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79.95% Science/Magic / Chapter 339: Pleased to Meet You Again, Princess

Pleased to Meet You Again, Princess - Science/Magic - Chapter 339 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 339: Pleased to Meet You Again, Princess

"Your names are Bloed and Liu Ying, right? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mu Quan, leader of the Guardian Order." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bloed and Liu Ying looked at each other with surprised expressions. They were not expecting to meet with the strongest student in the city.

However, Bloed recovered quickly and introduced himself and Liu Ying politely.

"… Nice to meet you, my name is Bloed. She is my girlfriend, Liu Ying."

"Girlfriend?" Mu Quan's eyes narrowed. "It's unusual to see a demon and a human in a relationship?"

Bloed and Liu Ying could not help but frown.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Liu Ying grunted.

Mu Quan stared at Liu Ying's ice-cold stare before shaking his head.

"It's not that. I was just a bit surprised. Sorry, if I offended you."

Liu Ying snorted slightly, but she accepted the apology.

Actually, she had already been expecting something like this. It was very unusual to see people of two different races in a romantic relationship, but a relationship between a human and a demon was even more unusual.

After all, the two races could be considered as old enemies.

Fortunately, the situation in Academy City was a bit better, and occasionally you could see humans and demons as lovers, but in most human countries or in the demon empire, their relationship would have been much more frowned upon.

Aware of that, Bloed sighed slightly and shifted the topic.

"Senior Mu Quan, why did you call us?"

Mu Quan thought for a moment and speaking up.

"I saw your performance during the entrance ceremony, so I was wondering if you wanted to join the [Guarding Order]. Talents like you two would be well received in our club."

Bloed smiled wryly 'So this again, huh...'

He was about to refuse, but at that moment, a snort came from nearby.

"Mu Quan, I was wondering why you were in such a hurry. So you came to recruit the two newcomers, huh."

"Isabella." Mu Quan furrowed his brows.

"Since when did you start to recruit students personally, Mu Quan? Could it be that your subordinated are unable to do something as simple as that?"

Mu Quan frowned and glared at the young woman hovering towards him with a cold expression.

However, the young woman was not intimidated. She turned towards Bloed and Liu Ying indifferently and looked at them with interest.

It was as though she was wondering what was so special about them that Mu Quan invited them to his club personally.

"… Well, you two are rather strong and talented. Could it be that Mu Quan wants to nurture the two of you as his successors?"

Bloed and Liu Ying looked at each other frowning.

At the same time, they were wondering about the identity of the girl.

But soon, they learned about her identity.

It was because their ears picked up the whispers of the people nearby.

"She is Isabella!"

"She is with Mu Quan!"

"Why are they here? Moreover, who are the two beside them?"

"Don't you know? They are the ones that caused a commotion at the entrance ceremony?"

"What!? The ones that defeated almost twenty B-Ranks!?"

"It looks like Mu Quan and Miss Isabella want to recruit them."

Bloed was surprised after hearing that. It was because he could deduce the identity of the girl.

Isabella Castor, the Singing Witch.

Publicly known as the second strongest student in Academy City, and at the same time, the leader of [Genius Society], the number two club.

"Hey, you two." Isabella looked at Bloed and Liu Ying with interest. "How about you joining my club instead? Don't look at the fact that Mu Quan's club is number one and mine is number two. All the people in the Guardian Order are stone-faced bores unable to smile. My place is much better. And I promise you I will make the two of you captains as soon as you enter the club. What do you think?"

The words of Isabella created a commotion in the surroundings.

The students that heard Isabella's words could not help but start whispering excitedly between them.

It was not every day that someone was invited to the two strongest clubs at the same time. Moreover, they were being invited by their leaders personally!

For many students, it was like a dream made a reality!

However, Bloed and Liu Ying could only smile wryly.

After all, they were not interested in joining their clubs. Moreover, they were a bit miffed that their date had been interrupted like this.

Even so, Bloed made sure to put on a polite expression when refusing them..

"I'm sorry, seniors. But we already joined a club. We will be unable to join yours."

Isabella narrowed her eyes slightly, staring at Bloed in curiosity.

But then, she nodded.

"Is it so? I'm sorry for the inconvenience then. If one day you reconsider my proposal, you can come to the headquarters of Genius Society.

"… Same here." Mu Quan nodded calmly, as though he did not care about Bloed and Liu Ying's refusal. "I wish you luck in your club then, goodbye."

He then turned around and left.

Bloed and Liu Ying looked at each other and sighed in relief.

'Fortunately, they did not seem displeased...'

Unfortunately, they sighed in relief too fast.

Because when Mu Quan was already three meters away, he stopped abruptly.


"… Right, Princess, I'm pleased to meet you again."

He stared at Liu Ying with a small smile.

Bloed and Liu Ying stiffened briefly. For an instant, their expressions changed.

Fortunately, it was very brief, and the pair managed to hide it immediately.

"Princess? What are you talking about?" Liu Ying tilted her head, feigning confusion.

Mu Quan stared at Liu Ying fixedly trying to find something wrong with her.

When he failed to see any crack in her expression, he shook his head.

"It's nothing. I must have recognized the wrong person."

After saying that, he left.

Bloed and Liu Ying stared at his back fixedly until they could not see him anymore.

At the same time, Bloed held Liu Ying's hand firmly, helping her to hide the slight trembling of her fingers.

He then murmured something in her ear.

"Calm down, nothing will happen."

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