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53.12% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 34: The foreboding (II)

The foreboding (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 34 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 34: The foreboding (II)

Liling watched her young miss frantically pressing the keyboards creating a series of codes on the screen. She had also noticed that her young miss had been on edge since the meeting with Lu Xinya at the lobby earlier. Even Liling shivered as she recalled what the psychotic girl had said to her young miss.

While Liling was brooding over the memory, Tony entered the secret chamber in a rush. "Did you lock the door?" As if knowing that the person who entered was Tony, Fu Yixiao asked while still focusing on her computer.

"Yes," Tony answered and walked closer to the two girls at the center of the room.

"Good!" Fu Yixiao said as her finger pressed the enter button on the keyboard. then, with a 'ding' a man with glasses appeared on the screen, eating ice cream while giggling. "CM!" Fu Yixiao shouted, trying to gain the man's attention.

CM who was enjoying his favorite variety show was totally shocked when a girl's voice interrupted his chilling time. The ice-cream he was savoring fell on his white shirt, leaving a pink stained. He groaned at the sight of his stained shirt and a series of curses spurted from his mouth.

"This man!" Fu Yixiao's ears blushed in red as she tried to maintain her calm when CM cursed her openly.

"Here!" She yelled and waved her hands at the same time. Liling and Tony were already laughing behind. "That CM for you." Liling laughed at the frantic scene shown on the screen. Tony was grinning from ear to ear.

CM finally found the direction of the voice and planned to rake her over the coals for the waste of his ice-cream. However, upon seeing Fu Yixiao's face on one of the computers in the room, he jumped on the chair in joy. He was completely lost in happiness when he saw her face on the screen.

"Xiao errrrrrr! Hugsss!" He screamed excitedly and spread his arms ready for a virtual hug. Seeing CM spreading his arms, Liling leaned closer to the screen and scolded him.

"CM, are you trying to make a move on my young miss?" Liling stern voice entered CM's ears and it made them fluttered in fear. He gulped and timidly hugged his knee.

"No way. I am her big brother." He said in a weak voice. In front of Liling, he could only become submissive. Fu Yixiao who saw his sudden change in behavior frowned and glanced at Liling who was having an austere expression on her face. Confused, she glared at Tony demanding for an explanation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tony almost broke into a burst of laughter when he sensed a gaze was directed at him. He saw his young miss lifted an eyebrow and staring at him, requested for clarification. He composed himself and explained the relationship between Liling and Tony. The two were once had a teacher-student relationship.

CM was a lethargic teacher and this had caused Liling to hate him because he always assigned her to do errands instead of studying. Exhausted with the nonsensical teaching from CM, Liling snapped and gave him a round of beating leaving a mental fear in CM's mind. Since then, CM was always scared of Liling.

Fu Yixiao chuckled and pitied CM at the same time. However, this was not the time to play around, there was an urgent matter she wanted to ask him. Liling realized that she was already dragging the time and immediately retreated.

"CM, is Wu Zhaoyi there?" Fu Yixiao asked urgently. CM sighed when he heard Fu Yixiao's voice, relieved that he was finally free from Liling's dominion.

"Master is not here." He replied and then made several calls. "I've called Kristy and she said that Master was on a mission," CM added. There was candy on his hand ready to be savored. "Do you know when he'll be back?" Fu Yixiao was upset when she heard that Wu Zhaoyi wasn't in the headquarter.

CM pondered before he spoke, "Why don't you give him a call? You have Master's private number after all." He suggested half-heartedly as he was enjoying the sweet taste of the candy that spread in his tongue. The sweetness made him licked the candy vigorously.

CM's behavior made Fu Yixiao look somewhere else disliking the way he enjoyed the candy. After taking a deep breath she returned her gaze on the screen. "I tried but failed." She said with her face still uncomfortable with the view on the screen.

"Then, let's ask Kristy," CM smirked and soon Kristy's voice echoed in the room. "What!!" her usual angry tone made them laughed. "Kristy darling, Xiao er is here. She wants to ask about Master." CM was already used to Kristy's angry tone therefore he wasn't affected by her.

"Miss Fu? Er....hello?" Kristy's voice was awkward and hesitant probably because she wasn't expecting that Fu Yixiao was there.

Without further ado, Fu Yixiao went over the same question she asked earlier to CM. "Sorry Miss Fu, I cannot reach his phone as well. However, he did mention that he'll be doing a mission somewhere in the rural area. That place usually has no reception." Kristy elaborated.

"I see. Thanks!" Fu Yixiao said in frustration. "Why are you looking for Master?" CM asked curiously. His round face filled the whole screen and one could see his nostril shrink and expand as he breathed in and out.

"Need to ask some question. By the way, where are the rest?" Fu Yixiao asked as her finger punched Wu Zhaoyi's number on her phone.

"Lurking in the society," CM answered. Tony who was listening laughed in response because he understood the sentence well. It was an expression used when they went for a mission and had to disguise themselves as someone else.

Fu Yixiao, however, wasn't paying attention when her call made through. "Wu Zhaoyi?" She asked uncertainly because there was only silence once the call was connected.

"Yes. It's me." A breathy voiced spoke in a hurry. "Made it quick, I can't be on the phone for too long." Wu Zhaoyi was panting heavily. "You..." Fu Yixiao was curious about what was happening on the other side but finally decided not to meddle. She worried that anymore interruption would put the man in danger.

"You're not allowed to be injured because I want to see you once your mission is over." She ended the call after saying her piece and noticed that Liling and Tony were staring at her in astonishment. CM's brooded face was also staring at her on the screen.

"What?" She asked, confused. "Young Miss, you are awesome. I never meet someone who dares to speak in such manner to Master," Liling wiped her saliva at the corner of her lips, still couldn't get over what she heard earlier. Tony and CM nodded in agreement.

"Really?" Fu Yixiao tilted her head feeling doubtful. However, the trio was shaking their head aggressively, assuring her. "Well, that's good news." She smiled unknowingly.

cloudgugu cloudgugu


Hmm, hope the story still making sense.


Thanks for reading!


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