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73.43% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 47: Killing machine

Killing machine - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 47 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 47: Killing machine

"Damn it!" Han Yu slammed his fist on the table causing a few cups to almost fall to the floor. Thankfully, Lu Xinya who sat next to him had a quick reflex as her hand swiftly caught the falling cups and arranged them neatly at the center of the table.

Fu Yixiao stared at Han Yu, unblinking. A cheeky smile appeared on her face due to the amusement she felt toward Han Yu's anger. It was the first time within these two weeks that she had seen him getting angry.

"Fu Yixiao, you shouldn't laugh. This is a serious matter," Han Yu frowned when Fu Yixiao's cheeky smile turned to laughter. He was seriously worried but the beautiful girl in front of him wasn't. He wondered where she got the courage to go against the Royal Elites to which no one wished to have as an enemy.

"What's the use of worrying. Isn't it better to spend the time to look for a solution," Fu Yixiao calmly replied before she turned to look at Xu Kai. "Xu Kai, have you finish your research?" Startled, Xu Kai fixed his glasses. Then, he ran toward the printing area before returning to the table. He distributed a piece of paper to each of them before finally settling down on his chair. He took a deep breath before speaking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Everyone, this is everything that you need to know about the Royal Elites' members. Fu Yixiao had instructed me to find out about their personal information two days ago," He paused and his eyes scanned everyone's faces.

"As you can see their leader is Fu Kuan, a professional player of paintball wars. The rest aren't bad either for they surely had been practicing under the guidance of their leader. Honestly, we are at a disadvantage,"

Han Yu whose eyes were glued on the paper shook his head in denial of the information he saw. "This is basically a humiliation to us," He grunted.

"They are also taunting us psychologically. They issued the challenge during our first day of school but then left us hanging for two weeks. Now, they leave us only a week to prepare for the tournament," Lu Xinya who was quietly sitting next to Fu Yixiao also voiced out her dissatisfaction.

Her fingers curled tightly around her fork, she persuaded herself by forming an image of the enemy's head snapping during the tournament.

"Lu Xinya is right. What even worst is they stick to the original form of the game; woodsball. This is truly a winning trophy for them," Xu Kai explained. He reread the letter of challenge that was given by the Royal Elites' representative earlier, a creased was formed on her forehead.

"Fu Yixiao, I feel something is wrong with the tournament. Seemed that they are targeting you," Xu Kai's face was alarmed at the sudden realization from rereading the letter. He stared at Fu Yixiao observing her reaction.

"That' why you guys don't have to worry! Their target is me. The fact that I can only be ousted when the leader himself shoot me is indeed an incredible rule. Don't you think so?" There was humor in Fu Yixiao's eyes. She found the whole challenge entertaining and really thought that her classmates shouldn't worry at all. However, the others disliked her easygoingness and were quite angry at her especially Lu Xinya.

"Xiao meimei, this isn't a trivial matter. What if they have other intention like harming you during the tournament? What if they changed the bullets?" Her face was red containing the anger she was trying to surpass. She was disappointed after seeing Fu Yixiao nonchalant attitude when in reality her life was already on the red line.

"That's sounded a bit overboard but I agree with Lu Xinya. You knew that the target is you, therefore, you should be more wary about this and not taking it as it is," Han Yu tried to convince Fu Yixiao with his look however all he received was an assuring smile from her. It wasn't convincing at all! Since words couldn't make her listen to them, Han Yu could only scold her inwardly.

"Okay, enough." Xu Kai exhaled. He was almost similar to Fu Yixiao in term of thinking, hence, he somehow understood her intention. "Do you have a plan in mind?" He asked not averting his look until Fu Yixiao answered him.

"I do. Within this week all you have to do is practice," she said. Her voice was firmed, a tone that made the others unable to refute.

"Sister Lu Xinya, do you have any experience in shooting before?" Fu Yixiao turned her head toward Lu Xinya who was surprised at her sudden question. Han Yu's eyes were widened in shock but were curious about her answer as well.

"It's my specialty. Xiao meimei you are an expert too not only in shooting but in operating all kind of weaponry," Lu Xinya's eyes were gleaming in excitement as she nervously asked whether Fu Yixiao had remembered something about her past or not.

"No, I just want to confirm something," Fu Yixiao smiled apologetically. She knew she had made Lu Xinya disappointed but she was simply asking to confirm the theory in her mind.

"Then, why are you asking me such question?" Lu Xinya asked in frustration. Her eyes were teary causing the two men to panic especially Han Yu.

"Why do you guys suddenly become emotional? What with all these nonsense about being an expert?" Han Yu hurriedly asked. He was rather curious but seeing Lu Xinya almost burst into tears made her wonder about the relationship between the two girls.

Xu Kai was watching them quietly. His mind had his own conclusion but he wasn't a busybody like Han Yu. Therefore, he simply passed a tissue to Lu Xinya without speaking anything.

"Hmm, it's almost two, we should return to class," Fu Yixiao stood up and walked toward the classroom in the dormitory. The rest could only sigh after seeing her left, leaving such a cliffhanger.

Before the class started, Fu Yixiao received a written note from Lu Xinya to meet her in the bathroom. A natural cause that wouldn't alert the two men in their classroom.

"What is it?" Fu Yixiao asked the moment she met Lu Xinya who was washing her fingers in one of the sinks.

"Xiao meimei, about earlier. I spoke the truth. You're an expert in weaponry. I'm sorry but I cannot tell you the details. Someone had warned me not to tell you anything," Lu Xinya felt wrong. She was scared of telling her about the truth. What she did earlier was a slipped off her tongue. She was too excited to reminisce the past with Fu Yixiao.

"It's grandma isn't it?" Fu Yixiao asked; pry her way into Lu Xinya's unwilling mind. The truth was she didn't care about the information on whether she was an expert in a gun or not because she already knew her ability when she first met Wu Zhaoyi.

"Xiao meimei, this..." Lu Xinya was staring at Fu Yixiao with her mouth agape. Her mind was trying to find ways to escape from the situation but Fu Yixiao's next words told her that there was no way to hide.

"Sister Lu Xinya, I knew the content you were talking about with grandma the night after we met at the lobby,"

"Xiao meimei, you shouldn't blame grandma. She was only protecting you," Lu Xinya trembled. Never in her wildest dream that Fu Yixiao would know of the matter. Then, she recalled that Fu Yixiao was always known as someone who did something unprecedented.

Lu Xinya hugged Fu Yixiao, reliving the time where she missed her the most. "Xiao meimei, at first I wanted to tell you about everything but grandma was against me doing so. But, there was something you need to know. In the coming tournament, I will protect you. Even though, you yourself are a killing machine," She said before letting go of her hands.

"Killing machine?" Fu Yixiao was quite surprised to hear such a nickname. At the same time, the enigma that surrounded the owner of the previous body slowly unveiling itself but it was blurry and she couldn't understand any of the information in her head.

"Tell me more," She whispered but Lu Xinya shook her head. "It isn't the right time. Grandma will be angry if I tell you now," She refused before excusing herself to return to the classroom.

Fu Yixiao tried to sooth the pain in his head but failed. The throbbing pain worsened as time went by. She pretended as nothing happened and dashed out of the bathroom toward the classroom.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Hi guys,

Truthfully, I've written five chapters but after rereading them I hated the way it was written. Therefore, I deleted them. Lol. Such a waste of resources.

Also, I feel unhappy toward the few chapters I posted at the beginning of the second arc but then I just let it go. Stressing myself over what had been posted is too much pressure. Hehe...

So, here is a newly written chapter. Enjoy! and sorry for the slow release. :( It wasn't intentional.

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