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79.14% Science/Magic / Chapter 334: Machine Revolutio Tower (2)

Machine Revolutio Tower (2) - Science/Magic - Chapter 334 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 334: Machine Revolutio Tower (2)

Four chapters right now. Three more coming tonight hopefully...


"This is insane…"

That was everything Liu Ying could say when she saw the eighty-meters tall building in front of her.

Looking beside her, she saw the proud smile on her boyfriend's face and was speechless.

"… Hey Bloed, how is something like this possible?"

"Science, of course."

Liu Ying was amazed.

She knew that her boyfriend was amazing; and after spending so much time with him, she thought she would not be surprised by anything he does.

However, when she saw the tall building that Bloed built in just fifteen days, she once realized that her boyfriend was super amazing.

It was not as though there were no taller buildings in this world. In fact, the great library was taller than this.

However, the great library needed thousands of people working together for ten years before it was completed.

Bloed, however, built this singlehandedly in fifteen days.

The only word to describe it was astonishing.

Actually, Liu Ying's reaction was the most subdued of the group. Aya, Prince Calisto, Sara, and Gina were staring at the building with a how-is-it-possible look.

Not to speak of Toby and the crowd of students behind unable to understand how in the hell this building appeared all of sudden.

Yes, it had appeared all of sudden.

He had used a big-scale stealth device to hide the process of building the tower from the world. And today, he finally revealed it!

After fifteen days, the headquarters of [Machina Revolutio] finally greeted the world!

Bloed was proud of this masterpiece. He had designed it personally using several buildings of the human confederation as reference.

The building had a twisted shape, as though someone would have grabbed both ends of it and rotated them in different directions. The exterior of the building was completely made of dark-blue glass, creating a beautiful glow under the sunlight.

As for the interior of the building, it was made of twelve five-meter-tall floors filled with different facilities.

Besides that, Bloed built an underground room where he installed an energy core used to generate electricity for the entire building and to raise a forcefield that protected it against attacks.

For the entrance, Bloed put a three-meters-tall glass door that worked as a screen, showing countless images about the wonders of technology.

Moreover, the entrance was protected by two lion-shaped robots under the control of the main AI of the building. These lions would have the role of statues in normal circumstances, but if the building was under attack, they would be controlled by the AI to fight against the enemies.

At the top of the building, there was a giant sphere where several images were being projected every second. The images ranged from beautiful landscapes and animals to stellar bodies.

Occasionally, the images would form two words.

[Machine Revolutio].

Bloed spent a lot of money to build this. He used his connections with Moonlight Glow, The Church of Fate, and the beastmen countries to buy the materials and paid them with the money he had accumulated for several years.

He spent eighty percent of his total fortune on it!

Of course, Bloed cared little about money. But even so, the amount of wealth he wasted in this building was staggering.

But it was completely worth it.

Right now, this building was the most eye-catching place in the entire Academy City.

Even the Great Library, though taller, paled when it came to beauty and elegance.

Plus, Bloed used the style of the human confederation to build it, so it was completely different from the designs seen in this world.

"Then, what are your opinions, guys?"

"It's worthy of being master's headquarters."

"What can I say? Even the palace of the daemon empire was inferior to it... Actually, I think you exaggerated a bit.."

"… Amazing."

"Big brother Bloed, you are amazing!"

"… My hero, this..."


Bloed felt even prouder of his work after he saw the reactions of Regina, Liu Ying, Aya, Prince Calisto, Gina, and Sara.

It was worth all the sleepless nights he spent during the last fifteen days!

Of course, the building could not be considered complete yet. Some of the facilities inside needed to be completed.

But Bloed already had a group of robots working on it. He estimated the rest would be done in the next five days.

"Then, should we go inside?"

The eyes of the group shone when they heard Bloed's proposal.

But before they could move–

"… Boy, wait a moment."

A voice came from the sky.

"Headmistress?" Bloed was startled. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to appear after this appeared in my city."

Yes, Headmistress Wave had arrived.

She was not the only one that arrived. At some point, several demigods were hovering in the sky, looking at Bloed's tower with expressions of curiosity, confusion, and amazement.

But when Bloed thought about it, he realized it was normal.

It was obvious that demigods would be attracted after such a huge building appeared suddenly in the city.

Headmistress Wave stared at the beautiful and strange-looking building in front of her in amazement. With her knowledge, she could see it was built without using an iota of magic.

"You built it?" She asked at Bloed with a surprised look.

"I did." Bloed nodded. There was no point in denying it anyway.

"But… How?"

Bloed smiled mysteriously and muttered a word.

"Engineering." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Headmistress Wave's eyes narrowed.

Fifteen days ago, Bloed mentioned that word when he spoke about his club.

Back then, she found the concept innovative. But it was just that.

Today, however, she realized she had underestimated Bloed.

If engineering could do something like this in fifteen days, then…

Narrowing her eyes, she looked at Bloed with a serious expression.

"We need to talk."

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