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79.68% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 51: Old enemy

Old enemy - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 51 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 51: Old enemy

'Mother,' Her whisper invited a gush of wind that shook the whole tiny house. The people inside were shocked at the sudden quake. Panicked surfaced on their faces which soon calmed when the wind changed its course sending chills to the other part of the wood.

Fu Yixiao was no longer snooping but was sitting at the darkest area closest to the hut. Her brain was considering a certain plot; a plan that could reveal her estranged mother and Fu Kuan's schemes. When the details were completely imparted to her whole body, a smirked was already formed on her face.



"Hmm," a tall man who was concealed in the darkness was startled at the sudden vibration massaging his left thigh. He sank his left hand inside his pocket and took his phone out. A message popped up on the screen inviting a smile on his face which half of it was hidden under the black mask. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"She knew huh," The smile switched to a profound grin that made his female companion wondered in thoughts. "Master, why are you looking at your phone?" The woman whose face was covered in a veil asked in a low voice. It was rare for his master to check his phone when on a mission.

"Kristy, create some disturbance that will alert the people inside the house. Then, find a good place to hide," Kristy who heard of her master's instruction was shocked. She wasn't sure whether the plan was beneficial to them or not.

"Master, that would endanger Miss Fu. She was just outside the hut," Kristy thought that her master made a miscalculating plan hence she tried to clarify the situation based on her understanding.

"That's her plan. Do it!" The man insisted. Then, another message entered his phone. One word was written on the notification bar; NOW. Capitalized and there was definitely an irritation embedded in that short one word.

"Master Wu, did Miss Fu knows that we are here?" Kristy felt chill crept all over her body. A new assessment of the young miss was formed in her mind. Beautiful, skillful and dangerous! A deadly combination. She wondered when did Miss Fu found out that they were trailing behind.

"She probably knew the moment we made our move," Wu Zhaoyi explained as if knowing what his assistant was thinking. He, himself was quite shocked at Fu Yixiao's ability. Before, he thought that she was almost on par with him but tonight he believed that she was already at his level.

"Now, go!" Wu Zhaoyi instructed his assistant and in an instant, he saw her already advancing forward, closing the distance between her and the obsolete hut. He saw her making noises and dashed to the wood again, hiding in the darkness doing exactly like what she was instructed to do.

Fu Yixiao saw the commotion and sneered after confirming that one of her pursuers was indeed Wu Zhaoyi and his people. Ensured that Kristy had fleed the area, she focused on the ruckus that took place inside the tiny house. Voices of panicked were piercing the crumbling wall of the hut.

"She's here. Bring her to me!" Lu Yiantao, the woman that planned the whole scenario yelled at the two men who instantly moved simultaneously after receiving her instruction. Fu Kuan was also panicking as he stared at the woman with a deadly stare. The fear he felt earlier was now gone. He believed that it was Lu Yiantao's voice which alerted Fu Yixiao who was now running away from them.

"What?" Lu Yiantao scowled back. She hated when her own junior started to doubt her. "We should have waited for her quietly," Fu Kuan spent watching the endless darkness outside the hut. He knew their plan would be ineffective if Fu Yixiao wasn't caught tonight. Their life or to be exact, his life would be ruin.

"What? Were you scared? Such small ball you have," Lu Yiantao smirked and proceeded. "We both wanted the inheritance. I couldn't get the Lu's but you had the chance of inheriting the Fu's wealth. Her death will open the path for you. Don't hesitate now!" Lu Yiantao persuaded Fu Kuan with wealth and sure enough, he was hooked to the bait.

"That's why you should've let me handle her during the tournament!" He retorted. He was confident that his plan was perfect compared to what they were doing now. Still, there was no use to cry over spilled milk. All he could do now was to pray that the woman's underlings managed to catch Fu Yixiao.

"I have not much time left. Fu Haifeng is doubting me saying that I was going against him. I need to kill that bitch," Lu Yiantao took a gun from her purse. Her bloodshot eyes were staring at the door waiting for it to be opened from the outside.

Fu Kuan frowned for he had no idea that the hatred the woman had toward Fu Yixiao was deep like the ocean. She didn't hesitate in taking the gun out and her eyes, those did not belong to a human but more like one that belonged to the underworld entity; the devil.

"Why are you hating her so much?" He asked simply to satisfy his curiosity. Then, he saw the woman's face darkened and her hand that was holding the gun trembled. Fu Kuan immediately released himself from the gun's shooting range, afraid that she would lose self-control and randomly shoot the area. Little did he knew, that she had awakened the sinister self of the woman.

"She isn't my daughter," That solemn voice which revealed unexpected truth was like the shrill of the bell erupting inside Fu Kuan's ears. He once met Fu Yixiao when she was five years old at the Fu's mansion and always thought that the mother simply hated her because of the husband's unfair treatment. Little did he knew, that she was a stranger that stole the woman's one and only affection.

But, how did she came to the Fu's mansion and why did Lu Yiantao claim that Fu Yixiao was her daughter? He wanted to know.

"You adopted her?" He pried for information but the moment his lips were closed, he saw the gun's trigger pointed to his direction. Then, Lu Yiantao's low murderous voice went through him, "Nephew, curiosity killed the cat. Even if it's you, I will not hesitate to send a bullet through your brain," Fu Kuan felt the urge to vomit in his throat. He shivered and collapsed on the floor. The fear he felt earlier reappeared and intensified. He was beyond scared!

"Hmm, should I kill you? You know way too much!" Lu Yiantao approached him and pressed the gun against Fu Kuan's sweaty forehead. "Stop it," Fu Kuan retreated but he could only run up to the wall. His pleading eyes were looking at Lu Yiantao, begging for her mercy. Deep regret was formed in his core. He should have never listened to this woman in the first place. Money had totally blinded his eyes.

"Tch, you!" Lu Yiantao kicked between the spread legs of Fu Kuan causing him to shriek in pain. "For a man like you to pollute my sense of smell!" Lu Yiantao grumbled and stared at the liquid piled between Fu Kuan's legs. She distanced herself as the foul smell occupied her nostril.

"You are useless! Bastard!" Lu Yiantao screamed. The looked in Fu Kuan's eyes made her lost control. She wanted to pull the trigger. Almost. But then the creaking sound of the door opening made her focused switched. She eagerly looked at the door and saw the girl she was waiting for.

"You're here!"

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Sorry guys, this is it. The cliffhanger...

What do you think will happen. Gun vs gun, who will survive? or will the other four come to rescue? and Fu Kuan what will his destiny be? Lol...these questions...haha

Leave your comments below. And review, rate, and pressure on that*wink*wink*

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