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18.75% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 12: Fortune favors the bold (IV)

Fortune favors the bold (IV) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 12 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 12: Fortune favors the bold (IV)

Fu Yixiao completely erased Lu Mei's existence in her mind as her eyes glowed with the sight in front of her. It was the garden she saw on the balcony of her room. "Butler Bun, this is so beautiful!" She exclaimed. "Miss, this way." Butler Bun said as he led Fu Yixiao to a walkway.

There were two sphinx-topped stone pillars greeting them at the entrance. Fu Yixiao looked around and saw that the lane was densely filled with natural and uncultivated looking foliage and shrubbery. She felt that her soul was recovering from the sight of it.

"The second master of the Lu family have gathered hundred landscape architects to build this garden. This scenery was to provide a relaxing journey for the guest." Butler Bun explained. Fu Yixiao nodded, that was exactly what she felt at this moment.

They walked passed a rose garden, a walled garden, a shrub and, fountains, and a conservatory with individual rooms for palms and orchids when they finally stopped upon reaching a small, bamboo house.

"Miss Fu, this is the tea house." The knowledgeable Bun explained as he pushed the varnished bamboo door. Fu Yixiao walked inside when she saw two people were hugging. Fu Yixiao elbowed Butler Bun's shoulder as her eyes motioned him to relief the awkward atmosphere. The two couple were now kissing without restraint. Fu Yixiao pulled Butler Bun's shirt in shock causing him to cough which in turn startling the couple who instantly separated themselves from each other's embrace. The man fixed his tattered clothes and stood up while the woman, tried to hide in a corner.

The man panicked face turned normal as he saw the person who entered the Tea house was merely a butler. "Oh, Butler Bun. Ehemm, you see, we are just playing around." The man shooed his companion as he walked toward the butler and handed a gold card. "This is the access to all the VIP areas in G club. Butler Bun can have it." He said. Fu Yixiao sneered as she knew what he was up to. Bribery!

"Good evening Young Master Lu Jing." Butler Bun greeted as his hand declined the offer. A disgusted look appeared on his face. Lu Jing who saw his 'kind' act was declined immediately frowned. He was confident that no one could resist such a threat. This is because G club was an elite club frequented by the rich community. Commoners couldn't afford to enter such club.

"Are you sure Butler Bun?"

"I'm sorry Young Master Lu, but I believe you do know about the Butler's policy. Don't insult me with this kind of stuff." Fu Yixiao who was listening by the side raised one of her eyebrows. Butler Bun was really cool! She giggled and looked at the man in front of her with condemn.

"Hahaha! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I thought this beautiful lady here was your girlfriend. That's why I made such an offer." Lu Jing laughed awkwardly as he looked at Fu Yixiao. "And may I know who is this beautiful lady?" Lu Jing asked as his hand was trying to touch Fu Yixiao. Butler Bun impetuously shielded her; blocking Lu Jing from advancing. "Oh, you are definitely Butler Bun's girlfriend? Interesting! A butler in a relationship sure will make today's news." Lu Jing laughed.

Fu Yixiao was annoyed. The man was clearly trying to find fault with Butler Bun so that his own misconduct wouldn't be exposed. "Young Master Lu, this lady here is not to be offended." Butler Bun said with a calm voice. Fu Yixiao was really amazed by his composure. "Oh, really? I don't give a damn. Butler Bun here is my advice, if the two of you exposed today's matter, don't blame me for being rude." He said and stormed out from the coffee house. The intense atmosphere inside the Tea house dissipated as soon as Lu Jing walked out.

With Lu Jing's gone, there were only a butler and a girl in the coffee house. Fu Yixiao was laughing as she slapped Butler Bun's shoulder. "Young Miss, please stop laughing. You must Know that Young Master Lu wasn't really a nice person. Today, he makes us his enemies. I'm not worried about my future but the Successor Selection is coming soon. Young Miss should be careful." Butler Bun explained as he looked at his wristwatch. Fu Yixiao rose her eyebrows upon hearing the words 'Successor Selection'. There was something fishy about it, she felt.

"Young Miss, let's go back to the mansion. It's almost dinner time. Lu family has a rule that everyone must eat dinner together." He explained.

"Butler Bun, what is this Successor Selection?" Fu Yixiao asked as she exited the coffee house. However, Butler Bun ignored her question and instead, he explained the rules of the mansion. Ah! he's clearly avoiding the topic! Fu Yixiao sighed as she tried to digest the rules as much as she can.

Once they reached the mansion, Liling ran towards her, a muscular man with a scar in his right eye followed behind. Butler Bun exchanged greeting with his co-workers and excused himself. "Young Miss, this is your bodyguard, Tony." Liling introduced the man to Fu Yixiao. "Greeting Miss Fu. I'll be your shield from now on." Tony said. Fu Yixiao nodded and motioned them to follow her to her room.

Fu Yixiao brought them to her balcony. She leaned on the railing as she focused her gaze to the aloof man in front of her. "Remove your shirt." She commanded.

"Young...young miss. What do you mean?" Tony stammered as he was lost of what to do. He wasn't expecting to hear such words from the girl in front of her. Fu Yixiao frowned. "Just do it." She instructed. Liling and Tony exchanged looks. Impatient, Fu Yixiao walked closer and rip Tony's black shirt revealing his masculine abs. Fu Yixiao ran his fingers through his shoulder, chest, and waist. Tony went stiff, he didn't expect this kind of situation at all. However, he didn't dare to complain. He knew that since he was assigned to this girl, loyalty is a must. Still, he was shocked! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Young Miss, what...what are you doing?" Liling whispered as she constantly tried to fixed Tony's ripped shirt. However, Fu Yixiao wasn't listening as she was engrossed in what she did. "Good!" She finally spoke after intensely staring and touching Tony's body. "Let's have a sparing session tomorrow." She said. She was satisfied with Tony's physical condition. One could tell, he had been training his body well. Tony was taken aback when she heard her request. "Young miss, what do you mean by sparring?" He asked. "Well, the literal meaning. Do you object?" She asked. Tony shook his head. He wouldn't dare! He was just worried about hurting her.

"Good. Liling, do we have a training ground in this mansion?" She asked. Liling who was in a daze sobered when she heard her young miss' voice. "Yes!" She answered. Fu Yixiao frowned. What was she daydreaming about?

"Tony, let's meet at the training ground after tea break tomorrow. You can leave now." She said. Tony who had no idea how to refute, nodded. He thought that since his young miss insisted, he could only control his strength when they spar tomorrow evening. This way she would not get hurt.

Once Tony left the room, Fu Yixiao walked to the bathroom and took a long, satisfying bath. Her mind was filled with the information Butler Bun had accidentally leaked. Successor Selection. What is it? She thought. Her guess was that it would be related to her being chosen as the heir but as she delved further into it, she got even more confused. Hence, she decided to keep the thoughts away for a while.

Liling who was still clueless of her young miss behavior earlier was now happily assisting her picking and choosing her attire. "Oh no! Young Miss, we must go for dinner now!" Her worried look was displayed on her face. Fu Yixiao nodded as she recalled the rule explained by Butler Bun, she rushed out from her room trying to outrun the time. Liling anxiously walked behind her.

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