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54.68% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 35: The foreboding (III)

The foreboding (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 35 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 35: The foreboding (III)

Wu Zhaoyi was inside a rundown shelter when his phone vibrated. He peeked outside through the hole on the tattered wall, observing the area around the shelter and saw two men hidden behind the closest bushes looking at his direction. They must have suspected this shelter, he thought.

He watched for a moment longer and realized that one of the men were badly injured and had requested for his partner's help. This was an opportunity for Wu Zhaoyi as he took a few steps back and left the shelter through the backdoor. His movement was swift but devoid of unnecessary noises giving no chance for the enemies to locate him.

After ascertaining that he was on a safe zone, he searched for a hiding spot before landing his butt on the uneven ground. He leaned against a huge boulder and once again felt his phone vibrated. He took out his phone and saw a number listed under the most-important list of contact showed on the screen.

He was still breathing hard when he heard a girl's voice from the phone's speaker. However, the call ended sooner than he expected with the caller's final command was to see her once he finished his mission. His lips slightly curled upward as his mind was already contemplating whether to stay or return to the city.

'Time to go back!' He finally decided.

He took out a white, round GPS from his left pocket and discovered the way toward the shelter at the most southern area on the map where his transportation was hidden. He sighed as he noticed that to reach the shelter, he had to walk for two hours. Having no other option, he buckled up and ran to the forest, following the map to the marked location.

He was lucky because halfway there were no enemies in sight. However, he knew that it was still too early to be happy for his location was still an hour away.

Soon, he arrived at an old building in which a signboard with 'The Sacrificial Ground' written on it was hanging on the door. He shivered as a flash of memories erupted in his mind. He clenched his fist and entered the building, speedily walked toward an aircraft, ready to bring himself home.



"Young Miss, I have packed all the necessary stuff that you need as a boarding student," Liling said in excitement. She had been packing for an hour knowing that tomorrow morning her young miss would leave the mansion to Z Royal School.

However, Fu Yixiao was busy with her computer, totally ignoring Liling's excited remark. Seeing her in such a state, Liling could only sigh. Since yesterday, her young miss was glued on the computer looking for information regarding Tu Island. She believed that Lu Xinya must be the main reason why her young miss was keen on the island.

"Young Miss," Liling called again hoping to see a reaction from her. At the same time, there was a sound of a phone ringing from the couch next to the door of the secret chamber. Liling was about to inform her young miss when she saw her made a dash toward the direction of the sound.

"Who's this?" Fu Yixiao twitched in agitation when she noticed that it was an unknown number who called her. She threw the phone on the sofa nearby when she heard another single sound indicating the incoming message. Annoyed, she took the phone, immediately her face darkened after reading the content of the message.

"Young Miss, what happened?" Liling nervously asked when she noticed her young miss' demeanor changed all of a sudden.

Fu Yixiao stared at Liling and showed her the phone's screen. "This..." There was a dreaded look on Liling's face the moment she finished reading the message. "Shhhh..." Fu Yixiao put her index finger on her lips ushering her not to say anything.

She walked to a bookshelf, took a notebook from the shelf and wrote on a blank page of the notebook. 'Someone might be watching us' Then, she wrote again. 'I will be going out first.' Liling was worried when she read the last write up and whispered, "But it's almost midnight,"

Ignoring Liling's worried look, Fu Yixiao replied in the same manner, whispering to her "Continue packing. Don't worry I'll take Tony with me." She said and left the room.



"Miss, where are we going?" Tony asked in confusion. He was in his quarters when her young miss called, asking him to accompany her somewhere.

"You'll know when we reach there. Be vigilant, I don't want people to see us." Fu Yixiao whispered and stealthily move while watching her surrounding. The moon was already high on the sky enveloping the whole area with its yellowish glow.

Soon they arrived at a door and Tony's eyes were already bulging out in shock. "Miss... this..." He asked in bewilderment. "Let's go." Fu Yixiao disregarded Tony's confusion as she pushed the door. They walked for a good amount of time before arriving at a cabin.

Tony composed himself as he entered the cabin following his young miss. "I thought you knew about this passway. " Fu Yixiao said when she noticed his mouth was gaping when the floor shook, revealing a flight of stairs going downward. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tony shook his head indicating his cluelessness. "Nevermind, let's go." Fu Yixiao stepped on the stairs and sat knew that it would move on its own. They finally reached the final stop and Fu Yixiao opened the entrance door.

On the other side of the door, Wu Zhaoyi was standing there, having known from his phone that Fu Yixiao was on her way to the headquarter.

"You are back!" Fu Yixiao sighed in relief both for his safe comeback and the fact that her journey to the Wyvern HQ wasn't a waste. She made a trip there hoping that she would meet him.

"Yes. As you wanted." Wu Zhaoyi replied and gestured them to follow him. Passing by numerous room and stopped once they reached the last room.

"Tony, your teammates are inside. Go and say hello." He pushed the room's door and invited Tony to enter. "Err..." Tony was surprised at the sudden invitation but his eyes were looking at Fu Yixiao with anticipation.

"Go." Fu Yixiao gave him the permission he wanted. Tony mumbled a thank you and entered the room which soon became frenzy with joyful screams and cheers.

"Come." Wu Zhaoyi held Fu Yixiao's arm and entered an elevator a few steps away from the room. Startled, Fu Yixiao tried to pull her arm but the more she tried the tighter his grip was.

"Are you trying to break my fingers?" She asked and at the same time struggling to release her arm. "Oh, sorry!" Wu Zhaoyi immediately let go of her arm and created some distance between them. Looking at the bashful man, Fu Yixiao chuckled.

"Where are we going?" She asked in curiosity. "To my room." Wu Zhaoyi answered but soon he realized that it sounded off when he immediately corrected, "It's in my room but not exactly there. You'll know once we arrived." He said and stared at the button on the glass wall, completely avoiding Fu Yixiao's probing look.

Soon, they arrived on the twenty-fifth floor and greeting Fu Yixiao's eyes were the magnificent night view of City Z. "This..." "The twenty-fifth floor of GJ Hotel." Wu Zhaoyin interjected. Fu Yixiao didn't ask further for she was already sitting on a black leathered sofa enjoying the breathtaking view.

"Why do you want to see me?" Wu Zhaoyi started the conversation after a moment of silence.

"One of the reasons is this." Fu Yixiao snapped back to reality and took out her phone. She scrolled through the messages before giving it to Wu Zhaoyi. She stared at him and noticed his hand shaking as he sent a copy of the message to his phone.

"Tell me the whole story. Why were you searching for information on Tu Island?" Wu Zhaoyi finally asked, there was a hint of anger in his voice. Fu Yixiao was confused when she realized that the anger was directed to her.

cloudgugu cloudgugu


Thanks for reading!

Sorry for the late upload. I'm a bit busy preparing for my presentation for Monday.

Hope you have a great weekend!



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