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Chapter 167: The Great Savanna

The Beastmen Countries.

Five beastmen countries joined in an alliance. The five countries, plus Moonlight Glow and some other organizations, form a council dedicated to deal with any problem affecting the beastmen of the continent.

In terms of land, the beastmen are the race with the smallest portion of the continent; but in terms of military power, they are not below humans, elves, daemons, or beasts.

Moreover, the beastmen have Moonlight Glow, making them the second race most closely knitted together, only being surpassed by the Demon Empire under the absolute government of the Demon Emperor.

The five beastmen countries are respectively 'The Great Savanna', 'The Forest of Wolves', 'Almer's Canyon', 'The Freeland', and 'The Land of the Moon', the birthplace of Moonlight Glow.

Bloed and the others' destination was The Great Savanna. A country governed by the Firstmane lionkin tribe.

According to Bloed's knowledge, The Great Savanna was a place of both drought and abundance. During half a year, the country would not be visited by rain, and during the other half a year, the rain would be abundant, gifting the savanna with bountiful harvests and all kinds of resources.

And this time, Bloed was visiting the savanna in the half a year of abundance.

From the airship, Bloed could see the bright green fields of grass and trees extending till the horizon. It was a beautiful plain filled with every kind of animal and magic beast enjoying the blessings given by the rain.

The scenery was amazing.

Bloed was surprised to see so many different species in the same place. Fortunately, Bloed's field of study was engineering and not botanic nor zoology, otherwise, he would have been tempted to jump down from the airship and study the many species here.

However, there was another thing that attracted Bloed's attention.

"That is…"

"Indigenous tribes." Javelin answered while looking at the place where Bloed was pointing. "They are nomadic tribes living from hunting animals. They rarely communicate with outsiders and have very little contact with the central government of the beastmen countries."

Javelin then proceeded to explain their situation to Bloed.

Apparently, the Beastmen Countries were a bit different than Bloed's expected. Although it was true that many beastmen were living under civilized societies, the truth was that more than half of them were still living in indigenous tribes.

According to Javelin, they refused to forget the customs of their ancestors and treated the beastmen living in the civilization as heretics that forgot their roots.

"They are just fools." Javelin said with a tired sigh. "They did not understand that if not by the efforts of the beastmen council and Moonlight Glow to establish the beastmen countries, our brethren would still be treated as slaves by the other races. Instead, they stubbornly refuse to change citing their foolish customs and drag down our entire species."

Bloed heard Javelin's words in silence.

In fact, to Bloed, those beastmen were not necessary in the wrong. The problem was that the world was constantly changing, and those who refused to change with it would eventually be left behind.

Perhaps, one hundred years later, these indigenous beastmen would be reduced to a fraction of their current population.

"Anyway, get ready Bloed." Javelin shook his head and changed the topic. "We will arrive at the capital in one hour."

As Javelin said, the airship arrived at the capital one hour later.

Bloed was once more surprised when he saw the capital of The Great Savanna. After seeing the tribal societies across the country, he was expecting something similar when he arrived at the capital.

But his expectations were completely betrayed.

The capital of The Great Savanna was called Apso, and it was a beautiful and magnificent city bigger than any city Bloed had seen until now.

The city was enormous, filled with stone streets and streamlined yellow buildings that followed the customs of The Great Savanna.

In the center of the city, a giant pyramid-like tower was standing pridefully. The pyramid was made of countless golden bricks… For an instant, Bloed wondered if these bricks were truly made of gold.

Javelin denied it at the next instant. He said that the bricks were not made of gold. Instead, the surface of the pyramid was coated in a gold layer to give it that pompous appearance.

The group was speechless. Using gold to coat the surface of that enormous pyramid… Bloed was not even sure if he could use the word 'extravagant' to describe it.

"… Well, this pyramid was something my people built when this country was founded." Javelin explained awkwardly. "In fact, the current king is very embarrassed due to it, but he can't demolish it due to its important historical value."

Bloed nodded. To be honest, this building gave the impression of a country bumpkin showing off the wealth he suddenly gained.

"… We are not going to live there, right?"

"Not even the royal family lives there.��� Javelin shook his head. "They are too embarrassed to live in that place. Thus, there is a royal mansion nearby… That pyramid is just like a symbol. It's only used on very important occasions."

"… That is good." Bloed sighed in relief. He did not want to find himself living in a place like that.

After the airship entered the city, it descended in a landing spot close to the pyramid. Javelin then led the group towards the exit of the airship.

The first one to exit was the little prince, Calisto Firstmane. Javelin, Illina, and the lizardkin maid Bloed saw before were following after him. Bloed's group was behind them.

Contrary to Bloed's expectation, though, the group was not received with a grand reception.

Instead, four soldiers were waiting outside the airship led by a stern-looking middle-aged male catkin.

… For some reason, though, Bloed thought his appearance was very similar to Javelin.

'His father?' Bloed wondered inwardly, but he did not show anything in his face.

"Welcome, prince." The middle-aged man bowed slightly. "I hope that your trip was good. If you don't mind, please come with me. His majesty is waiting for you."

Calisto trembled slightly. "R-Right now?"

"Of course." The middle-aged man nodded. "You caused a lot of troubles for us this time, so His Majesty is in a bad mood. I hope you are prepared for your punishment."

Calisto's expression turned pale. He turned around to look at Javelin, Illina, and then Bloed and the others, but unfortunately for him, nobody came to his rescue.

In the end, his ears and tail dropped pitifully.

"... I understand."

"Very well." The middle-aged man nodded before looking at Javelin. "Javelin, take our guest to their residences. Someone will soon inform them of their itinerary. Also, report to His Majesty afterward. He wants to hear everything from your mouth."

"Understood, father." Javelin lowered his head respectfully.

Bloed raised an eyebrow. So the middle-aged man was Javelin's father after all.

After the middle-aged man was gone, Javelin turned towards Bloed and the others.

"… Okay. Guys, Let's go."



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