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World Burning Princess Witch - Science/Magic - Chapter 163 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 163: World Burning Princess Witch

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In the eastern region of the Kingdom of Alterna–

A beautiful girl was seated on a horse. The girl had an ice-cold expression, with her long black hair tied in a ponytail and dancing in the wind.

She was wearing a beautiful set of platinum armor, and an elegant-looking silver rapier was hanging off her waist. The girl was using her pitch-black eyes to look at the scene in the distance.

There, a certain city was burning in flames. Knights of the kingdom were using their weapons to fight against an enemy army, while at the same time defending against the civilians around them.

The battle was incredibly intense, however, in the eyes of the girl, the winner of this confrontation was already clear.

"Arrieta." The girl called out in a soft voice. "Get the third unit prepared. Tell them to attack from the right using the wing formation. That should be enough."

"Understood, Your Highness!" A knight respectfully bowed before urging his horse. In less than one minute, he was commanding his subordinates to attack the place the girl pointed.

And as the girl said, that attack put an end to the battle.

In a matter of seconds, the enemy army started to retreat. They fell like flies, being killed without being able to retaliate.

Occasionally, a powerful powerhouse would appear to try to turn around the situation. But each time, a powerhouse of the knights' side would be there to stop them.

In less than five minutes, most of the city was once more under the kingdom's control.

But at that moment, a man appeared behind the girl.

The man appeared suddenly, without anyone noticing. He was wielding a dagger in each hand, and his entire mana had been used for this one attack!

It was an A-Rank assassin!

In less than one second and before the knights around the girl could attack, the assassin reached her!

"""Your highness!""" Several knights panicked, some of them were even ready to sacrifice their lives to gain time in case the girl was severely injured.

However, that was not necessary.

When the assassin's daggers were about to stab the girl, he stopped abruptly.

Then, his eyes opened wide with an expression of fear.

The girl did not even bother to look at the assassin. Despite being one rank below him in cultivation, the girl seemed completely uninterested in this kind of opponent.

Instead, her lips opened to pronounce two words.

"Burn, [Skyflames]."

The effect was immediate. From around the girl, transparent flames that seemed to burn the reality itself materialized, swallowing the assassin and consuming his body until not even ashes were left!

There was no scream, no blood, no nothing.

Everything was swallowed by the flames.

It was a manifestation of the girl's monstrous power. The power that gave her the title of [World Burning Princess Witch].

The Skysword royal family inherited a technique through the generations. A technique created by the founder of the Kingdom of Alterna that was undefeated while he was alive.


A sword able to cut through anything.

Few people in the royal family are able to use the technique. Sometimes, not even one person in one hundred years can use it.

The girl, however, was different.

Not only she was able to use the technique since the first time she practiced it. She also modified it, combining it with her own original spell matrix to create a new and more suitable spell for her use.


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After the assassin died, the girl continued looking at the city indifferently. Only when the last seed of chaos was erased, the girl moved her gaze away.

"Your highness, the enemy leader has surrendered." A knight approached and said. "Do you want to see him?"

"It's not necessary." The girl said indifferently. "Just do the usual and find the reason behind the rebellion. Also, leave a squadron behind in the city in case someone has funny ideas. We are departing."

"Now? But your highness, it's almost night. Besides, it would be good if your highness shows your face to the citizens to calm them down."

"I don't have time." The girl shot him down coldly. "I have businesses to attend in the palace. Besides, my mission was only to stop the rebellion, not to take care of a city."

The knight lowered his head and nodded. "Understood."

The girl nodded. She then turned her horse around and gave her men the order to get ready to depart.

As though machines, the knights followed her orders, showing the complete loyalty they had towards the girl.

However, she did not pay attention to them.

Instead, she galloped towards another of her subordinates and asked him something.

"Any news?"

"Yes, your highness. There is information from the people you sent to the exiled lands."

"Already? Did something happen?"

"… They are dead. Only one survived and came back to bring the news, but he died shortly after that."

The girl frowned. For a brief moment, an expression of loss and despair appeared in her beautiful black eyes.

But soon, her eyes were filled with resolution again.

"Organize another team. And make sure this time they are better prepared. I will not tolerate another failure."

The man nodded. Although he did not understand the girl's reasons to send men into the exiled lands, he did not question her.

His duty was just to follow orders.

And in this kingdom, perhaps only the king could question the girl in front of him.

She was the greatest genius the kingdom had seen in hundreds of years, a talent almost unrivaled through the entire continent.

[The General Princess], [Alterna's Loftiest Flame], [World Burning Princess Witch].

Her name was Eres Skysword, the only princess in the Kingdom of Alterna.



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