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81.25% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 52: Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 52 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 52: Mother and daughter

Lu Yiantao saw Fu Yixiao appeared from behind the door and the gun in her hand immediately pointed to her direction. Yet, Fu Yixiao who just entered stared at the woman calmly. Her bright eyes were free from the thought of danger as she walked steadily toward the center of the room.

"Where are the two?" Lu Yiantao asked, tightening her grip on the gun. At that moment, the urged to kill the girl was high but the thought of making her pleading for life made her postponed the murder a bit longer.

Fu Yixiao knew exactly what was running inside the woman's head after eavesdropping and analyzing everything earlier. She knew that even though Lu Yiantao's rage toward Fu Kuan was enough to stimulate her desire to kill, she wouldn't rush to end his life so soon so that she could enjoy the fun of seeing the mortification in her enemy's face. Of course, it wasn't the perfect calculation but somehow she had the confidence that even if Lu Yiantao was to shoot at her right now, she would be able to avoid it.

This was her instinct at its utmost capability.

"Mother, shouldn't we at least hug? It's been months, where have you been?" Fu Yixiao warmly greeted her mother. It was indeed warmed but sarcastic enough for Lu Yiantao to notice.

It was never Fu Yixiao's intention to play nice especially knowing that she wasn't the daughter of Lu Yiantao. Before, despite Lu Yiantao's murder attempt at the hospital, she decided not to pursue it out of respect to the old Fu Yixiao. Even though, all her life she was never treated well, the Fu Ya in her wanted to give Lu Yiantao a chance to redeem herself.

But today, everything had changed. She wouldn't think twice to end this woman's life. Except that tonight, the woman was still useful to her. Additionally, she wanted to know the truth about her origin. How was she became the woman's daughter when in the beginning she didn't carry her blood.

Lu Yiantao stared at Fu Yixiao and clicked her teeth in annoyance. "Where are they?" She asked again with her unflickering eyes.

"Mother, it was you who want to meet me right? and Fu Kuan was your puppet?" Fu Yixiao poised a knowing smile and sighed as if regretting her decision of coming. She wasn't pretending but more to provoke the woman in front of her. This was another thing she had noticed earlier, in which the more Lu Yiantao was provoked, the more she would reveal.

Fu Yixiao was aiming for it, even though she knew it was a dangerous gamble.

Lu Yiantao noticed that Fu Yixiao wasn't afraid of her and that made her infuriated. A month ago, the grandmaster of the Fu's family had instructed Fu Haifeng to invite Fu Yixiao's back to the family. Unbeknown to her, a week ago, someone had leaked the incident that happened at the hospital to the grandmaster and once again she and Fu Haifeng were under fire. The grandmaster decreed that if they fail to bring Fu Yixiao home, then, they would be put behind the bar. The crime they did was enough reason to support their claims.

"You are no match to me, daughter!" Lu Yiantao pointed the gun directly to Fu Yixiao's head with her index finger ready to pull the trigger.

"Don't anger her!" Fu Kuan was panicking after seeing the pose Lu Yiantao was in. He was shocked and excited after seeing Fu Yixiao entered the hut. He thought he would have a chance at survival. Little did he knew that she came simply to make Lu Yiantao lost her composure.

"Lu Yiantao, why are you looking for me?" Fu Yixiao ignored Fu Kuan's warning and decided to question the grim-reaper in front of her. This was it, the moment to prove whether her instinct was spot on or a reversal.

"Do you think that pretending to be brave will save you?" Lu Yiantao's squinted eyes were scrutinizing the petite girl in front of her.

"Bingo!" Fu Yixiao snapped her fingers and smile. She was saying that Lu Yiantao had guessed correctly. Receiving such respond made Lu Yiantao choked in disbelief.

"You!" She yelled. She clenched her jaw as the feeling of being defeated loomed in her mind. Fu Yixiao looked so fragile but even so, she couldn't fathom what she was thinking. There must be something that triggered the change in her. 'She must perish tonight!' Lu Yiantao swore in her heart.

Fu Yixiao sneered as her eyes bored on Lu Yiantao, feeling completely at ease.

"I can kill you! I can kill you this instant and you're still trying to play with me!?" Lu Yiantao finally lost her composure and the gun in her hand was swaying uncontrollably. Fu Kuan who was still on the floor felt his knees weakened. He stared at Fu Yixiao like looking to an idiot. He had no idea what she was thinking at all.

"Since you want to kill me and that gun would surely help you, why don't you tell me everything I need to know?" Fu Yixiao moved a step forward and halt. Any further and that woman would really kill her.

"Ha...hahaha!" Lu Yiantao let out a burst of mocking laughter. She smirked and spat on the floor. "Nice! You really have changed!" She said and once again released the same laughter that would shatter the house if she didn't stop soon.

"Fu Yixiao, listen well. You will never get anything from the Lu or the Fu's family. You, the daughter of a mistress would never have the chance to! Never! I would never allow it!" Lu Yiantao staggered as she pulled her own hair and the moment she released her hand, a chunk of her hair was on her palm. Yet, she seemed to feel no pain as she continued to stagger until her back was against the wall.

'Never!' She whispered. Fu Yixiao was shocked to see the state Lu Yiantao was in and moved few steps forward only to be stopped when the gun once again was pointed to her. 'Psycho!' Fu Yixiao felt that the ever-changing attitude of Lu Yiantao was almost like Lu Xinya. She had no idea where the thought came from except that the feeling was similar to what she had when she was with her.

"Do you know who your mother is? Seeing you now you looked exactly like her. Hahaha! This should be the one they called karma. I thought using her would secure my position in Lu and Fu's family. Now, look at me! I almost lose everything,"

"Fu Yixiao," Lu Yiantao stood up and the woman who was in tears earlier had once again turned bloodthirsty. "Let me tell you one interesting fact. Do you know that the blood running within your body, in each vein; none of those are the Lu or the Fu's? And yet these people are fools to give their inheritance to you? Hah, what a fool they are! That's why... that's why I have to help them from becoming more foolish," Lu Yiantao grinned.

"Your mom is still alive under that man's clutch. Hehe, Fu Haifeng was a fool to love her but still I manage to charm him. Hahaha, and that man must be enjoying your mom like a beast enjoying his food. Do you know who your father is...oh, he was very influential! He owned this world. Except that he was a fool too. He was a fool to love that bitch!"

Boom! The exact moment Lu Yiantao finished her talk, a bolt of consecutive lightning struck the hut and at the same time, the sound of gun filled the space. Then, as if the button of pause had been pushed, everything seemed to stop moving.

Knowing that something terrible had happened inside, people who were anxiously waiting outside the hut rushed in, only to be shocked at the scene they saw. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Arhhh... I really want to write a backstory like this. I hope it is to your liking.


ps: I finally find the most suitable schedule to give me more time to invest in each chapter. From now on, I'll post two chapters every other day. Hehe, I hope this will a good choice.

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