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5% Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go / Chapter 3: Powerful Divine Treasure of the Kidney, Checking in at the Old Tablet

Powerful Divine Treasure of the Kidney, Checking in at the Old Tablet - Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go - Chapter 3 by God J full book limited free

Chapter 3: Powerful Divine Treasure of the Kidney, Checking in at the Old Tablet

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Three years had passed in the blink of an eye.

The news about Jun Xiaoyao continued to circulate among the Jun family.

Everyone knew how Jun Xiaoyao alerted and woke the Eighteenth Ancestor when he was born, then bestowed him with the status of the divine child.

As for his status as holder of the Sequence Zero position, the news did not manage to spread as Jun Zhantian went out of his way to keep the news among the elders.

This was because Jun Zhantian was preparing to throw a birthday party for Jun Xiaoyao when he reached the age of ten, with every age-old force from all over Huangtian Mystic Realm invited. It was only then that he would announce that Jun Xiaoyao will be the holder of the Sequence Zero position.

This was done to have Jun Xiaoyao's renown spread far and wide.

It was also done to give the boy 10 years to grow in peace.

However, if the other sequence position holders of the Jun family felt displeased about it, Jun Xiaoyao would have to take care of it himself.

Jun Xiaoyao himself did not mind the arrangement.

He was very confident in his own talents after all.

10 years were more than enough for him to grow to such a level.

"Xiaoyao, there are five stages of Divine Treasure Stage to come after the five in the Physique Stage. These later five are known as Divine Treasure of the Heart, Divine Treasure of the Liver, Divine Treasure of the Spleen, Divine Treasure of the Lung, and Divine Treasure of the Kidney. Each stage corresponds to the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth."

"Once you've mastered all five of the Divine Treasure Stage, you will then proceed to the stages of Gather Spirit, Stabilize Divinity, and Conjure True Spirit."

Jun Zhantian was lecturing Jun Xiaoyao about cultivation in one of the halls in the Heavenly Emperor Palace.

Jun Xiaoyao had been solidifying his cultivation stages throughout the past three years.

All sorts of sacred pills and divine pills were laid out before him as if they were cheap, everyday goods.

Cultivation of a Sacred Body of the Ancients was the most resource-intensive of all.

Then again, the Jun family was a Clan of the Ancients; they had no problem bearing the exorbitant cost of fostering his growth.

Jun Xiaoyao felt himself preparing to make breakthroughs into further stages after solidifying his existing ones for the past three years.

"Grandpa, how long does it usually take for someone to make breakthroughs in all five stages of the Divine Treasure Stage?" Jun Xiaoyao asked.

Jun Zhantian pondered for a bit and elaborated, "Well, the common type of geniuses would take about five years, while the more extraordinary ones would probably require two to three years to do so. You're of a Sacred Body of the Ancients, though, so you'd probably only need a year or two to finish the breakthroughs."

'One to two years, eh?' Jun Xiaoyao thought to himself.

Jun Xiaoyao began to settle down and dedicate himself to training along the path that was laid out before him.

The method that he was trained in was the supreme method of the Jun family: the Taixuan Sutra.

It was a method that would last him all the way until reaching ultimate supremacy, as it was one of the topmost methods the Jun family had access to.

Then again, Jun Xiaoyao would be able to gain access to all manner of resources and methods as long as he asked.


A divine thunder seemed to have rumbled throughout his body. Golden blood coursed throughout his veins.

At that moment, everything that he had been accumulating for the past three years erupted all at once.

If someone were to look at what was currently happening inside his body, one would be able to see his heart glittering brightly as if a gate was about to be opened.

"Wait… no way…" Jun Zhantian, who was watching from the sidelines, felt rather baffled.

He had just finished elaborating about the stages, and his grandson was already about to make a breakthrough.

Damn, not even novels would include such absurd events!

Jun Zhantian remained astonished.

A gate seemed to have been blown open within Jun Xiaoyao's heart.


At that moment, Jun Xiaoyao felt his physical body being enhanced. Boundless golden blood coursed through his veins, enabling his power to be enhanced more than 10 times over.

"Wait, did I just open the Divine Treasure of the Heart? Well, that didn't seem so difficult after all," Jun Xiaoyao said with a rather doubtful expression.

He felt that none of it was as difficult as Jun Zhantian described it.

After making a breakthrough with no difficulty or problems, he proceeded to begin breaking through the next gate of the Divine Treasure Stage without hesitation.

An hour soon passed.


The Divine Treasure of the Liver was blasted open as the intensity of his aura shook.

The Divine Treasure of the Spleen was opened not long afterward.

The next breakthrough took place with the Divine Treasure of the Lung.

Eventually, just when the day was about to come to an end, Jun Xiaoyao's body shook furiously. The Divine Treasure of the Kidney was finally blasted open.

When all five stages of the Divine Treasure Stage were opened, Jun Xiaoyao felt himself becoming some kind of god of war, armed with powers enabling him to overpower all enemies before him.

The old man, Jun Zhantian, stood where he was feeling baffled. He mumbled to himself in a dazed manner, "Holy cow, it took me two whole years to open up all five stages of the Divine Treasure Stage back then. The kid actually finished opening all of them in just a single day…"

Nothing good could come from comparing oneself to another.

Jun Zhantian felt like a piece of trash, standing when compared to his extraordinary grandson.

'No, I don't feel like a piece of trash; I am a piece of trash.'

Other than being older and of higher training, he deemed himself inferior in every way when compared to Jun Xiaoyao.

Jun Xiaoyao frowned and suddenly said, "Umm, grandpa, something is not right here."

Jun Zhantian came to his senses and tensely asked, "What is it? What's the problem?"

Jun Xiaoyao was the living treasure of the Jun family. Jun Zhantian believed that if anything were to happen to the boy, the Eighteenth Ancestor would surely skin him alive for his failure.

"Somehow, I feel that the power of the Divine Treasure of the Kidney is stronger than the other four," Jun Xiaoyao said with a puzzled expression.

That was not to say that the other four were any weaker, the Divine Treasure of the Kidney seemed to be unbelievably strong.

Jun Zhantian went up to his grandson and checked before finally sighing in relief and looking on with a rather envious look in his eyes.

"Grandpa, is something wrong with me?" Jun Xiaoyao asked.

"No, no problem at all. Xiaoyao, please remember that, when you grow up, you must bear more children for your grandpa's line. I'd ask Jiang Rou to betroth the most precious daughter of the Jiang family to you at your party when you're 10 years old," Jun Zhantian said.

"Ahh, so that's what happened…" Jun Xiaoyao was stunned. He knew what that anomaly truly meant.

He never expected his Sacred Body of the Ancients to be endowed in such ways.

Then again, Jun Xiaoyao was never the type who let his libido do the talking. He saw fit to not abuse the extraordinary abilities of his kidneys.

As for the arranged marriage, Jun Xiaoyao was also not the type who would just fall in love with some random daughter of the Jiang family.

"Umm, right, grandpa. Do you have any idea what the Old Tablet of Taiyue is?" Jun Xiaoyao changed the subject.

Jun Xiaoyao had been solidifying what he had for the past three years. As such, he never checked that location.

With him having made further breakthroughs with his cultivation, he deemed that he had plenty of time to check that location and get his reward.

"The Old Tablet of Taiyue was an old stone tablet that stood tall somewhere in the Huangtian Mystic Realm, serving as a way for testing one's physical prowess. We of the Jun family took it back with us quite a while ago. It is now placed at the combat arena, just so that the younger members of the family can use it to test their physical power," Jun Zhantian elaborated.

"So, that's what happened eh…" Jun Xiaoyao felt rather exasperated.

Wow, the Jun family sure was pompous. They had the audacity to take the Old Tablet of Taiyue back home just like that.

Then again, it worked in his favor nonetheless, as that meant that there was no need for him to go out to search for it.

"Grandpa, I'd like to test myself for a bit at the Old Tablet of Taiyue," Jun Xiaoyao said.

"Huh…" Jun Zhantian felt rather hesitant.

All of the young members of the Jun family who went to the combat arena were usually older than 10.

Jun Xiaoyao was currently just three years old. Despite having an extremely rare Sacred Body of the Ancients, he probably wouldn't be able to compare with geniuses who were older if he were to actually test himself out.

"Relax, grandpa, I'll just be there to try myself out for a bit. I won't get hurt even if I were to fail, right?" Jun Xiaoyao said.

In reality, he was only thinking about checking in with the tablet and gaining his reward.

"Alright then," Jun Zhantian said as he nodded.

The kid should trip once in a while.

It would be bad to have him thinking too highly of himself just because he's just so unrealistically talented.

'Best to tag along behind the kid. I could offer him some comfort when he fails after all…' Jun Zhantian thought to himself.

"In three years, I finally get to go outside of the Heavenly Emperor Palace."

Jun Xiaoyao made his way out of the Heavenly Emperor Palace.

Despite being only three years old, he physically looking as if he were five or six years old because he had a Sacred Body of the Ancients.

Every strand of his pitch-black hair was smooth and glittering, and his skin had a luster that made his look like he was made of jade.

His features looked like something chiseled by the gods, making him look unbelievably handsome.

He looked absolutely dashing despite being so young as if he was some very young demigod.

One would be unable to help but imagine just how strikingly handsome and attractive he would become when he grew up.

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"Now I wonder what kind of reward awaits when I got to the Old Tablet of Taiyue indeed," Jun Xiaoyao mumbled to himself in curiosity.

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