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67.18% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 43: Z Royal School (III)

Z Royal School (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 43 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 43: Z Royal School (III)

Fu Yixiao scanned the assembly hall and noticed that their location was a bit isolated from the rest of the students. The pillar that was blocking the view of the stage was glaring at them mockingly, similar to how the other students were looking at them.

"Arghh, this pillar is blocking my line of sight! Xiao meimei, let's sit over there," Lu Xinya pulled Fu Yixiao's hand toward the seats next to the walkway. Fu Yixiao nodded and followed her.

They were about to sit when a student walked by and sneered at them. Being insulted by some unknown student, Lu Xinya was angered. She wanted to retaliate but was stopped by Fu Yixiao.

"But, he was rude!" Lu Xinya was still standing and her eyes were glaring at the back of the student who was now sitting on one of the chair in the front row.

"Just ignore them. That's the normal reaction these mediocre people have towards us," There was boredom as well as mockery in Xu Kai's voice when he talked. Han Yu was also making a no sign by crossing his hand and motioned Lu Xinya to sit down. Both of them took the available seats next to Fu Yixiao.

Fu Yixiao glanced at Xu Kai who was busily searching for something inside his bag, "What is the situation actually?" She asked while stretching both her legs. She noticed that some students were glaring at them earlier when they approached Han Yu and Miss Miranda and it intensified with the increase of students in the assembly hall.

"We are ranked last and these seats we are sitting on belongs to the weakest batch of the semester," Han Yu explained when he saw that Xu Kai was still struggling with his bag. It seemed that the thing he was looking for was difficult to find.

"Huh, there is such a thing? Who made the decision?" A creased appeared on Fu Yixiao's face, baffled by the ridiculousness of his explanation. Moreover knowing that they were labeled as the weakest was quite annoying. After all, there weren't any tests that had been conducted to form an assessment of them.

"Heh, Z Royal School isn't similar to its glory in the past. The school's law was a camouflage that hid the dark side of the students' misdeeds. Now, the students made the rules," Xu Kai gave up searching and joined into their discussion. Lu Xinya was quietly listening by the side.

"Interesting," There was a small smile played on Fu Yixiao's lips after listening to Xu Kai's explanation. She wasn't expecting such a dark side of the school. Especially when the students were all from the wealthiest families.

"Is there any ranking or some sort of discrimination in this school?" Fu Yixiao asked while massaging her head. She started to feel dizzy seemingly was still tired due to the lack of sleep.

"Well, the school most important policy is equality. But, over the recent years somehow the students had overpowered the system and a new era where the top students trampled on the least competitive students are the norm," Xu Kai let out a laugh after explaining the truth.

"Hmm, then we will be next victim," The words were lazily said but it made the other three to look at Fu Yixiao with eyes full of worries. Seeing their worried looks, Fu Yixiao sighed and asked, "Are you weak?" And the three shook their head furiously disagreeing with her question.

"Then, there's no use of worrying. We just need to prove ourselves," She encouraged them. And indeed her words that were simply spoken to alleviate their worries somehow made the thoughts that looped in their mind to vanish.

Xu Kai and Han Yu were encouraging each other with a high-five when a group of girls approached them. Lu Xinya was staring at the girls with a frown in her face. Fu Yixiao was just sitting there showing no interest.

"Hah, so these are the weakest batch this semester. They sure look cheap."

"Shhh, don't point your finger or their stupidity might smear on it."

"Wow, they have two beauties but beauties with no brain are totally useless!"

Then, a series of laughter followed after.

Lu Xinya was enraged and stared at the girls with contempt. Seeing her losing calm, both Xu Kai and Han Yu were panicking. They were afraid that she would act hastily.

"Sister Lu Xinya, ignore them." Fu Yixiao rubbed Lu Xinya's back trying to calm her anger. "They are not worth it," Lu Xinya harrumphed but obediently returned to her seat.

Xu Kai and Han Yu heaved a sigh of relief knowing that Fu Yixiao managed to handle the situation well. It was only the first day, they didn't want to attract attention from the other students. Even though it was inevitable since they were listed as the weakest class.

"Hmm, what a useless bunch of people!"

"You should go back and enjoy the wealth of your family. Coming here will not improve your stupidity!"


Another round of mockery entered their ears. This time around, it was Xu Kai and Han Yu that were enraged. Lu Xinya was already standing ready to lash out at the group of girls.

"What?!" A girl wearing a cropped top and a skirt yelled in response. Her eyes that were covered with thick eyeliners and eyeshadows were glaring at them with contempt. She was probably the leader for she was the one leading the group earlier. The other girls were already looking at their direction, anticipating a fight.

"Just go to your seats. No need to mock us!" Han Yu spoke. Both him and Xu Kai was standing beside Lu Xinya.

"Haha, a sissy is complaining. So scary!" The comment was directed at Han Yu taunting him on purpose.

"You!" Han Yu was rendered speechless, tears formed in his eyes. He always felt humiliated when someone called him a sissy.

"Hahaha, look at him. Big boy is crying! Booo..." The girl added to the fuel causing Han Yu to actually sob in tears.

However, this time around Fu Yixiao who was quietly sitting on her chair stood up and walked toward the girl.

"Hey," She greeted them welcoming the contemptuous looks from all the girls. The so-called leader of the group was startled when Fu Yixiao approached her. She tried to bring her down, "Hey, you stup..."

"Shhh, don't speak it out," The leader wanted to curse at Fu Yixiao but her lips were pinched by her thumb and index fingers. She wanted to beat the hand that dared to touch her but it was retracted the moment she rose her own hand.

Fu Yixiao's lips curled upward as her eyes bored on the girl's angry face. "Now, you can curse at me," She said while her fingers were tracing on the girl's face with some sort of wicked admiration. The girl trembled as fear crept into her mind. She could feel the coldness radiated from Fu Yixiao's finger. She stepped back, distancing herself from Fu Yixiao.

"Hmm, acting mute?" Fu Yixiao tilted her head to one side. A smile was on her face.

"You dare!" The other girls who saw Fu Yixiao's touching their leader's face screamed in unison.

"Shut up! I'm not talking to you," Fu Yixiao scowled at the other girls not giving them a chance to speak. Her voice was like a boulder giving them immeasurable pressure. The girls winced as they were not able to refute. A seed of fear was already planted on their mind.

"You are boring. I've given you the chance to curse so why can't you?" Fu Yixiao held the girl's chin and stared at her eyes somehow probing her to actually curse at her. Then, she sighed and released the girl's chin in frustration.

"Get lost," That was her final words and upon listening to these words, the girls hurriedly left. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Xu Kai, Han Yu, and Lu Xinya were staring at Fu Yixiao as if seeing a different person. They couldn't believe that the delicate girl they thought was indifferent could become so scary that their knees almost failed to support them. The moment she entered the scene, the whole area turned icy cold. She didn't do much, simply talking and touching the girl's face but somehow it managed to scare the girls away.

"What?" Fu Yixiao asked before walking to her seat. She frowned when the three shook their heads in unison. Suddenly, Lu Xinya ran to her and held her left hand. Her eyes were gleaming with pride.

"What?" She asked again. Annoyed.

"Xiao meimei, you are so cool!" Lu Xinya gave her two thumb ups. Fu Yixiao grinned and winked at her. However, Xu Kai who finally regained his usual self had a different opinion. "You shouldn't do it. Now, we will become the target of everyone in the school," he said.

"Well, there's a limit to everything. Calling someone a sissy was going overboard," Fu Yixiao said. She understood his concern but seeing Han Yu's expression earlier had triggered her anger. The truth was she wanted to lay low and avoid as much trouble as she can but her sense of justice overwhelmed the need for peace.

Han Yu was shocked when he knew the reason behind Fu Yixiao's actions earlier. He couldn't believe that someone he just met was willing to stand up for him. He stared at Fu Yixiao in gratitude. Slowly etching her name in his heart.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Hi guys,

Thanks for the votes! and sorry for the slow update.

Was a bit overwhelmed with real-life issues.

Will try to update as often as I can.

Thanks for reading...


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