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99.57% SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World / Chapter 227: Chapter 221: A Date In A Haunted Forest.

Chapter 221: A Date In A Haunted Forest. - SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World - Chapter 227 by CaptainBoyHole full book limited free

Chapter 227: Chapter 221: A Date In A Haunted Forest.

"Quit following me damn it! If any rumors spread about us, my reputation will be ruined!" Liu Lan cursed at the grinning gorilla behind her.

"What kind of man would I be if I let my woman wander around a place as dangerous as this?" Fu Kang flashed a pearly white smile as he closed the distance between him and Liu Lan.

"Your woman?!" Her beautiful unblemished white skin blushed a deep red from his words but it wasn't enough to extinguish her annoyance. "Everyone knows me as Gong Jun's woman and if somehow my family or Gong's family finds out about me hanging out with a boy other than Gong. You will die!" She grabbed him by his collar and shook him.

"It sounds like you're worried about me." He lovingly looked into Liu's eyes.

"Ugh! That's not the point!" She pushed him to the ground. "You just don't get it! My father and Gong's family will not let you off if anyone finds out about us! It's bad enough that Gong found out about it but if you keep pushing it by sticking to me like this, he'll eventually explode and reveal everything!" Liu was upset.

"Baby... You have nothing to worry about..." Kang slowly got up from the ground and dusted himself off.

  He gave Lan a deep hug and gently played with her hair.

"Gong will not be willing to ruin his reputation by exposing us. He has too much pride to let everyone know that he now wears a green hat and was defeated by someone like me without any background." Fu Kang tried to soothe her.

"Will you stop sticking so close to me?" She didn't reject his warm strong embrace.

"I'll restrain myself when there are people around." Kang answered in his own way.

"No, not restrain yourself. Don't come near me at all in public. It's safer this way." The natural masculine musk coming from his body was getting to her. Liu started to push him away before he got any ideas.

  After their multiple nights together, it was easier for Lan to feel what Kang was feeling and the same went for him. Because of his stupid double cultivation technique, it was influencing their bodies more than any regular cultivation technique could.

"I don't know if I can hold back my love for you for that long." He squeezed her tighter, taking in her lovely smell.

  Lan could feel that Kang was getting aroused and because of his cultivation technique, she too was getting in the mood because of it. She wanted to push him away because now wasn't the time for something like that and she definitely wouldn't make love with Kang in the wilderness during one of the biggest events for the Golden Serpent Sect. As a princess raised with the most lavish upbringing, how shameful would it be if she decided to let Kang take her outside like they were nothing more than beasts in heat. Too perverted!

"I can definitely try my best if you give me a kiss." Kang looked into Lan's golden amber-colored eyes as his hand cupped her right buttock.

"Promise?" Lan planned to immediately push him away if he promised.

Kang had to avert his gaze for a second. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Promise!" She looked up into his emerald green eyes.

"Okay fine. I promise I'll only approach you when there are no eyes nearby." Fu Kang had to submit.

  Lan stood on the tip of her toes as she went to give Kang a quick kiss. Unfortunately, Kang didn't plan to just have a quick kiss at all. As soon as their lips touched, a playful little tongue wanted to explore and have some fun inside her mouth. She wanted to separate herself from Kang by pushing his chest but Kang only pulled her closer to him with greater strength.

  His hand that was fondling her butt became a hand that slipped into the back of her underwear. Now she wanted nothing more than to push Kang away but that devilish skillful tongue of his added along with those talented fingers of his slipping inside her slit weakened her resolve. She knew that she would be at his mercy soon and any resistance that she could put up would be nothing against the overflowing lust building inside of Kang. But before it devolved to that point, she pushed Kang's chest back some, allowing her to breathe.

"At least check if there's any ghosts or disciples around first!" Her face was flushed, she was somewhat out of breath, and there was already a damp spot in her underwear.

  Fu Kang nodded as he briefly let go of Lan and bulked up into a muscular abomination. All of his body was augmented to the extreme. Neck, arms, legs, torso, back, nothing was spared. Not even his member could escape being transformed to an unimaginable size. He focused his senses. Taking in everything around them before his eyes locked on a certain tree. On top of a branch, there was some sort of figure looking down on him! His body moved before his mind could fully understand what it was.

  Without holding anything back, Fu Kang unleashed the strength of a 4th stage Qi Consolidator and a little extra towards the person. He expected to squash them into a pulp with his newfound strength! If not that, then at the very least crushing most of the bones in their body. Kang didn't understand how he came about this transformation but ever since he lost his cube, he felt it was deserving. After that fierce beauty stole his Spirit World, martial arts, treasures, and even Mystic Flame, Fu Kang didn't have much left. This sudden new form quickly helped him grow in strength and because of his dual cultivation technique, it also increased Lan's strength as well.

"I'm surprised it took you so long to notice me but then again, getting caught up in the throes of lust usually blinds anyone. Especially people as young as you two." The watery figure backflipped off of the tree branch and gave Fu Kang and Liu Lan a teasing smile.

  They knew she just found out the big secret they didn't want anyone finding out about and she had absolutely nothing stopping her from revealing this news to everyone in the sect. While no one would believe such a ridiculous rumor in the first place, these two don't know that. Fu Kang was an absolute no one in the sect while Liu Lan was ranked rather high in status. It would be more likely to say that Fu Kang was in love with Gong Jun's woman and planned to take her for himself. This would bring about some commotion as people sized up Fu Kang and Gong Jun. The rumors would force the two into dueling as the relationship between Gong Jun and Liu Lan was much too big to let a rumor like this stay around. It would paint a negative image on both the Gong clan and Liu royal family. Both groups that are unwilling to have such a rumor staining their prestigious and powerful image.

"Who are you!?" Liu Lan planned to get involved as well. If this thing decided to blab about them, there would only be pain and misery in her future.

"I'm no one special. I was on my way looking for treasure and then I found you two love birds. Fu Kang and the royal princess of the Liu Family being very intimate with one another. I wonder if the future prince Gong Jun is aware of such a thing..." The feminine water figure grinned.

  Kang and Lan looked towards each other and gave a silent nod. They both understood that they had to kill this thing or else. It knew of their identities. If they let it escape, there was no telling what kind of damage it could do. The two love birds slowly circled around the water figure. One on the left and the other on the right.

"Before you try and silence me, have you two found any treasure around here?" It casually asked, feeling no danger from the two Qi Consolidators.

  Neither answered the question as Lan pulled out her sword. The two lovers rushed at the same time. Causing the water being to sigh as it formed gloves on its fist. It raised its leg and blocked Lan's sword strike headed for its neck while at the same time briefly clashing with Kang's giant fist by striking backward with its elbow. Kang and the water girl were almost equal in strength, with him having the advantage.

  Lan pulled her sword out and continued to slash with deadly grace and pose. The clone was able to kick out with its leg to contest with each strike. However, this gave a clear opening for Kang to attack. Just as Lan was attacking with precision and style, Kang fought with the complete opposite. He used his superior body to his advantage. His fists would repeatedly strike the water girl like several strikes of thunder.

  While the clone knew its power was balanced, it would be too embarrassing to let itself be attacked by such an unskilled opponent. It gave up on defending against the two when they surrounded her like this and leaped into the air to avoid Kang's fist. Now with the two in front of her, it should be easier to attack and defend. All she had to do was prevent them from attacking her on two sides again and she could have a little fun.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you two love birds have such good synergy. It's not often that cultivators are able to fight like that. The trust and knowledge you two have in each other boost your strength farther than normally would." Jing's water clone complemented the ill-fated couple.

"Hmph." Kang only snorted. Being complimented by this thing wouldn't erase the murderous intentions he had for it.

"Follow my lead, horny dog." Lan coated her sword in white flames.

"Arf. Arf." He responded with a suave voice.

  The two then rushed towards the water clone intending to silence it for good.

CaptainBoyHole CaptainBoyHole

Comment/Review on the story readers and give me ideas on possible xianxia things you want to see! No guarantees that I will add what you want. But it helps to have ideas out there. Please point out any mistakes you notice or anything you're not clear about. I'll try to answer them and fix them to the best of my abilities.

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