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35.93% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 23: The dark chamber (VI)

The dark chamber (VI) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 23 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 23: The dark chamber (VI)

Wyvern Headquarter

"Here is your pillow and blanket. Will you be fine sleeping here? We have a guest room, you know." Bong placed a pillow and a blanket on the sofa, making sure that it was comfortable for Fu Yixiao to sleep on. "Yes, here is fine. Besides, it's closer to the passway. If anything happened, I just make a run for it." She replied while her fingers were busy setting up an alarm on her phone.

"Xiao er, this is a flash drive contains all the pieces of evidence. I'm looking forward to your comeback." CM pulled her hand and put a tiny flash drive on her palm. Fu Yixiao examined the item in her palm and couldn't help but be amazed by the advancement of technology in this era. "Thanks." She gave him a grateful look. "No big deal!" CM replied happily.

"Let's go. We still have to work. Let her rest." Lan, who was watching by the side pulled both Bong and CM's hands, dragging them out of the room. "Miss Fu, have a good rest." He said before leaving the room with the reluctant duo. Fu Yixiao wished them good night while laughing at their funny acts.

Now that she was alone in the room, Fu Yixiao leaned against the sofa as her mind recalling the conversations she had earlier. Her disappointment was at its peak when she realized that there was no leeway to get the Wyvern organization to her side. Even the master seemed like a difficult man. She chuckled as she remembered Bong's description of his master; a man who has a phobia against women. Probably one with sexual disorientation, she thought.

Yawning, she rested her body on the sofa. The seconds her head touched the pillow, exhaustion took her over sending her to a night of deep sleep.



"She's asleep." Three pair of eyes were attentively watching the screen in front of them. When they saw the girl on screen was fast asleep, they let out a sigh of relief. "CM please monitor her from here. Bong and I had some business to attend to." Lan grabbed a water bottle inside a refrigerator in the room and chugged it in one go. CM who was stretching his body nodded. He watched the two men walked out of the room only to see them running back inside with a frightful face.

"CM, Master is on his way. They've reached the Headquarter!" Bong tried to explain the situation as fast as he could. "What?!" Shocked, CM rose from his chair. His sudden movement caused the chair to fall, elevating the uproar inside the room.

"I'll go and wake her up." Bong ran toward the room Fu Yixiao was in but he was too late. His master was already in the room staring at her who was peacefully sleeping on the sofa.

"Ma...Master!" Shocked, Bong tried to explain the situation however the words choked in his throat. He gulped his own saliva, trying to soothe the pain he was feeling. Then, she saw Kristy appeared in the room with Lan and CM at her sides, both were feeling dejected.

"Master, everyone is here. Should I wake her up?" Kristy asked as she glanced at the girl who was sleeping on a sofa. For a moment, her eyes were admiring the girl's beauty. She even went as far as to imagine her beauty when she became an adult.

"Let's go." Master Wu instructed them to follow him, entering another room the trio was in earlier. Scanning their master's face, the trio was trembling in fear. They couldn't tell what he was thinking, making it hard for them to think of countermeasures. They exchanged looks only to see the agony in each other's eyes.

"Explain." Listening to his hoarse voice, the trio were pushing each other trying to shift the responsibility of giving their master an explanation to the other person. Kristy who was watching by the side was annoyed at their foolish behavior and send a kick on each of their butts. After a while, Lan finally stepped forward, his body was trembling but with great effort, he managed to provide a summary of the whole chain of events.

"Play the footage." Again, the masked man instructed. CM hurriedly walked to one of the computers in the room and with a few clicks, several videos appeared on the screen hung on the wall. He played one of the videos and immediately retreated, giving ample space for everyone to watch without restriction.

As the video reached its end, so was the temperature, dropped to the lowest negative that almost froze everyone in the room. Kristy noticed her master grimed expression making her involuntarily shivered. The scene in the club earlier flashed in her mind. She who had been by his master's sides for years knew that at this very moment, the man's bestial instinct had awakened waiting to be unleashed.

There was silence in the room. No one dared to make a sound until their master rose from the seat and walked to the other room, toward Fu Yixiao who was still asleep on the sofa. Half of her body was no longer covered by the blanket. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Following behind their master, the three self-appointed brothers of Fu Yixiao felt their protective side acting up. They could feel the chilling atmosphere in the room, urging them to go over and cover her body with the blanket, giving her warm. However, due to fear, they could only pray that the little body of hers could stand the cold.

Then, they witnessed something unimaginable happened! Their mouth was agape, still unable to process the scene in front of their very eyes. Bong himself punched his partner who was standing beside him. Hearing him grunting in pain, he was awakened from his self-denial. Denial that his master who hated to be touch by a woman was at this very moment carrying Fu Yixiao's petite body to one of the guest rooms. Watching him tucking the blanket to cover her body made them questioned whether he was their Master, a man revered by many or someone else.

"Master." Kristy who was also shocked with the sudden twist on her master's character tried to confirm the whole scene by calling out to him only to be silenced by his cold-eyed. She watched him adjusting the room's temperature and only when he was content with everything did he left the room. They silently followed behind.

"No one is allowed to enter this room. Understood?" He said, firmed. "Yes, Master." The four of them replied in unison. "Dismissed!" Upon hearing this, they walked away, leaving the room with a confused look on all of their faces.



Fu Yixiao was awakened by an alarm, the one she had set up before she slept. Opening her eyes, she noticed that her surrounding was different from before she was asleep. She wasn't sleeping on a sofa but on an extremely comfortable mattress. Shocked, she woke up and got off of the bed. Once again, she scanned the whole room searching for clues to where she was. Then, she saw a man sat on a chair at the far end of the room.

On a closer look, she noticed that he was wearing a mask that covered almost his whole face. Curious, she tip-toed toward him, trying to minimize her movement as little as she can. Her eyes were looking at the man with full interest, he was a man shrouded in a cloak of mystery, evoking her innermost curiosity.

Her hand slowly reached his mask attempting to remove it. The moment she touched the mask, a muscular hand held her hand, tightening his gripped as she tried to let go. "What are you doing?" She heard him asked. His husky voice was commanding yet, she could sense a tint of nervousness in them.

"Who are you? Where am I?" She asked, returning his questions with her own. She immediately pulled her arms the moment his gripped loosened. She moved a few paces backward, creating a satisfying distance between them.

"Hmm." Instead of a reply, she heard his amused remark that made her felt uncomfortable. The man in front of her had the vibe of a dangerous man. She created more distance between them, afraid that she would get caught if she was closer. "Are you scared?" The man approached her. She looked up, his eyes had no malicious intent instead it was a look of curiosity.

"Are you Wu Zhaoyi?" She asked after a series of self-discussion in her mind. She knew she was still in the Wyvern Headquarter and she remembered Bong's descriptions of his master; a man with a mask on his face. However, he didn't fit the description of someone who was afraid to be touch by a woman. To confirm this, she made a bold move, hugging the man in front of her.

"Hmm, weird. According to them, Wu Zhaoyi hated women. You clearly are not that kind of man." She muttered and again touching his entire upper body. Satisfied, she let go. "Who are you then?" She asked, pressuring him to answer with her sharp eyes.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Sorry for the late upload. Was in my hometown. The internet was super slow >.<

Enjoy the chapter!

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