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Parting Ways - Science/Magic - Chapter 109 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 109: Parting Ways

"… So, you are leaving, huh." Bloed, Regina, and Liu Ying stood in front of the pair of sisters with complicated emotions.

Sara nodded. "I'm sorry, my lord. But there are some things I need to deal with now that I have avenged my family. I need to find a place for the servants that helped us to escape the night my family was killed and tell them the news."

Bloed nodded. "I understand. But why don't you wait a few days more? Gina still needs to get used to her new body."

Sara shook her head. "No. I can't wait until she recovers completely. Besides, the sooner I deal with this, the faster I can return… Don't worry, my lord. I promise I will go to search for you one year later."

"Yeah, brother Bloed. Don't worry too much. We will be alright." Gina smiled brilliantly.

Bloed shook his head. "Well, I'll not insist then. Have a good trip."

"Goodbye, my lord."

"Bye bye, brother Bloed, sister Regina, sister Liu Ying!"

After bidding the group farewell, the two sisters walked away.

Bloed looked to the two girls with a complicated expression. To be honest, he was not sure about how to feel after getting a new subordinate and a little sister.

"Do you think they will return?" Liu Ying asked.

"Who knows?" Bloed shrugged. "But I have the feeling we will meet again."

"I'm sure they will return." Regina said with an exasperated sigh.

"Oh? Why are you so sure?" Bloed asked curiously.

Regina looked at her master as though he was an idiot. "Woman's intuition. By the way, master, have you thought about my suggestion?"


"Yeah, master. About disguising yourself with an ugly face."

Bloed did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Liu Ying, on the other hand, erupted in laughter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the end, Bloed could only shake his head and return to his tent.

"Stop with the jokes, girls. Instead, let's hurry up. We need to get on our way too."

Liu Ying was startled. "Hey Bloed. You have not told me where we are going."

Bloed looked up at the sky and smile. For an instant, a smile of anticipation appeared on his face.

"Academy City."

"Hm~ Hm~ Hm~" Gina was humming a song while skipping happily.

"You look happy." Sara looked at her little sister with a smile.

"Of course, sister. I finally don't need to worry about dying suddenly one day."

Sara smiled. "You are right. To think that our fate would change so suddenly… I guess I must thank Bloed for that."

Gina giggled. "I told you he was our hero, didn't I? As expected, he did not fail us! Yeah, my hero is the best~"

"Sigh… My sister has turned into a lovestruck fool." Sara shook her head. "However, you will need to work very hard if you want to defeat Regina."

"That is not a problem. I'm sure we will eventually marry him! Then, my hero and us we'll live happily forever after!"

Sara rolled her eyes. This sister of hers was already completely lost.

For an instant, Sara felt melancholic. To think that her beloved little sister was already thinking about who she was going to marry. They grow so fast.

But at that moment, Sara noticed something about Gina's words.

"… Wait a moment. Gina, you said 'we'."


"… It's not 'we'. It's Bloed and you."

An expression of realization appeared on Gina's face. But then, she stared as her sister with a mischievous look.

"… Could it be, I have not told you, sister?

"… Told me?" Sara tilted her head confused. For some reason, though, a bad feeling invaded her.

And as though confirming her feeling, her little sister spoke with a wide smile.

"You see, sister. In my dreams, I'm not the only one marrying my hero… You too."




"… Huh!? Wait, Gina, what do you mean!"

Gina giggled and ran away to escape from her sister. In her mind, however, she was thinking about her hero.

She was thinking about the day she was going to meet him again.

In Calice City.

A beautiful girl was crouching in the corner of a room. She had long blonde hair and a pair of stunning blue eyes.

Her gaze, however, was completely empty. She was looking at the wall of the room while shivering slightly, as though she was experienced the most terrible nightmare.

At that moment, a man entered the room. The man was dressed in a long black robe, and his face was hidden below the shadows of the room.

The man appeared so suddenly that nobody realized his presence. Even the caregivers of the beautiful girl seemed to ignore his existence.

Only the girl, Erika, seemed to move her gaze towards him.

"… So it's true, huh. I was doubtful when I heard the city lord's daughter became a fool, but I can't deny it after I confirmed it with my own eyes." The man said.

Erika did not reply. Instead, she continued looking at the man foolishly.

The man shook his head. "Damn it. Of the two girls I was sent to find one disappeared and the other became a fool… I hope master doesn't become too angry."

With a heavy sigh, the man walked towards Erika and put her on his shoulder.

"… I wonder if a fool will be useful. Though, thinking about it–

–She will die anyway, right?"

The man disappeared from the room, taking the blonde girl with him.

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