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65.62% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 42: Z Royal School (II)

Z Royal School (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 42 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 42: Z Royal School (II)

"The class size is quite small," Fu Yixiao was analyzing the information she read on all the LED screens at the school entrance. In each screen was the name of the teacher and students. Despite it being only the first day of school, everything was running smoothly. The students were well-informed as soon as they reached the ground of the Z Royal School.

Xu Kai who was familiar with the process understood well the awe Fu Yixiao was feeling. That was also his reaction when he first came to Z Royal school.

"That's because the enrollment is open only to the four big families in the city. That's why the student-teacher ratio is mostly four to one or five to one," He clarified and reached for the phone on his pocket. It had been ringing for quite a while. He answered the phone after confirming who the caller was.

"Han Yu is waiting for us in the assembly hall. We shall hurry, our teacher is already waiting for us." He informed them as soon as the call ended.

"Han Yu? Do you know him?" Lu Xinya who was enjoying the nature surrounding the school was staring at Xu Kai. She was rather curious about their fourth classmate. Similarly, Fu Yixiao was also interested in Han Yu hence was also waiting for Xu Kai to reply.

"He was my roommate last semester. He's a peculiar guy but you'll come to like him." Xu Kai explained after seeing the odd expression in their faces. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Peculiar? Sounds interesting," Fu Yixiao's comment made Xu Kai laughed heartily for he was thinking that Han Yu was indeed an interesting guy. Then, he stared at Fu Yixiao with an earnest look on his face.

"Young Miss Fu, I..."

"Call me Fu Yixiao, like you, I'm not really fond of the title," Fu Yixiao interjected before Xu Kai finished his sentence. She leaned against the shear wall trying to guess what he was going to talk about.

"I'll do that." Xu Kai responded and with a serious tone, he spoke, "Fu Yixiao, I have no interest in the wealth and fame of the Lu's Family so you don't have to worry about me getting in your way," He said and a momentarily smile appeared on his face. He wanted to talk more but was interrupted by Lu Xinya who was standing behind.

"Xiao meimei, same goes to me. I don't need the inheritance. I came back to City Z so that I could meet you," Lu Xinya hurriedly spoke as she looked at Fu Yixiao with adoration in her eyes. She was a bit depressed after knowing that Fu Yixiao had no memories of them but she was still hoping that one day she would recall those memories.

She noticed that Xu Kai was glaring at her. Dissatisfaction was clearly shown in his face. "Ahh, sorry!" She clasped her hand while apologizing. Xu Kai could only sigh but decided not to pursue the matter. Both of them were looking at Fu Yixiao who was also staring at them with an unfathomable expression on her face.

"Why are you telling me this?" Fu Yixiao stared at the two people who was standing like a soldier in front of her. Their sudden revelations were quite shocking but it had little effect on her. Only time could tell whether they spoke the truth or not. For now, all she cared about was to pass the test without involving herself into some useless drama. She already knew the taste of betrayal and had learned the hard way that the human heart could change easily. That's why she wouldn't trust their word just because they told her so.

"I just want you to know since we are classmate," Xu Kai explained.

"Xiao meimei, I don't want you to misunderstand me," Lu Xinya added.

Fu Yixiao shrug after listening to their explanation. "Suit yourself," She said, not bothering to ask for more.

"Let's go," Knowing that there was nothing left to be said, Xu Kai led them toward the assembly hall. Fu Yixiao and Lu Xinya followed behind. Silence accompanied them until they reached the assembly hall.

Fu Yixiao noticed that the hall wasn't big but spacious enough to accommodate all the students and teachers of Z Royal School. It gave a luxurious vibe despite its minimalist design and architecture.

The three of them stood at one corner searching for Han Yu. Xu Kai spotted him sitting on one of the seats in the last row together with a woman in her mid-thirties. "Heh, so we are 'it' this year," Xu Kai smirked after confirming Han Yu's location.

"What do you mean?" Lu Xinya frowned not getting what he was talking about. However, Han Yu had spotted them and was swaggering toward their direction.

"Big bro!!" He shrieked and ran toward Xu Kai. His hands were opened wide ready to hug him. Luckily, Xu Kai managed to avoid his bear hug leaving the man to hug the empty air instead. Han Yu stomped his feet in disappointment before shifting his eyes to Fu Yixiao and Lu Xinya who were standing behind Xu Kai.

"The two of you must be Lu Xinya and Fu Yixiao? Let me guess, you are Lu Xinya, the girl with short hair. And you must be Fu Yixiao, you are really beautiful! Ahh, the two of you are so beautiful!" Both Fu Yixiao and Lu Xinya stepped back the moment Han Yu's hands were midair about to pull them to his friendly cuddling.

Han Yu was disappointed after being rejected twice in a row. He pouted and invited them to sit in an unfriendly way, "Alright, take a sit but never sit on the other places. This is our spot!" He slumped his butt on the chair sitting with his legs crossed.

Seeing Han Yu's antics, the ladies finally understood why he was described as 'peculiar'. His appearance was similar to a model in a magazine with her perfectly combed hair and well-coordinated suit but the moment he opened his mouth, his girly voice threw people away.

"Ignore him," Xu Kai chuckled as he sat next to Han Yu.

"Hello, students!" Fu Yixiao looked toward the woman who was standing next to Han Yu. Seeing the woman's face, Fu Yixiao frowned as it made her remembered someone. "Dr. Mirinda?" She was doubtful but asked away. The woman met her gazed and shook her head, denying Fu Yixiao's claimed.

"I'm Miss Miranda, your teacher for the whole semester," The woman introduced herself. Her serious face softened up when she smiled.

"Miss Miranda, nice to meet you. I'm Fu Yixiao." She introduced herself and bowed before her.

"Oh, you are Fu Yixiao? I've heard of you. My sister was complaining all day after you canceled the shopping trip." Miss Miranda grinned when she knew of Fu Yixiao's identity. She had also confirmed her identity with her last sentence. Fu Yixiao could only laugh after listening to her reply.

They were all introducing themselves before Miss Miranda gave them bits of advice that were helpful for newcomers like Fu Yixiao and Lu Xinya. Of course, the most important advice was to avoid conflict with other students. Even though the school was not partial to any family but when a fight occurred the harmony in the school would lose its balance.

"Miss Miranda, but the harmony in this school had long lost its balance," Xu Kai said with a slight curl on the corner of his lips.

"Yes, but at least students are not openly fighting with each other. The balance is still there even though it is only on the surface," Miss Miranda refuted. Fu Yixiao chuckled as the explanation was laughable to her.

"Things done in secrecy are much scarier," She said with a double meaning. Xu Kai glanced at her before nodding his head. Miss Miranda could only smile. She agreed with them but as a teacher, she always tried to discourage her students to create a ruckus and lay low. Especially students like them who was last in rank and listed under the red zone list.

"Alright, I understand your point. But, try not to make trouble for yourself," She said feeling defeated. "I'll see you in the dormitory after this. For now, just enjoy the ceremony," She looked at all their faces before walking to the stage where the teachers and the school administrator were all gathered. She wore a heavy expression as she approached her seat.

"Miss Miranda, have you meet your students? Heard you received the red zoners again?" Miranda frowned at the question. However, she simply shrugged her shoulder not bothering to answer. It was true that she was indeed assigned to teach and supervise students who are listed under the red zone and it was always like a bad dream to her, but, as someone who held teaching as an important job, she knew she couldn't just give up on them.

She looked at the direction of her new students and saw a batch of other student was approaching them. Her palm started to sweat when a bad feeling arose in her heart.

--------------AUTHOR'S THOUGHT-------------------

Guys, after reading your comments, I've spent the day thinking about who should be the ML. Honestly, I'm torn between GJ and WZ. At first, I thought that WZ is suitable to be the ML and GJ as the second lead. But, at one time I'm actually hating the idea. Lol. So, I reread my plot and have tweaked it a little adding more substance. However, it turned out that both of them have great potential to be the ML. Therefore, I would like to apologize to those who root for GJ or WZ because this author is a greeny, she couldn't let go of any one of them. But, I promise that there'll be enough screen time for both of them to woo our FL. kekeke...

cloudgugu cloudgugu



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