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9.37% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 6: The new world, new life (III)

The new world, new life (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 6 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 6: The new world, new life (III)

Lu Ting walked as fast as he could. He ignored his assistant constant nagging. He wanted to reach his destination as soon as he could. He was tired, of course, as he wasn't young anymore. He glanced at the man walking beside him. The vigor of a young man was something he was jealous of. However, he knew that nothing in this world lasts forever. Even a blooming flower would wilt sooner or later.

"Mr. Lu, please slow down!" Ah Meng and a few men in a black T-shirt complained as they tried to catch up to their leader's pace. Mr.Lu ignored his underlings as he increased his pace. Soon, he felt exhausted as he was gasping for air. Thankfully, the elevators were just ahead of them. As soon as he saw one of the elevators doors opened, he dashed for it. The rest of the men could only follow suit.

"Which floor is it?" Lu Ting asked as his index finger was swaying up and down impatiently. "The fifth floor." The man who was standing next to him answered. "Hehe, I can always rely on your memory." Lu Ting joked as he pushed the button to the fifth floor. Next, he was seen leaning on the transparent wall. He tilted his head to the left, watching the congested and noisy traffic. Cars were howling, rushing the drivers to step on the pedal and speed on. Some impatiently waved their hands and cursed.

The man standing next to Lu Ting directed his gaze to the same scene. However, his eyes were devoid of any emotions. He was giving off the aura of a man that cared nothing about the trivial matters the world has to offer. As if bored with the view, he shifted his look somewhere else. His every move and gesture was enough to attract, charm and influence those around him. His anthracite black eyes were akin to the eyes of the oracle. If a person stared at them for a second, they'll feel like their whole life was in his grasp. playing and toying with it.

"Old man, are you feeling nervous?" He asked. Lu Ting was startled and immediately glared at the handsome man next to him.

"You scare me! I was enjoying the view." He answered. "You're not answering the question." The man retorted, eyebrows raised. His toneless voice was like hollow wind in the cave, making people shivered. "Gui Jin! you must change the way you speak. My soul almost left me." Lu Ting scowled as he hurriedly composed his puffing chest. "Hmm, did I scare you? sorry." Gui Jin replied as he thoroughly examined the man next to him.

"Brat, what are you looking at?" Lu Ting asked, his voice implying his disapproval. Gui Jin chuckled. "Old man, I haven't seen you for eight years and this is how you treat me." He purposefully lowered his voice, lamenting. "Heh, your trick will not work on me." Lu Ting crossed his arm ready to mouth another attack when the elevator door opened. His eyes glowed. He pulled Gui Jin arm and rushed out of the elevator. Gui Jin chuckled as he let the man pulled him.

"Old man is your granddaughter beautiful?" He asked. He just arrived at City Z two days ago, when he received a call from Lu Ting, asking for his favor. "She is!" Lu Ting answered as his steps hastened. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"We're here!" Lu Ting paused as he stared nervously at the ornate doorknob. Gui Jin wanted to say something when they heard noises coming from inside. Lu Ting positioned his body closer to the door, trying to listen to the commotion inside. After a few minutes, his pasty face turned white as a sheet. His eyes bloodshot as his complexion became furious. Gui Jin who was also listening to the bittering voices felt a seething pressure swallowed him. He unconsciously reached the door's handle as he stormed inside.

"Anymore and I kill each and every one of you!"

The people inside the room froze as they stared at the person walking towards them. Gui Jin scanned the room. Two women, two men, and a sleeping girl. He frowned when he saw one of the men was holding a knife about to cut a finger of the girl sleeping. He recounted his conversation with Lu Ting two days ago and realized that the girl was Fu Yixiao; the granddaughter.

"Put down the knife!" He said. There was no anger, sadness, nor excitement in his voice but the man who was holding the knife immediately threw it away. The man trembled as he stood up. His knee weakened, without thinking he rose both his hands up. Gui Jin walked steadily towards the man. "Scram!" He commanded and the man staggered, almost peed his pant. Gui Jin set his eyes on the sleeping girl and unknowingly muttered her name "Fu Yixiao." His cold gaze softened. Then, he chuckled, turned around and said. "Old man, she is definitely a beauty!"

Lu Ting who felt angered rose to his face earlier strode forward as he asked him a series of questions. "How is she? did you check her fingers? is she okay?" Gui Jin smiled and said reassuringly "She isn't hurt." Lu Ting let out a sigh of relief. He leaned forward and kissed the girl's forehead. He looked at her face, adoring every inch. Then, he began inspecting for any injury. After making sure she was alright, he finally looked at the four persons staring to their direction.

"Lu Yiantao, released Yun Xi this instant!" He commanded. His face darkened when he saw Yun Xi's bruised face. Lu Yiantao was still shocked at the entrance of the two people. She wasn't expecting anyone to come at this hour. She had checked the schedules of her daughter's attending doctor and checked the visitors' name list. She was convinced that this was the perfect time to execute her plan. When she saw the two people walked inside, she knew she needed to do something. Therefore, she pulled Yun Xi who was leaning against the wall and choked her neck.

"Lu Yiantao!" Lu Ting yelled. He was worried when he saw her daughter's finger tightened. Lu Yiantao shot a look of disdain toward the man standing across her.

"Father, it was good to see you here." She chuckled, pretended to be happy. However, it was a mismatch to her scornful face. She really wanted to run to the father of hers and skinned him alive.

"Lu Yiantao, don't you dare! aren't you afraid of the consequences?" Lu Ting threatened, thinking that it was the only way to scare his daughter. Lu Yiantao let out a grimly laughed. At the same time, she was trying to calm her mind. She needed to find ways to execute her plan or else she's afraid there'll be no other time.

Gui Jin flinched at Lu Yiantao showmanship. He stepped forward nonchalantly "Old man, is this your one and only daughter? she sure has balls." He smirked and continued walking. Lu Yiantao shuddered. She wanted to threaten the man but there was a menacing aura shrouding his entire self. She tried to send a deadly glare, but his bottomless eyes seemed to suck all her energy away.

"Who...who are you? Don't meddle into someone else's business!" She stammered, her whole body was sweating furiously. "Release her." Gui Jin said as he lifted his hand. Lu Yiantao instantly loosened her fingers and covered her face. "Dumb!" Gui Jin spoke as he caught Yun Xi's weakened body. He supported her and let her rest next to Lu Ting who was dumbfounded at what he had just witnessed. Earlier, he was trying to intimidate his daughter to release Yun Xi with lengthy words but failed. Gui Jin only spoke a few words and easily accomplished what he couldn't. He sure had transformed into a dragon! He thought.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Hmm, I wonder when will our female lead gain her stop being a sleeping beauty!

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