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56.25% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 36: Who are you? (I)

Who are you? (I) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 36 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 36: Who are you? (I)

"Why are you angry?"

Wu Zhaoyi was startled when he noticed Fu Yixiao's eyes were looking at him in mixup mystification, staring with her mystifying black eyes. He loved those eyes. Be it in the past or the present. He always loved her eyes. It was those eyes that attracted him the most, eyes that full of vibrant hues, like the shades of the rainbow.

Well, to answer her question, was he angry? Yes, he was. He was angry because he worried about her. Worried that she would get herself into danger. That she would act hastily without him knowing. And more, he was afraid that he would see her eyes lose its colors. Like it did before.

And the fact that he wasn't there to protect her was killing him inside.

Wu Zhaoyi exhaled and shook his head lightly. Calming the raging volcano in his mind. He knew she wouldn't understand unless he told her everything. Still, was she ready? The truth wasn't that simple.

"Tell me the whole story." He requested as his eyes were staring at her intently. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fu Yixiao grunted in disapproval but knowing that her time was limited, she might as well clarified everything. She then recounted the incidents that happened in the past two days from the time she met Lu Xinya at the lobby until she received a threatening message from an unknown number. Everything was explained in full details and precision.

"Lu Xinya is also a candidate?" Wu Zhaoyi asked in shock.

"Yes. Do you know her?" Fu Yixiao was intrigued. She invested watching his expression but again the mask hid them well. She let go of her curiosity and focused on his lips, the one that screamed danger. But thinking that she wasn't Fu Ya who was an adult, Fu Yixiao nibbled her bottom lip.

'Ehh, am I a pervert?' but this self-doubt didn't last long for it was destroyed the instant it arose on her mind which was now vehemently reciting mantras to calm her voluptuous thought. Well, her soul was that of an adult but the body wasn't.

'Damn, I wasn't like this in the past.' Again, she was struggling to keep her innocence from the wild thought she was having in her mind. With a grimace, she bit her tongue. The acute pain shot through her nerve instantly cleared her mind.

Wu Zhaoyi cocked his head to the side wondering what she was up to. The gravity of their conversation was concluded the moment he noticed her inattentiveness.

"You okay?" He was concerned to see her fingers touching her lips, grimacingly.

"Eh...mmm...yes. I'm okay." She waved her hand in a hurry indicating that she was fine, then, to secure her bluff, she asked, "So, do you know who Lu Xinya is?"

"You really don't remember anything about her?" Instead of an answer what she received was a question. She started to get irritated for Lu Xinya had asked her the same way.

"My memories of Tu Island was limited to the time I grew up with grandma. No recollection of her. Why?" She asked, crossing her arms.

"That's impossible. You should remember her unless..." "Unless what?" She was already standing. Aggravated by the way he kept her on edge. It came to her that everyone she had met was indignant of her knocking the door of the unknown. But, it wasn't her intention to do so. It was the unknown that always chased after her and she hated that, hated being the one who didn't know about anything.

"Nothing. Let's go back." Wu Zhaoyi was certainly hesitant. Fu Yixiao knew that he already had the answer to all her questions.

"Tell me who she is. I hate to be kept in the dark." She appealed. This was her last straw. If he insisted to be on denial, she wasn't sure if her anger could be contained anymore.

"Soon! You'll know her soon." and she snapped.

"Wu Zhaoyi! Don't try to be so mysterious. Isn't it much better to tell me the truth now rather than me finding them out later? What if you have miscalculated things? Is it fun for you to see me being stupidly ignorant just because you want me to?" Her chest was heavy as she basically speaking without pausing. She exhaled, gaining control of her breath.

"Fu Yixiao, it's for your own safety." Wu Zhaoyi tried to sound as calm as he can. He could feel his cold feet upon seeing her raging anger. What he didn't know was, he just added fuel to the fire. He heard her laugh menacingly, staring at her in ridicule.

"Wu Zhaoyi! I'm sure you knew me. And I'm well aware that you knew the memories that I've lost. Even if you refused to tell me, I'll look for it on my own. I'm not that stupid to wait for any of you to explain them to me. So, keep your secret forever. I don't need it!" Her emotionless voice told him that she had given up on him.

He clasped his fist as everything finally came to him like the pouring rain. The moment she showed him the message, she was already involved. Earlier than he had expected. Earlier then what they had estimated.

He gritted his teeth, angry that he realized it too late.

"Wu Zhaoyi, forget our deal. It's no longer important." Fu Yixiao declared and she left the room without a second glance.

Truth was, she had no reason to be angry because she knew he was protecting her. But, the intricacy of the situation wasn't something she could crack on her own for the complexity was beyond her.

This world was different from the past and Fu Yixiao's memories were not helping much which made her resorted to depending on external power to make her footing in this world.

The existence of Wu Zhaoyi had given her hope. She was one of her wings and came to trust him but was it a blind trust? because at this moment he was an obstacle, trapping her within the known.

Was she wrong to believe in him? If she was, then this was the first time that her instinct failed her.

Fu Yixiao pursed her lips. She was frustrated.



Seeing Fu Yixiao leaving, Wu Zhaoyi lost his nerve and ran after her, ignoring the pain that stung his feet as he stumbled upon the side table. Tangled pasts flashed in his eyes and like a movie, the whole room was turned into a cinema, showcasing the chronicles of his past life, mocking him for his powerlessness.

Will he be powerless this time? No, he had accumulated power. The strength to paved the road to her happiness. Really, all he wanted for her in this life was to be happy. Yet, here he was clipping her wings breaking her ability to fly. Wasn't he killing her again? Wasn't he similar to him, betraying her trust? No, if the truth was what she needed, that shall be given to her.

Or he would live another life in regret.

"Fu Ya!"

cloudgugu cloudgugu

One cat, two cats, three cats

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Sending you loves

with two chapters till Wednesday.

It didn't rhyme but please accept my apology.


My kind-hearted voters, sweet reviewers, and commenters. Also, my silent readers.

Last week rank was amazing. This story was in the top 400 originals. It was a small achievement compared to others but I'm happy. Hehe.

Enjoy the cliff-kun! Don't worry, another chapter coming. Laterrr...hehe

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