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7.81% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 5: The new world, new life (II)

The new world, new life (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 5 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 5: The new world, new life (II)

Yun Xi or previously known as caretaker Yun was doing her usual work of changing the bedsheet when her phone vibrated. She had a quick look on the screen. It was an unknown number. Who's this? She thought but decided to take the call.

"May I know who's speaking?" she asked politely and waited for the caller to respond. There was a momentary pause when she finally heard a male voice that sounded quite familiar.

"Yun… this is Lu Ting." The caller introduced himself. Yun Xi couldn't believe her ears and almost dropped her phone when the caller introduced himself. She felt the room shaking causing her to lose balance. She staggered, her hand held the wall, trying to find her balance back. It was cold.

" Mr. Lu, I don't think it is right for you to call me." Once she finished her sentence, she immediately ended the call. Yun Xi took a deep breath, her eyes were looking at the view beyond the window glass, penetrating it. The phone call had triggered something in her. Evoking her emotions she had hidden for so long.

She walked toward the bed and sat at the edge of the bed. She looked lovingly at the girl. She had been with Miss Fu for how long she couldn't remember. She had shared many ups and down with her. That's why looking at her unconscious, she seemed to feel the pain as well. She sighed and closed her eyes, trying to clear her mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She resumed her work when her phone vibrated. She looked at the screen and saw the same number calling. She ignored it and proceed to finish her daily task. Few minutes went by when she felt her phone vibrating again. She glimpsed at her phone and saw eight miscalls from the same number. Her brows furrowed, annoyed by the stubbornness of the caller. She wanted to turn off her phone when her screen displayed the caller's number. She sighed and finally decided to take the call. She went out of the room as she touched the answering icon.

"Yes?" she asked. She couldn't hide the annoyance from her voice. "Yun Xi, I'm begging you. Please allow me to visit my granddaughter. I'm afraid I couldn't hold much longer. I'm dying. Two days later, I'll be away from the city for surgery. What if the surgery fails? so please, help me! Let me see her at least once. I'm begging you." One could tell the grief in the man's voice.

"You... what is this surgery you're talking about?" Yun Xi's hand was trembling upon hearing what the man had to say. No matter how hateful she was toward that man, at this moment, she was scared. She couldn't believe what he told her, but, deep down she felt uneasy.

"I... you don't have to know about it. It's enough for you to know that I have no ill intentions toward Xiao er. I just want to see her before I die." Listening to the man's distressing answer, Yun Xi's voice got louder.

"Lu Ting, you piece of old meat! I don't believe you. Are you trying to fool me? you must be faking your sickness again." she yelled. She was angry. She felt her surrounding became hotter for her hands was sweating.

"YunXi, I know you hate me. But, please treat it as my final wish. I will explain everything to you once I see her." He said and waited for her to reply. There was only silence.


"Okay." A hesitant voice replied. "Come to Zen's Hospital." And the call ended there.

Yun Xi went inside the room after the call. She swept the room with her eyes. She was standing on the same spot for several minutes when she decided to rest. As soon as she sits, the room's door was abruptly opened assaulted by three walking people. A woman wearing a green dress with a big broach on her left chest was leading the trio. The two men behind her were wearing a black suit and a black shade. However, the neat look couldn't hide their hideous faces. Yun Xi instantly felt danger and stood up. Her normal complexion turned sour. Trouble! she thought and immediately shielded the view of the bed using her hands.

"You scum! get out of this room!" She tried to hold down her voice as much as she can. Afraid of making disturbing noises.

"Tch! Who do you think you are? you have no right to order me!" The woman exclaimed. She snapped her finger and the men standing behind her immediately moved. Yun Xi 's cold gaze fixed on the two horrendous men.

"What are you trying to do?! don't you dare to come closer!" She yelled. However, one of the men pushed her and she fell onto the floor. She saw the other man forcefully took the left hand of the girl she was protecting earlier. She rose and pushed the man away as she covered the girl's body with hers.

"No one can touch her. You wretch! what are you trying to do?" She fiercely glared at the woman who was now comfortably sitting on a chair. Her legs intertwined with each other.

"Yun Xi, are you trying to go against me? I'm that bitch mother. I can do whatever I want with her. Now, I'm ordering you to step aside. Don't worry, I only need one of her fingers." She chuckled as she explained the purpose of her visit.

"Lu Yiantao! don't you dare! you have taken everything from her. Why must you hurt her?" Yun Xi retaliated. She was enraged with the woman nonsensical attitude. This woman was the caused of her young miss miserable life. She couldn't understand the fact that a biological mother could talk about hurting her own child without any remorse.

"Taken everything?" The woman named Lu Yiantao stood up and walked forward; closing the gap between Yun Xi and her. Her hand grabbed the collar of her shirt. After scrutinizing her whole face, she said "Remember this well. That bitch is the one who took my everything! My power in the Lu family and also my inheritance. Ha! that stupid father of mine gave everything to her despite the fact that I'm his daughter. Now, tell me? who have lost everything? It's me!!" Lu Yiantao spat her words like a mad woman. Her bulging eyes made her countenance look totally evil. Yun Xi stared at the woman as if trying to understand every nonsense she spouted.

"Lu Yiantao, we both know. You lose everything because of your stupidity." Yun Xi spoke. She lowered her voice, trying not to anger the woman. However, the result was reversed.

"Nonsense!!!" Lu Yiantao was truly enraged as she kicked her with all her power. "Help!" Feeling the pain in her leg, Yun Xi let out a scream. She was hoping that someone outside could hear her voice and entered the room.

"Shut up! no one will come to save you. Tu Bo, hold her! Make sure she doesn't make any sound!" Lu Yiantao instructed one of her men as she hurriedly approached her daughter. Yun Xi struggled, trying to let herself free when she saw Lu Yiantao took out a knife from her purse.

"Xiao er... mom has come. Hehe, do you miss me? Well, right now mom is in trouble and in need of your help. You're a filial child. So, let me take one of your fingers. Oh, don't blame me. Blame your stupid grandfather." Her tone was so soft that anybody could mistake her as a loving mother, except that her words were that of a devil.

"Xiao er, you see, I really need your fingerprint. Oh, how about this, I'll return it after I settled everything. That's it if you are still alive!" She said and gleed. She played with the knife letting it touched the girl's face and trailed it down to her neck. She giggled.

Yun Xi who was forced to watch everything was terrified. She tried to shake off the man who was holding her but couldn't. She stomped on the man's feet with all her strength. The man growled in pain. His reflexive action to soothe his feet gave Yun Xi the chance to free herself. She frantically ran toward Lu Yiantao. She was only thinking of snatching the knife, however, her attempt failed for Lu Yiantao had noticed her movement.

"Bitch!" Lu Yiantao grabbed her hair and dragged her to the wall. Unable to fight back, Yun Xi suffered a great injury when her face was slammed on the concrete square in front of her. The excruciating pain made her unable to stand upright. She weakly leaned against the wall.

"Lu Yiantao... please...please. Don't do this. She is your daughter." Her voice cracked as tears flooded her bruised cheek.

Lu Yiantao smirked, ignoring her plea. She threw the knife away and instructed her men to finish the job. She stared at the unconscious girl. The excitement of hurting the person she hated the most was clearly shown on her face. "Do it!" Her cold, devious command was sending chills down the spine of the people inside the room. She was a witch without the hope of salvation for she didn't have an ounce of mercy or humanity left in her.

Lu Yiantao was enjoying the sight of the knife touching the skin of her own daughter when the door was opened by someone.

cloudgugu cloudgugu


I tried my best. Don't kill me. lol.

Thanks for reading my book.

Can you guess who opened the door?

I bet you can.


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