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75% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 48: A letter

A letter - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 48 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 48: A letter

Fu Yixiao knew that today another revelation would come to her. Therefore, she made an excuse and returned to her room. She ignored the nagging questions from Han Yu and Xu Kai. She walked passed Lu Xinya's seat and noticed the concerned look on her face but there were no words coming from her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She wasn't able to think clearly due to the pain inside her head and wasn't sure whether Lu Xinya had purposely made her insane. But, she was satisfied that the things they discussed were able to trigger her locked memories. It was only a small portioned, but, it was better than nothing. She hastened, not wasting a second until she reached her room.

As soon as she locked the door, the throbbing pain in her head intensified and she collapsed on the floor. The pain lasted for thirty minutes before it subsided but even when it did, Fu Yixiao was so weak that she couldn't move.

She breathed in and out to regulate her heartbeat and the moment it returned to normal, her phone who was thrown out from her pocket rang. She peeked through the corner of her eyes and saw Wu Zhaoyi's name on the screen.

She wanted to ignore the phone call but a brown envelope next to the phone caught her attention. She wondered where it came from and assumed that someone probably slipped it through the door.

She struggled her way up and collected the two items before resting her body against the wall. She was about to return Wu Zhaoyi's call but he already beat her to it.

"Are you okay?" Fu Yixiao frowned after hearing his first sentence. The way he put it seemed like he already knew of the predicament she was in.

"I received a letter," She stated not bothering to go for a lengthy explanation about her condition. And who would have guessed the perfect timing for his call? Not Fu Yixiao. She always wondered how on earth did Wu Zhaoyi know about the things that happened to her.

"Tell me about your situation first. You looked pale when you leave your classroom earlier," Wu Zhaoyi was clearly not satisfied with her answer. "Stalking again?" Fu Yixiao was irritated. She felt that her privacy was invaded, but, she also knew why he did it making it hard for her to get angry.

"I have access to the surveillance cameras in your school. That's how I know. I have none in your bedroom. No worries," Wu Zhaoyi explained before he continued with his usual interrogation. Fu Yixiao sighed before she gave a very short version of her situation.

"You can't decipher the information?" Wu Zhaoyi was confused. Fu Yixiao nodded but then she realized that they were talking on the phone.

"Yes, it's weird. Usually, it just came to me like it was naturally a part of me. But, what I felt earlier wasn't similar to that," she expressed her concerned.

"Killing machine. That's nonsense. Maybe because it isn't the right trigger which is why you are in such condition," Wu Zhaoyi spoke his theory and Fu Yixiao once again nodded acknowledging his thought.

"That's probably it. Arhh, I've received a letter," She pressed the phone between her ears and shoulder before ripping the envelope.

The letter's content was short but enough to make her body awaken and be in an alert mood. Her eyes darted around the room looking for something unusual. Nothing. She heaved a sigh of relief.

"What is it?" Wu Zhaoyi asked. His voice was like a thunder breaking of the silence.

"Someone wants to meet me at midnight," Fu Yixiao explained. She observed the letter and unconsciously bitten her bottom lip after seeing the printed letters. No signature, no name. Totally anonymous.

"Who sent it? What does he want? Or is it a she?" Wu Zhaoyi's repetitive questions made Fu Yixiao to laugh. She was always thinking about why he was so worried about her. Even though they had a connection in the past but the way he treated her seemed a bit extra or 'special' like the way CM expressed it.

"It was anonymous. Nothing can be said about writing. It was printed and no name or signature being penned down," She explained and then took a screenshot of the letter before sending them to Wu Zhaoyi.

"The wood? Does he meant the place where the tournament will take place?" Wu Zhaoyi could feel his neck stiffen. He was worried. Moreover, it was weird for the sender to meet her in the wood.

"There's a map behind the letter. Wow, it was just behind my room. This person is a senior," Fu Yixiao mumbled and snapped another picture and sent it to Wu Xhaoyi's mail.

"Don't go!" Wu Zhaoyi wasn't thinking of anything else but her safety.

"Hmm, but the offer is great. He has intel on why the Royal Elites is picking on me," Fu Yixiao's comment suggested that she would probably go. "I'd like to see this man," She decided.

There was a sigh on the other side of the phone call. Fu Yixiao knew Wu Zhaoyi was contemplating over her decision. She closed her eyes, patiently waiting for Wu Zhaoyi's to state his final verdict. Whatever it was, she would still be going.

"I'll take care of this, so don't go," Wu Zhaoyi was persuading her. Fu Yixiao knew that he would definitely against her going but she was firmed on her decision and once again declared that she'd still go.

"Wu Zhaoyi, do you know who the leader of the Royal Elite is?" She asked and proceeded with her convincing theory. "It's Fu Kuan. We have the same surname so I believe he must be related to the Fu Family," That was only the first part, she thought. There was more to it than meet the eye.

"Fu Kuan?" Wu Zhaoyi blurted the name unknowingly. He seemed to be in deep thought. "I know him," He stated. This made Fu Yixiao straighten her back, excited over the news she just received. She demanded an explanation and Wu Zhaoyi could only comply.

"He is the son of Fu Wenjing, your father's brother. His mother was from Yang's family; Yang Tong," Wu Zhaoyi explained Fu Kuan's identity like he was someone he knew really well.

"Since he is the one challenging you, I fear that he has some hidden agenda," He pressed on. His voice was warmed but there was no doubt that he was really bothered with it.

"Do you think he's interested with the Fu's inheritance? That's why he's coming for me?" Fu Yixiao was elated after gaining some insights. That was the worst possible answer she could come up with but compared to the rest, it was the most believable answer.

"The Yang will never let him go if that what he's aiming for," Wu Zhaoyi stated. Somehow, he was speaking like he was talking on behalf of the Yang family. Fu Yixiao was aware of it but she didn't ask for more explanation. All she cared about was tonight's meeting. She wanted to go.

"Meet the sender tonight," Wu Zhaoyi knew she wanted to go hence, decided that he could only protect her. But, this plan of his never reached her ears for he kept it a secret. Besides, he already had a guess on who the sender was. If the sender was him, he wouldn't hesitate to end his life.

"Now you agreed," Fu Yixiao chuckled at his sudden change of opinion, however, thankful that he did.

"You must be careful," and just like that Wu Zhaoyi ended the call. Fu Yixiao frowned. She hated that Wu Zhaoyi always ended the call before her. She harrumped and slowly walked to her bed to rest.

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Enjoy the chapter!

Thanks for staying loyal. I love you all!


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