod and managed to escape the demigod's pursuit after it.

Bloed was not confident he could kill this man unless he used [Overdrive]. And even then, he had to find him first. His club did not have the means necessary for something like that.

The group continued scrolling down the missions, but although the following missions were easier, most of them were not something the group could complete easily.

Finally, they reached the fifteenth mission.

Hunt Five A-Rank beast and bring their mana cores. Reward: 200 Club points. Note: The beast must be hunted by the members of the club. Otherwise, the club will not receive points.

"… This mission is suitable, I think." Liu Ying opined.

Bloed and the others nodded. Certainly, this mission was one that his group could complete.


"We need more missions. With just this mission, we will eventually be kicked out of the top 100 clubs."

"How about the mission about making golems?" Toby suggested at that moment.

Bloed and the others were startled. One instant later, they hurriedly looked at the document and searched for the mission Toby suggested.

Create Golems. Reward (For each Golem): 50 Club Points (A-Rank Golem), 30 Club Points (B-Rank Golem), 10 Club Points (C-Rank Golem).

"This mission…"

"This is one of the missions the previous club used to get points," Toby explained to Bloed. "Academy City had a lot of missions like this. After all, the goal of the War of Clubs is not only to test the combat abilities of the clubs but also their other skills. We can get a considerable number of points with enough golems."

Bloed fell silent and put on a pensive expression.

Just like Toby said, he could see several other missions like this one. Such as creating potions, creating magic formations, creating spells, or even cooking dishes.

Such missions were very suitable for clubs not related to combat and could help them to get a place in the top 100.

After thinking for a moment, Bloed nodded.

"This mission is good. We will take this. Any other suggestion?"

Soon, the group selected five missions more.

Once they had decided on their missions, it was time to register them.

"I'll be going to the Mission Hall to register them then."

"I'll go with you."

"Me too~"

"I'm going."

"My hero, I want to go!"

Looking at Regina, Liu Ying, Eres, and Gina, who raised their hands to go with him, Bloed did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the end, he only chose two of them.

"Regina and Eres are coming with me. The rest will stay here."

Although reluctant, Liu Ying and Gina nodded.

But as soon as Bloed, Regina, and Eres exited the tower, they saw a woman waiting for them with an expressionless look.

"Prince Glenn, Princess Eres, please come with me. Her Majesty Soraya is waiting for you."



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