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Chapter 239: The Night Before (4)

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"Gre… ta? Rana whispered stunned, her head completely blank.

In front of her, she could see the pained face of her deerkin friend.

With a dagger stabbed in her back.

A dagger Greta had received while defending her.

Time was moving slowly around Rana. She could see Rhone shouting, she could see Greta's expression twisted in pain, and she could see several passersby suddenly turning into assassins and rushing towards them.

Everything happened too fast. She was unable to react when an assassin suddenly rushed out of a stall and attacked her.

If not that Greta managed to notice the situation and pushed her out of the way, receiving the attack in her place, she would be dead right now.

Instead, it was the deerkin girl who was gravely injured.

The sight of her friend bleeding profusely shocked Rana greatly.

Hence, she exploded.

"Damn you!!!"

With a roar, her mana surged out, creating a wave that pushed all the assassins rushing towards them several steps back.

Even the A-Rank assassin that stabbed Greta and another A-Rank assassin about to stab Rana's heart was forced to take several steps backward.

Tens of magic circles then formed around the rabbitkin girl, creating a beautiful and deadly scene.

"Descent, [Whisper of the Raging God of Fire]!" Rana bellowed.

Following her will, the magic circles resonated with each other, creating giant enchantment that covered tens of meters around her.

Then, a storm of fire took shape with her in the center.


The storm of fire erupted, burning everything around her to cinders.

It was Rana's trump card. A powerful technique created by a demigod that she learned in Moonlight Glow.

The power of this technique was enough to kill a common A-Rank practitioner easily. In fact, several of the assassins were burned to ashes just by a touch of the storm of fire.

Fortunately, Rana still retained a slight bit of reason, so she stopped the fires from hurting Rhone and Greta. Otherwise, they would have been in danger as well.

But the assassins were anything but weak. A total of twenty assassins, with four A-Ranks, six B-Ranks, and ten C-Ranks had accepted this mission.

And although five C-Rank assassins died when the fire started, the remaining fifteen joined hands and barely managed to hold back the fire.

However, Rana's technique was incredibly powerful. Even with the assassins joining hands, they would be eventually killed if the situation remained like that.

–If the situation remained like that.

Suddenly, a sense of dizziness attacked Rana.

The sudden dizziness caused her to stagger. At the same time, her control over the technique was broken.

And less than one second later, the technique faded out.

In the end, the technique Rana used was something designed to be used by a demigod. Although she managed to force herself to use it with her peak B-Rank of cultivation, she could only keep it for three seconds at most.

And as soon as the technique disappeared, the assassins moved.

Like sharp unsheathed daggers, they rushed towards the weakened rabbitkin girl.

"Rana!" Rhone yelled out. A shrill sound then escaped from his lips, spreading towards the assassins and causing everyone but the four A-Ranks to stagger and bleed from their orifices.

However, the four A-Ranks remained uninjured, charging towards their prey.

Gritting his teeth, Rhone flew in front of Rana and howled.


A mix of high-frequency and low-frequency sound waves combined into a beam of sound that attacked the four A-Ranks.


The sound beam exploded in front of the four A-Ranks. It left traces of destruction in its path that showed the great power behind the attack.

However, when the explosion ended, only one of the four A-Ranks was gravely injured.

As for the other three, they were still rushing towards them.

In fact, one of them was already in front of Rhone, swinging his daggers towards his head.

Rhone was not planning to make their work easy, though. Just after shooting the sound beam, he evaded the dagger attack and emitted several low-pitched sounds from his throat. These sounds were imperceptible for the human ear, however, the assassins quickly felt their effects.

Suddenly, several of them lost their balance, almost falling to the ground.

Rhone was ready to continue with another attack. But at that moment, a cry came from behind him.


Following the voice of the rabbitkin, the place where the assassin that attacked Rhone was standing exploded, blowing the assassin's leg apart.

Rena had used her last bit of mana in that attack!

Unfortunately, they were so focused on the A-Ranks assassins that they forgot the existence of the others.

Some of the B-Rank and C-Rank assassins who had been injured by Rhone's first attack had already recovered. Moreover, two of them had appeared close to Rana without warning and were swinging their dagger towards her.

And another four joined hands with the remaining two A-Ranks to attack Rhone.

Rhone flapped his wings and barely avoided them. However, Rana could not do it.

Without mana, she could only watch how the daggers pierced towards her heart and throat.



A cry came from beside her.

And Greta, who had been collapsed until then, moved.

Mana flowed from the surroundings to her body, creating a whirlpool of mana around her that blew away everything in her surroundings.

Before the assassins could react, the deerkin girl was swinging her right arm towards them with a fierce expression.

Even although she did not have her spear, Greta's attacks were equally frightening. It crushed the chest of one of the assassins and pushed the other away.

However, it only gave them a little bit of time.

After that outburst, Greta collapsed once more, her safety unknown.

Aya was the same. Without mana, she was only a burden in this battle.

Only Rhone could still battle, however, he was already cornered under the joint attacks of several assassins.

It happened then.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound came from the sky.

Then, the silver-haired Valkyrie opened her mouth.


And tens of rays of light descended to the ground, impaling the enemies.

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