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25% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 16: The schemes (II)

The schemes (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 16 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 16: The schemes (II)

Particles of dust flew in the air when a force stomped the ground repeatedly. Then, there was stillness as the force gradually became steady. However, once again it was disturbed with the deep suctioned of air.

Fu Yixiao, who was tired from running released a large pent-up breath when she was sure no one followed her. She observed her surrounding, trying to get a hold of where she was when she saw a familiar face, secretary Bo. He was talking with a man in his forties and somehow the mood seemed off. Fu Yixiao observed them a little more and realized that the two were arguing.

Sensing that she would be in trouble if she was found out, she hid her body behind a huge, bushy Madagascar Jasmine. She pressed her ears, listening carefully to each word, soon, her calm demeanor became colder, freezing the air surrounding her. Her heart was beating hard, suppressing the anger she held within. She took a deep breath, afraid that it would consume her. She knew it was dangerous to act now when she hadn't established herself yet. She closed her eyes, meditating in her mind. Shortly after, the inferno inside her subsided. She continued watching the duo.

Seeing them retreating, she came out from hiding and walked toward a grand, carpeted staircase. She noticed earlier that she was actually in a Tapestry Gallery next to the staircase that led to the entrance of the Banquet Hall.

From afar, she saw Butler Bun instructed his co-workers to move a white statue resembling the statue of liberty at the middle of the Banquet Hall. She approached him, as she got closer, she tip-toed behind, obviously trying to scare him. However, he suddenly turned around and almost bumped into her. "Young Miss!" Butler Bun exclaimed. His left hand was calming his racing heart. Fu Yixiao frowned at his reaction, not expecting him to ruin her sneaky plan.

"How is everything, Butler Bun?" She asked not looking at him but scanning the hall instead. "Smooth sailing." Butler Bun replied with a proud expression on his face. He didn't realize it but he was like a kitten hoping to be praised by his owner. Chuckling, Fu Yixiao patted his back and give him a thumb up. which caused his mouth to form a smile on his face, lifting his already puffy cheek. Fu Yixiao laughed, finding him hilarious.

She wanted to tease him more when she saw Secretary Bo walked into the hall with the man she saw him with earlier. "Butler Bun, who is the man next to secretary Bo?" She asked, trying not to sound curious. "He is Mr. Chin Long, one of the directors of Lu Corporation." Butler Bun explained. Fu Yixiao seemed to have heard of the name before but unable to recall where she had heard of it. "He is Madam Chin's older brother." Butler Bun explained as he sensed the curiosity that was written all over her face.

Finally grasping the idea, Fu Yixiao nodded in understanding. However, when she recalled what they had been talking about earlier, she frowned. Something wasn't right. She wanted to ask more, but the two men were heading toward them. "Greeting, Director Chin, Secretary Bo." Butler Bun greeted them with a smile. "Hmm." Director Chin snorted as he fixed his eyes on Fu Yixiao.

"This must be Young Miss Fu?" Asked him, confirming. Fu Yixiao smiled, confirming his guess. "It was unexpected to see you here, Miss Fu. Do you feel like you are already a president, hence flaunting your presence here?" Director Chin asked, mocking her. Fu Yixiao sighed in his heart not sure how she felt toward the director.

"Director Chin, I'm just passing by. In fact, I saw you and secretary Bo at the Tapestry Gallery earlier. You seemed to be discussing some important matters, what were you talking about?" She asked, dropping a bomb that shook both the men in front of her. Director Chin's eyes bulged as he glared at her. "Oh, you were there?" He asked trying to calm his mind. Secretary Bo was sweating, he stared at her, trying to scale the amount of secret she had accumulated.

"Uhuh, I was there." Fu Yixiao assured him. Then, he saw Gui Jin was walking toward them. She cursed. This man seemed to be following her around. "Miss Fu, do you..." Secretary Bo wanted to ask something but the girl had already left, walking with long strides. He wanted to chase her but he saw Gui Jin was walking toward them, he frowned. "Master Gui, it is an honor to see you here." He said forcing a smile on his stiffened face. Gui Jin spared him no look for he was more interested to watch Fu Yixiao who had taken quite a detour just to avoid him. His lips curled upward.

"Butler Bun, I'm here to inform that I will be monitoring the progress of this preparation. The old man had been pestering me to do it." He explained. Butler Bun nodded in understanding for he had been informed of this matter as well. "Master Gui, it was a pleasure to have you on board." Director Chin squeezed in between the two men trying to get Gui Jin's attention however he was met with a dark expression. He staggered as he timidly moved to the side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Butler Bun, you can consult me anytime regarding the preparation." He said handing out his business card. Butler Bun bowed as he accepted the card. "Thank you, Master Gui." He said. Gui Jin nodded then walked away. Director Chin and secretary Bo soon left the hall as well, walking side by side with their back hunched, as if they had suffered a major loss. Butler Bun frowned not understanding a thing.

Fu Yixiao who had changed into a new set of training gear walked toward the training ground. Upon entering the room, Tony was already there, waiting. He was wearing his usual black attire. "So, are you ready?" Fu Yixiao asked excitedly. "Miss, are you sure you want to spar with me? You can have my subordinate to do it." He said trying to change her mind.

Fu Yixiao who was doing her warming up routine rolled her eyes, clearly disliking what she just heard. She knew that Tony was worried about her however, it was also a sign that he thought of her as a weak person. That had hurt her pride. In the past, she had learned martial arts and her adventures had sharpened her instinct and fighting prowess. It was true that the previous Fu Yixiao had never learned martial arts or any self-defense arts, but her body was fit and healthy. Hence, she was confident that she could fight at least eighty to ninety percent of her true abilities.

"Make your move." She commanded. Tony stared at the delicate girl in front of him. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and as soon as they were opened, he was already in a battle mood. Fu Yixiao saw it as excitement rose in her heart. She relaxed her body and gathered her strength, she was also in a battle mood.

Tony put his right foot forward as he sent a kick with the other leg. It was so fast, that Fu Yixiao couldn't predict where it would land. Tony frowned when he saw her standing there, not moving., He wanted to retract his leg but it was already too late. When he thought he had already hit her, Fu Yixiao moved a step back as her body bent sideways. This movement was casually done that none were able to believe their eyes when Tony's kick missed its target.

Liling eyes were opened wide. She saw how her young miss had been avoiding Tony's attack as if it was the easiest thing to do. She gulped the saliva that almost slipped from her mouth. Then she heard her young miss said, "Tony, is that all you got?" and upon saying that, she lunged forward and send a punch to his stomach. Those tiny hand of hers actually made Tony to retreat a few steps backward.

Fu Yixiao watched as Tony gain his balance, his worried face was now turned into admiration. She sighed, looking at his face, she knew the fight had come to an end. It wasn't fun to fight with people who admire you for they had the tendency to hold themselves. "That's enough for today." She said walking out of the arena.

"Young Miss, thank you for your benevolence," Tony said as he clasped his hands in gratitude. Fu Yixiao sighed. Tony is still a kitten, not yet a dragon. Sure, he was strong, but he was too kind. "Tony, do you know why you lost today?" She asked. Tony lifted his face as he looked at her waiting for her explanation. Fu Yixiao chuckled, the big guy was acting like a child waiting for candies.

"That because you put a limit on yourself which is your judgment about me. Those limit spread into your body acting like a shackle that held your true power. Remember, there are no limitations in fighting, there are only the winner or the loser. You must always strive for winning." She explained. A nostalgic feeling rose in her as she recalled her past. Inhaling, she cleared her mind. "Do you understand?" She asked, looking toward Tony's face seeking for a sign of enlightenment. Sure enough, Tony's face lit up as his aura increased. In an instant, he looked so mature.

"Young Miss, thank you for your lesson." Tony clasped his hand, he was truly amazed and thankful at the same time. He vowed that he would always be the shield that protected her no matter what. "Good!" Fu Yixiao smiled in satisfaction. She felt that today had been a fruitful day. Looking at Tony's change of attitude, she knew she had scored herself a loyal subordinate.

"Liling, let's go. I really need a bath. I stink." She said, laughing happily as she left the training hall.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Hey there,

once again thanks for reading my story.

To all who spend their power stone on this novel, I love you! I will work hard to release more chapter.

Ps: if you like my story or even if you dislike it, please leave me a review so that I can improve and power up. Hehe... thanks in advance.


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