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43.75% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 28: Revelations (I)

Revelations (I) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 28 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 28: Revelations (I)

Lu Community's Gathering


"Two days ago, someone among you executed the long-banned punishment of the Lu family." Yun Xi paused and the corner of her mouth quirked. She surveyed the expressions of everyone below and satisfaction showed in her face as she noticed changes on the people she targetted.

"The dark chamber..." The moment the words left her lips, the whole room gasped in shock. Why? Because the whole community knew that the dark chamber was one of the harshest punishment in Lu's history. Much worse than physical tortures.

There was a story that those who underwent such punishment would suffer trauma for the rest of his or her life. It was also rumored that the place wasn't a place suitable for one to live. It was dark, cold and sinister. Once, there was a case where a young girl was sent to the dark chamber and committed suicide due to the physiological effect it gave on her.

"Who would do that?!" Elder Lu yan stood as her eyes glared in disgust. "Yun Xi, who did it?" The other elders were piqued in curiosity, at the same time, they could not believe that someone would openly go against the well-preserved rules of the Lu Family.

"I'm giving these people chance to confess their sin. Or I would like to see how you would fare in defending yourself today." Yun Xi pressed on. Ignoring the questions from the elder. Don't worry, soon you'll know!

Once again the crowd was set to guess the villain. In the first rank seaters, two adults were sweating in rage, there were confident that their deeds would not be exposed today, for they had made a very well-thought preparation to gave them leeway and freed themselves from everyone's doubt.

However, their biggest miscalculation was that Yun Xi would become the Xinren Ring's holder, giving her the opportunity to trample on them. They also were not expecting that they'd be a gathering of Lu Community. If they were exposed in here, their life would be ruined!

"We don't have much time. If no one confesses, once I revealed the culprit, all consequences would be dealt with no chance of negotiation." Yun Xi wasn't in no rush to reveal the culprits. She was like the calm before the storm, waiting for her enemy to strike.

That was when someone among the third rankers shouted in fear. "Madame Yun Xi, I know who did it!" A maid plodded to the front, crossing the sea of people who set their eyes on her.

Yun Xi's forehead creased in annoyance. She wanted the real criminal to turn up by themselves! However, she knew that if the maid were telling the truth, that would help elevate the crime of those people.

"Speak!" She prompted.

"It was...was... Young Master Lu Jing!" The maid screamed as her finger pointed toward a young man standing on the stage.

"You!" Lu Jing who was on stage balled his hands into fists. He wanted to say more but the maid was adamant in pressing charge against him.

"Madame Yun Xi, I'm embarrassed to say this but... Young Master...he..." The maid started crying. Tears were mixed along with her spits and it turned louder as people started to look at Lu Jing in disgust. A form of speculation was already in their mind.

"Stop crying! Explained!" Yun Xi was annoyed with the maid's act. She glanced at the first rankers and saw Lu Bei's face reddened in anger. Madam Chin had shifted her seat away from him. This woman! Yun Xi cursed.

The maid held her tears, wiped them with the sleeve of her uniform. "The day Young Miss Fu came to this mansion, Young Master Lu Jing asked me to meet him at the Tea house. He...he...he told me not to tell anyone. We did it. But I wasn't..."

"You vile woman! Don't you dare to slander my son! You! You!" Lu Bei rushed toward the woman and kicked her hard. He had turned red from collar to roots of the hair. He was looking at the maid ready to sacrifice her head and served it on a platter.

"Lu Bei! Let her talk." Elder Lu Bai shook his head, hands signaling him to calm down. Lu Bei was speechless, even the elder he had trusted was trying to calm him down. This wasn't something they had planned! This is backstabbing!

"Madame Yun Xi, you must believe me! On that day, Young Miss Fu had seen us and she was threatened by Young Master Lu Jing."

"No, grandma! She's lying!" Lu Jing screamed, however, the maid kept on talking, spouting lies.

"Then, two days ago, he asked all the people present in the dining hall to slander Young Miss Fu and suggested the dark chamber punishment. Elder Lu Bai had supported him! They were cooperating together!" The maid was pointing her finger toward Elder Lu Bai who was shocked at her accusation.

"How dare you to slander me!" He yelled. "You! A mere maid!" His face contorted and eyes protruding from sockets. He couldn't believe that a maid dared to include him, an elder, in her impeachment.

Lu Bei who could no longer hold his anger exploded in strident laughter. He was staring at Madam Chin in hatred.

"Madame Yun Xi, I was indeed involved in endangering Young Miss Fu's life. However, there is someone eviler than me in this room." He sneered. His face who colored from anger was now in a blank state. He was ready to expose the truth as long as the wicked woman fell alongside him.

"Madame Yun Xi! Forgive me!" Suddenly, a woman was screaming and begging for forgiveness. She kowtowed hard. Her voice was loud enough to attract everyone's attention.

"I was also involved in this! But, I have no choice. Really... Lu Bei made me did it. He said that Young Miss Fu was an obstacle for Lu Jing and Lu Mei in the Successor Selection. He persuaded me to scheme against her. I only cared about my daughter. Forgive me!" Tears rolled down her cheek as she kowtowed in succession till a red mark appeared on her face.

"My mother is not in the wrong! Madame Yun Xi, please don't blame her." Lu Mei who saw her mother hurting herself, fell on her knees. Sobbing as she begged for Yun Xi to forgive her mother.

"You!" Lu Bei was brimmed in anger. All these while, he had supported the woman in her scheming plan. All these while, he had trusted her with his secret and yet, today, the same woman had schemed against him.

The crowd rumbled-a thunderstorm waiting to explode. Their faces were mocking Lu Bei for his cruelty. At the same time sympathy crossed their heart when they looked at Madam Chin who sincerely begged for forgiveness. Of course, she was wrong for involving herself but no one could stand still when their daughter was in danger. Her situation was understandable!

"This is insane! You among all people had the gut to scheme against your own family??" Elder Lu Yan was no longer able to calmly remain on her seat. She strode forward reaching the edge of the stage. She stared at them in disdain.

"Madame Yun Xi, these people... severe punishment should be given to them." Elder Lu Yan gave her an approving look. Seeing Yun Xi's silence, she thought that she was overwhelmed with all the revelations. As someone who was newly appointed, handling an internal conflict was difficult. She knew it for she had experienced them all.

However, Yun Xi was actually enraged. Her plan had been ruined by Madam Chin with her excellent acting. She exhaled. Her narrow eyes were scrutinizing the kowtowing woman, trying to remove her veil of evil. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

I'm going to eat tons of fried foods if I DON'T KILL Madam Chin's character. Lol

Thanks for reading! I love seeing my readers in the comment section. Thank you so much! Huggies!

What are your thought on this chapter. Feel free to share your views. :)


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