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82.81% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 53: Consumed

Consumed - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 53 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 53: Consumed

Wu Zhaoyi and his assistant Kristy, Gui Jin, and his male assistant immediately moved in once they heard the sound of a gun exploded from the hut that was the center of their attention. They were praying that Fu Yixiao would be safe and sound. They had seen her ran into the wood totally empty-handed with nothing except for her smartphone.

The moment they entered the hut, a scene that was a contrast to their initial assumption were greeting their very eyes. They were relieved to see her perfectly fine but seeing her in her current state was totally shocking. Wu Zhaoyi held up his hand signaling everyone to stop. Gui Jin was surprised to see him but he shut his mouth for it wasn't the appropriate time for chit-chat.

"Lu Yiantao, you shut your mouth!" Fu Yixiao was on top of Lu Yiantao who was holding her wrist in pain. The excruciating pain she felt was unbearable. Previously, she believed she was the one holding the upper hand but the moment she saw Fu Yixiao took her gun out and the moment the bullet precisely hit her arm, she knew she was defeated.

"You, you have a gun with you?" She asked dumbfounded. Then, she tried to lock eyes with Fu Yixiao only to feel her soul being sucked away by the endless abyss of her eyes. The girl she thought was fragile was similar to an angel of death; someone that wouldn't hesitate to take her life away. She struggled but the state she was in, it was impossible to break free.

"Tell me who is my real mother!" Fu Yixiao's voice was like an icy shower hitting Lu Yiantao's body. However, she knew that the moment she revealed the real answer, her life would end. No, she wanted to live!

"Your mother is still alive, but who she is is not for you to know," she tried to sound as calm as she can but the voice that came out from her mouth was trembling uncontrollably.

"Now you're playing with me? Have you ever feel fear Lu Yiantao? I bet you have. Right now too, you are afraid. You wanted to kill me but you can't. Am I right? How does this reversal feel? Have you ever thought that no matter how perfect your plan was, you'll still fail?" Fu Yixiao was smiling as she spoke. Slowly, she put the end of the gun on Lu Yiantao's head.

"Hmm, I wonder how it looks like when this bullet goes through your head," She spoke sedately as her index finger was playing around with the trigger. This sight almost made Lu Yiantao faint.

"Don't!" Lu Yiantao pleaded. Tears accumulated at the corner of her eyes. All these while, she was always toying with people life, scaring them and made them suffer. But never was she the one at the receiving end, hence, what she was feeling right now was terrifying. If pleading and begging would save her life, she would do it. To survive!

"Beg me more!" Fu Yixiao was amused as her eyes laughed at the state Lu Yiantao was in. "Or this bullet will hit you," She whispered and that made the woman underneath her quivered in terror.

"You, you, release me this instant! People are watching, killing me will put you into prison!" Lu Yiantao was at her wit end. She could smell the gun's residues and it made her unable to think clearly. Then, she realized that earlier, people had entered the hut. She was convinced that those were her underlings.

"Kill this bitch! Kill this bitch!" She screamed. Her legs were kicking the air for her upper body was subjugated by Fu Yixiao's strength. Fu Yixiao was amused at the exertion Lu Yiantao was putting on. She laughed at the woman's presumption.

"Oh, you were begging them to kill me?" Fu Yixiao moved her body slightly to the left revealing the existence of the four people who were standing a few steps away from the door. Lu Yiantao finally saw who those people were and her eyes bulged in shock. She felt a concussion hit her head as her lifeless eyes were staring at Fu Yixiao.

"Tell me who my parent is." Fu Yixiao asked.

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"Lu Yiantao! You better speak or I'll really kill you!" She yelled.


Lu Yiantao felt lost not knowing what to do. For the first time ever, she felt like on a brink of death. She felt no energy to fight and laid on the floor helplessly. Fu Yixiao saw the change and she hated it.

"You really deserved death," She was infuriated and threw Lu Yiantao's body on the floor. She stood up and slowly aiming the gun toward Lu Yiantao's forehead. For those who saw her right at this moment, she wasn't the delicate, cute girl they always thought her to be. Not the wise, and smart young miss they used to see. The Fu Yixiao in front of them was a bloodthirsty little demon that wouldn't be satisfied with mere threatening words to finish her victim. She was really the angel of death herself; ready to punish her victim!

Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin who was standing nearby knew that Fu Yixiao was already out of control, they rushed to her side and hold her hands. Wu Zhaoyi on the left and Gui Jin on the right.

"Fu Yixiao, wake up!" Wu Zhaoyin spoke firmly for he wanted the girl to snap from the entrance of a killer. Gui Jin was also the same for his other hand was stroking Fu Yixiao's hair trying to comfort her. "Xiao meimei, this isn't the way to handle this matter," He gently spoke.

Fu Yixiao flinched. She looked at the two men in disdain: feeling annoyed at their sudden interruption. The more their hands restrained hers, the more she wanted to kill. The urged was really strong like she was sedated with a killing drug.

"Release my hands," her voice was low but the intensity struck both Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin in horror. Both the men exchanged look, asking each other what else could they do.

Wu Zhaoyi's heart was beating like crazy. He was afraid of what Fu Yixiao had become into. What is this? She was never like this in the past. His mind was thinking hard but none of the event in the past hinted of her behaving in such a way.

"Take the gun!" He told Gui Jin who was still looking at him. However, Fu Yixiao heard him and instantly yanked her hand away from Gui Jin. Then, in a flash, she took Lu Yiantao's gun who was on the floor and pointed both the guns to the two men's direction.

"Master!" Both the assistant who was standing near the door immediately pulled their gun and pointed it toward Fu Yixiao.

"Pull the trigger and I kill them both!" Fu Yixiao threatened the two assistants as her eyes were fixed on Lu Yiantao who still lying lifelessly on the floor. Only her eyes were blinking; void of emotion.

Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin were both startled. Never in their mind that Fu Yixiao in that state would point the gun toward them. She was like possessed by something. They rose both their hands up and move backward. For now, they'll surrender and even if Fu Yixiao would kill Lu Yiantao, they would help to remove all the possible accusations that were aimed at her. Those were the men's resolution. However, if there was a chance for them to save her, they would, except that at this moment there wasn't any.

Fu Yixiao saw the two men retreated. Then, once again she aimed the guns to Lu Yiantao who was now smiling at her.

"Indeed, you inherited his blood. You're just like him, bloodthirsty and ruthless. Fu Yixiao, my life, you can use it to quench your thirst," Lu Yiantao was still smiling as she closed her eyes. Waiting for the bullet to strike her.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Don't hate her. Don't hate our Fu Yixiao *sob*sob*

Really, she is such an interesting character. I felt bad for making her experienced such a rollercoaster kind of life.


Leave your comment below and don't forget to vote, rate and review. You guys are my drug to continue writing. Lol...Huggies!

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