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76.56% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 49: The pursuits

The pursuits - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 49 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 49: The pursuits

"Xiao meimei!" Lu Xinya immediately rose from her seat when she saw Fu Yixiao approached the dining table. Guilt was shown on her face while her fingers were intertwining with each other. She lowered her head, afraid that Fu Yixiao would think badly of her.

"What's wrong with the two of you?" Xu Kai was uneasy after seeing the awkwardness in Lu Xinya's movement. It was normal to fight but he realized that something had happened between the two of them after leaving the bathroom. Besides, Fu Yixiao had left the classroom midway which led him to think that something must have happened between them.

"What is it? Sister Lu Xinya why are you apologizing? You haven't done anything wrong," Fu Yixiao was starting to feel irritated with Lu Xinya inconsistencies. At times she was like an obsessed child but on another occasion, she was unrestrained and wild. Moreover, she did it like it wasn't a big deal.

"But, I'm really sorry about this afternoon," again like her usual act, her eyes were welled up in tears. Soon, the flood of tears would invade her cheek. "Xiao meimei, do you hate me?" Lu Xinya refused to sit down unless Fu Yixiao gave her an answer.

Annoyed, Fu Yixiao shrugged her shoulder before saying, "There's nothing to forgive about. that matter wasn't something to worry about. Besides, you have your own reason. Now, sit down and eat!" Fu Yixiao spoke harder than she normally would. Her headache hadn't fully healed and Lu Xinya was making her crazy.

"Xiao meimei, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry..." Lu Xinya once again apologized before she ran to her room. Xu Kai and Han Yu were both staring at her asking for an explanation. They were quite shocked that the event would turn into such a dramatic end.

"Don't ask me," Lu Xinya tersely answered their probing looks before focused on filling up her hungry stomach. She had a great mission tonight and she definitely wouldn't let Lu Xinya influenced her state of mind.

"Okay, see you tomorrow morning," Fu Yixiao said after wiping her mouth clean with a napkin. She drank a glass of water before leaving the dining room. However, her steps were stopped by Han Yu's voice.

"Fu Yixiao, you should at least check on Lu Xinya,"

Fu Yixiao flinched and stared at Han Yu without hiding her disdain. "Why should I?" She asked, raising her right eyebrow.

"You're the one who made her cry," Han Yu's accusation had totally made Fu Yixiao lose her cool. "I made her cry? do you even know what had happened? you knew nothing and you kept on spouting nonsense?" Her face twitched as she looked at Han Yu's face.

"Han Yu, you have no right to tell me what to do," she said and left the room without looking back. She wasn't really angry but listening to the nonsense coming from them made her annoyed and irritated.

"You shouldn't say such things to Fu Yixiao. Not when she was in such state," Xu Kai scolded Han Yu who was making a call to Lu Xinya.

"But she went overboard!" Han Yu defended himself. Totally blinded from what Xu Kai tried to tell him.

"She was clearly not feeling well and both you and Lu Xinya had angered her. Besides, don't you noticed that when Fu Yixiao isn't with us, Lu Xinya was praising her to the moon? But, the moment she came, she was like a lost child?" Xu Kai explained but Han Yu was playing dead not listening to a word he said. Xu Kai could only sigh. He wasn't sure what triggered tonight's fight between the three people.

"I'll bring this food to Lu Xinya's room. See you'" Han Yu left the room leaving Xu Kai who was clueless about what just happened. He sighed and left the dining room. Tomorrow he'd try to fix things.



Fu Yixiao woke up exactly at eleven o'clock and changed her sleeping attire to a black outfit. She lifted up her bed and touched the vanished floor underneath the bed and sensing a slight change in the flattened floor.

Soon, a small vault was revealed. Fu Yixiao entered the password to access its contents. Inside was the gun she took from Wu Zhaoyi during their first meeting. She grabbed the gun and checked the cylinders that stored the ammunition; there were five bullets left. Satisfied, she slipped out through the window and walked toward the end of the garden.

Then, the surrounding that was still visible to the eye became dark as the trees that weren't available in the garden started to eat away the visibility. Fu Yixiao had entered the wood.

It was completely dark but somehow Fu Yixiao could see the path she should take. She was bewildered with the ability of hers but thought that it probably due to the sudden revelation she had in the evening.

She ran following a certain pattern based on the memories she had from the map provided behind the letter. Then, she noticed that the moment she reached one of the pit stops, there were four pair of eyes watching her every move.

She ran and hid behind a huge boulder, a hidden spot that even though was known by her pursuers but was a good position to defend and started an attack. The moment she stopped, the people that had been following her also stopped. Fu Yixiao frowned and waited for a while. She confirmed that there was no malicious intent coming from the direction of her pursuers.

'Who are they?' she pondered for a while before continued running. She needed to reach her location soon for there were only fifteen minutes left before midnight. Like a cheetah, she left her hiding spot and vanished within the darkness.



"Master, she noticed us," A woman wearing a veil followed her master who was wearing a black mask. She had been told that they would be on a mission tonight, but, never in her wildest dream that their mission was to chase after the young miss from the Lu's family.

"keep running!" She instantly increased her pace the moment her master did his. "Master, Miss Fu is really awesome. She is just like a professional hunter," She genuinely amazed by the young miss ability. The missy almost shook them off.

"Heh, of course, she isn't ordinary," She heard her master praising the young miss. Well, she wasn't surprised but it was obvious that her master was totally smitten. She shook her head as a smile was formed under the veil. She felt that her master had become a hopeless romantic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Master, there are another two men following the young miss from the right side. What should we do?" The woman asked as she skipped over a rotten log. "Let them be, they aren't enemies," The woman nodded but she knew her master was keep tracking of the other party's movement. She wondered who else knew of the young miss entering the wood in the middle of the night.



"Master, it seemed that Miss Fu already knows of us," A man who was running alongside his master spoke. He peeked on his master who was running like a ninja skipping over obstacles like they were nothing. His ability was really beyond anyone.

"Doesn't matter but pay attention to the other party. We are not the only one following Xiao meimei," The man was alarmed after hearing what his master said. He was really surprised that someone else was in the wood with them.

'Young miss is really famous,' he thought before chasing after his master who was a few meters ahead of him.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Another chapter! Enjoy...

I was running away from webnovel for almost a day and felt like I've missed a lot of things. ?

Leave your comments, rating, and votes. I loved em!


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