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58.64% Science/Magic / Chapter 251: Miscalculation

Miscalculation - Science/Magic - Chapter 251 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 251: Miscalculation

The flash of the bullet was so fast that none of the humans was able to react. They only saw a ray of light flying towards one of their companions before he had his legs burned into cinders.

The human was stunned. He collapsed on the ground slowly while trying to understand what was happening.

Then, he opened his mouth and–


–Screamed out in pain.

"Enemy attack!" Another of the humans bellowed, trying to warn his comrades. But it was already too late.

Before they could get themselves ready to defend against the unexpected ambush, Rana hatred-filled voice resounded. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Descend, [Whisper of the Raging Fire God]!"

Her mana surged out, turning into tens of magic circles that took shape around her.

Then, the rabbitkin girl extended her hand out. Following that, the tens of magic circles resounded with each other and formed a storm of fire that descended towards the Sun Kingdom's team!

It was Rana's most powerful attack, a technique able to kill an A-Rank practitioner easily if it managed to hit.

But at the same time, it was a technique that cost a lot of mana.

In all honesty, Bloed thought it was unnecessary to use this kind of technique in this situation.

But when he saw Rana's eyes, he understood.

He had miscalculated.

When Bloed attacked before, he made sure to aim to the legs of his target. That way, although the injury would be grave, the Sun Kingdom would be able to treat him if they paid a high enough price.

But Rana was different. She still remembered how Greta almost died protecting her, and how Greta's strength was reduced as the consequence of that, going from being one of the strongest talents in her generation, to barely being a C-Rank practitioner.

And knowing it was the Church of the Sun God behind it, she did not plan to be merciful.

With a swoosh, the storm of fire raged, descending towards the humans and trying to burn them into cinders.

However, the team members of the Sun Kingdom were no pushovers. They immediately realized the danger of the technique and did their best to protect themselves and avoid the attack.

Except for one person.

The one whose legs had been destroyed by Bloed.

"Raul!" One of the Sun Kingdom's members cried in panic. Without hesitation, he burned his mana to create a barrier to protect himself and his comrade.

But it was at that moment that a new attack arrived.


Intense soundwaves attacked the B-Rank practitioner, messing his internal organs and interrupting the casting of his barrier.

And during that opening, the storm of fire rushed towards the two of them.

Before they could manage to react, they were consumed by the storm of fire.

The fate of the two humans stunned the Sun Kingdom's team. They watched how the storm of fire consumed two of their comrades, taking their lives mercilessly.

Finally, at this point, the prince of the Sun Kingdom reacted.


With as much rage as he could express, he spread out his wings of fire, creating a wave of sun flames that swept away Rana's flames!

But by that point, there were no traces of the two teammates that were consumed by the flames!

Not even their ashes remained.


Rage burned in his eyes. Not just him, but all the other humans were wearing the same expressions.

This is bad… Bloed frowned to himself.

He did not expect the situation would turn like this.

In fact, he underestimated the hatred of the beastmen towards the Sun Kingdom.

Of course, Bloed did not fear the youngsters here. But the last thing he wanted was to create an unreconcilable feud with the Sun Kingdom.

It was already too late for it, though.

At this point, he could only grit his teeth and continue forward instead of hesitating.

"Aya, Liu Ying, Atai!"

Bloed's orders were acknowledged by his companions. Without showing any hesitation, the three of them jumped towards the remaining Sun Kingdom's team members.

And Bloed and Rhone joined them.

"YOU ALL WILL DIE!!!" The prince screamed in hatred. His wings spread out, releasing waves after waves of flames that tried to consume them.

But Bloed did not even bother to pay attention to him.

Because something else was not planning to let him go.

As though waiting for this opportunity, the half-step demigod eagle that had been suppressed until now screeched in fury.

Its sharp eyes shone with immense killing intent, and its mana was released in a fearful wave of ice that seemed to freeze the air itself!

The prince's face changed. In front of the threat of death, he could only redirect his flames to clash against the eagle.

However, it meant he could not pay attention to the fight against Bloed's group.

"Forget about him!" Bloed instructed, already expecting this situation. "Focus on the others first!"

Then, Bloed charged towards one of the three remaining Sun Kingdom's members. While Atai was after another and Rhone and Liu Ying went after the last.

This time, Bloed did not bother using his sniper rifle. In this situation, with his enemy already prepared and at such a close distance, his other means of attack were more effective.

Thus, he just unleashed his saber. At the same time, a blaster gun appeared in his left hand, and a storm of metallic sand surged from behind him.

The metallic sand took the shape of a wolf's head, opening its jaw and attacking the young man Bloed was facing.

"Get lost!" The young man threw a punch towards the sand, blowing part of it away. However, a small part of the sand managed to reach his feet.

Then, the sand entangled him and released a powerful electric current that paralyzed his movements completely.

Bloed arrived at that moment, wielding his saber skillfully and cutting towards the young man's spine.

Bloed's intention was just to seal his opponent's movements instead of killing him. Currently, he did not want to make the situation even worse.

But things were not going to go as he planned.

While his opponent was paralyzed by Leto's electricity, an arrow flew from Atai's direction.

In an instant, the arrow pierced the young man's head, killing him instantly!

It was not the end, though. Ignoring the opponent he was fighting (Who was already kneeling on the floor), he unleashed another arrow towards Liu Ying and Rhone's battle.

But when he was about to shot it, an enormous pressure came from the sky.


The pressure was so powerful that it froze Bloed and the others' movements. Even the half-step demigod monster was unable to move in front of it.

At the same time, the person in the sky extended his hand, trying to grab Atai.

But then, an even more powerful pressure appeared.

"What do you think you are doing?"

With an expressionless voice, Eve waved her hand, destroying the archbishop attack and sweeping away his pressure as though it was nothing.

And as soon as he was released from the pressure, Atai did not hesitate to take action.

With just an arrow, he pierced the neck of the person fighting Liu Yin and Rhone.

The fourth member of the Sun Kingdom's team had been killed.

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