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Chapter 314: Reunion

Following the voice's instructions, Bloed brought Liu Ying and Aya to a nearby alleyway.

To their surprise, they did not meet any student in the way. No, actually, they met several of them, however, each one of them was lying on the ground unconscious.

It was as though someone had cleared them beforehand to open a path for Bloed and the girls.

And the identity of the people behind it was revealed as soon as they reached the alleyway.

"My hero!"

With an excited cry, a honey-haired young girl threw herself into Bloed's arms.

The sudden 'attack' surprised the group. Aya quickly grabbed her daggers and got ready to cut down the girl.

Fortunately, she was stopped by Liu Ying. Otherwise, the honey-chaired girl would have received friendly fire before being able to hug her hero.

Bloed received the petite girl in his arm with a surprised expression.

"Gina? you are in Academy City already? There are still several months left until the one-year agreement."

"Well, sister and I finished dealing with our matters sooner than we expected, so we decided to come here earlier to wait for you. My hero, I missed you so so so much!"

Looking at the excited silver eyes of the little girl, Bloed put on a wry smile.

"Right, if you are here, it means your sister is here as well, right?"

Just when Bloed finished talking, a figure descended from a nearby roof, kneeling before Bloed respectfully.

"My lord!"

"Sara." Bloed greeted the black-haired girl with a smile and raised an eyebrow. "Did you cut your hair short?"

"Mm. My lord, I'm here to fulfill my promise. From today onwards, I'll be your sword. I, Sara Sviel, will be the shadow that kills your enemies!"

Bloed smiled awkwardly. To be honest, he was not used to this kind of treatment.

But looking at the determined eyes in Sara's straightforward expression, Bloed did not try to refuse her.

He knew she was not going to change her decision.

In the end, he just sighed.

"Please rise. I'm happy to meet you again."

"Mm." Sara nodded curtly. She then looked at Liu Ying and bowed. "Miss Liu Ying, it's a pleasure to meet you again."

"… I did not expect to meet the two of you so soon." Liu Ying smiled wryly before glaring at the honey-haired girl who was still hugging Bloed's waist. "And you, little Gina, how long are you planning to hug my boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend?" Gina tilted her head. Immediately, her eyes glittered in excitement. "So you became lovers officially! Congratulations, sister Liu Ying!"

"T-That is…"

"How far have you two reached? Have you kissed yet? Mm, you blushed so it means yes. Then, how a-about t-that…"

"Gina!" Embarrassed, Liu Ying charged towards the little girl and blocked her mouth. "Y-Y-You… What are you saying!!!???"

"Hmmp, Hmmp… Hmmp hmmp hmmp!"

Watching the honey-haired girl twisting her body on Liu Ying's arms as she tried to talk, Bloed could not help but smile.

He then looked at Sara and the unconscious students nearby with a curious expression.

"You did it?"

"Yes, my lord. Gina predicted that you would be surrounded here, so she brought me here and asked me to eliminate the enemies in this direction to create a safe zone. You will not be attacked here for a while."

Bloed raised an eyebrow in surprise. This was a good idea.

Unfortunately, just two minutes remained before their location was exposed again and they had to face the students once more.

However, the fact that Sara managed to do something like this so easily was pretty amazing.

Observing the girl in front of him carefully, Bloed finally noticed something.

"Did you breakthrough?"

"Yes, I broke through to A-Rank recently."

Bloed was surprised. If he did not remember wrong, Sara was just eighteen years old. Reaching A-Rank at that age was very astonishing.

However, Bloed discovered that she was not the only one to breakthrough. Gina had also become a D-Rank practitioner.

Plus, she was a peak D-Rank practitioner, just a step away from reaching C-Rank.

It was a fast speed considering that she was an E-Rank practitioner just a few months ago.

"It looks like the technique I gave her was very useful."

Sara nodded.

"Yes. Thanks to my lord's technique, Gina's mana has grown noticeably. Moreover, her control over her predictions is much better than before. Even I'm surprised by her progress."

Bloed was not too surprised about it, though. Gina had an SS-Grade ESP ability, [Precognition]. With the appropriate training technique, her speed of growth would be incredibly fast.

Her situation was much better than Bloed who could barely use his SSS-Grade ESP ability.

While Bloed and Sara were talking, Gina finally escaped from Liu Ying's clutches and pouted.

"Sister Liu Ying is a bully. Wait until I become B-Rank, I will bully you back!"

"Little girl, it looks like you need to be punished a bit more, huh."

Noticing Liu Ying's vexed look, Gina's giggled and she hurriedly hid behind Bloed.

"My hero, sister Liu Ying is bullying me!"

"Gina, stop causing trouble," Sara heaved out a long sigh. "Sorry, my lord. My sister has become much livelier since you cured her illness."

Gina stuck out her tongue to her sister before looking at the cat girl who had been silent until now.

"By the way, who is her? A new sister?"

"What are you talking about? She is Aya, a friend. Aya, they are Sara and Gina."

"Mm. Nice to meet you." Aya greeted the two girls expressionlessly. However, her gaze was completely focused on Gina.

More accurately, she was staring at the arms that were wrapped around Bloed's waist.

Gina looked at the cat girl for several seconds before nodding as though understanding something. "Nice to meet you. I'm Gina, my hero's future wife."

Liu Ying, Aya, and Sara's froze.

Even Bloed looked at Gina with a stiffened look.

One second later, Liu Ying's cheek twitched.

"Little Gina, it looks like you will not be happy until I taught you to not aim for the boyfriend of someone else, huh?"

"Kyaa! My hero, sister, save me!"

Bloed sighed tiredly.

He could already imagine that his days would not be peaceful with this little devil around him.

Sara sighed as well and bowed deeply.

"I'm sorry about my sister's mischievousness, my lord. You don't need to pay attention to her words. She is not speaking seriously."

"Do you truly think so?"

Sara looked away.

Sighing again, Bloed shook his head.

Then, he looked towards the clouds with a bitter smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He was sure he could feel a very sharp glare coming from up there.

For some reason, it seemed like the glare of his slightly jealous silver-haired girlfriend.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city.

A man looked was standing a group of healing mages with a stern expression.

"Remember, you must pay attention to the state of the unconscious students. The safety measures of the headmistress should be flawless, but just in case, you should check if they were injured. After that, you must bring them to the infirmaries of the city. Any question?"

"""None, leader."""

"Very well, you know what to do. Now, go!"

The healing mages nodded, formed groups of five people, and departed to different areas of the city.

At that moment, however, the man noticed something strange about one of the teams.

For an instant, he thought he saw the number '54' tattooed on the nape of one of its members.

However, this number was quickly covered under its shirt.

'… How weird, did he always have that tattoo there?'

Unfortunately, the man did not think more about that.

Otherwise, perhaps many students would have not suffered a tragic fate.


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