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21.16% Second Chance: Summon System / Chapter 26: C25 Wars End

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Chapter 26: C25 Wars End

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After the meeting, I returned to my room and lay in my bed. This isn't good. I would have to be the one to make the decision.

"*sigh* Souei." I called.

"Yes, Master?" He appears from my shadow.

"I need two people killed."

"Liviana and Alexander?" He asks.

"Yes, but it has to be staged in a certain way..."

When the enemy surrendered at the walls, we opened the gate and imprisoned the Nobles. This included Liviana and Alexander, but their jail cell was a lot more luxurious than the rest. They were given an entire wing in the fort as there prison. I understand that father wants to be kind to them, but this is too much. I would understand giving them a room or something, but an entire wing of the fort is just crazy. Whatever, it's not like it matters, as they will be dead soon.

The next morning, news spread throughout the fort. A guard went to bring the mother and son prisoners breakfast and found nothing but dead bodies. Apparently, Alexander stabbed his mother to death and hung himself from a chandelier. Rumors were being spread about what happened, and why he would kill his own mother. I haven't seen father today, but I'm sure he's distraught about all of this. When we return to the capital, Mother said that father will hold a private funeral for them. He can't hold a public one because they rebelled against the crown.

Since we have to make up for our losses somehow, we cherry-picked the best of the best from the surviving rebel army to take the place of fallen soldiers in the Royal army. Then our allied Nobles picked some to make up for their losses as well. The rest were sent back to whatever noble house they served. After taking care of everything at the fort, we made our way back to the capital. The ride back to the capital was a happy one. The soldiers were in high spirits, as they just won a war without taking many losses. The nobles were happy because dad will be handing out rewards for their service. This could be anything from currency to titles and land.

When we finally returned, I went straight to the baths. I may be able to travel in style and luxury because I'm royalty, but there are no good baths on the road. The best you get is someone filling a bucket for you to wipe yourself down. Next time I travel I'm packing a tub to bathe with. We have water mages for god's sake. They could get me water, and if they can't heat it then call a fire mage. I can't go without proper bathing again, or I may die. What's also annoying is there is no air conditioning in this world. I miss my a/c more than anything.

Well, that's enough complaining. After spending the first day to settle in, dad called every allied Noble from the war to the throne room. Today is the day that they all get their rewards for a job well done. Father called mother and I to accompany him as well. The ceremony didn't take long, as none of the Nobles did anything that crazy and heroic. When my father finished with the nobles, I was getting ready to leave.

"Syrin Fortis, come forward!" The king called me. This seemed like an important occasion, so I decided to not say anything and simply move in front of the king. Behind the king, my mother was motioning for me to bow like the Nobles did when their name was called. I couldn't help it and rolled my eyes, as I took a bow.

"Yes, Royal Father?" I decided to go with my teachings and stick to proper etiquette for this one.

"Due to your large part in winning and ending this war, and your incredible service to our kingdom. I bestow upon you 100,000 gold crowns and the title of Duke. Now that you have a title some land should go with it, so I give to you the growing duchy of Ephia. Rise Crowned Prince Syrin Fortis, Duke of Ephia." The king states and I rise from my bow. Father has a proud smile on his face.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." I say as I'm still in my etiquette mode. I move back to the king's side and wait to see if anything else happens.

"Thank you all for your service. This marks the end of the Fortis Kingdoms civil war." Father says.

{Achievement: You've contributed to a major achievement. The civil war has ended, and the host has played a big role in that. Due to you're contribution, the host will be awarded 15,000 SP. Spend wisely.}

Haha, being rich is nice. Now, I have 100,000 gold crowns and about 35,000 SP.



Name: Syrin Fortis

Title(s): Second Prince of the Fortis Kingdom, Dual Affinity Genius, Crowned Prince (A/N: Duke title will be added when the populace knows.)

Fighter Rank: 1

Mage Rank: 1

Shop points(SP): 35,000

Currency: 100,000 gold crowns


-Magic affinity

-Battle energy affinity

-Magic Manipulation LVL10 MAX

-Battle energy Manipulation LVL10 MAX

-Phoenix Fire Attribute LVL3 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


-Magic Sense LVL4 (eight feet radius)

-Book Creation


-Phoenix (Nova)



I'm rich! I'll have to use the shop soon. After everyone left, I spoke to my parents.

"You made me a Duke, Huh. I like it!" I say with some excitement.

"Haha, I thought you would." Father laughs from his throne. Mother giggled beside him.

"Can you tell me about my territory?" I ask.

"Ephia is a medium-sized duchy. It borders the Bestia Kingdom, but you don't have to worry about that, as we have a good relationship with them like I've told you before. There are two city's, six towns, and numerous villages in the Ephia Duchy." Father explains.

"Awesome, so can I rule the Duchy from here, or should I be leaving to get my new land in order?" I ask.

"We haven't decided on that just yet. The war is over, and the Malum Kingdom won't try anything so soon, but you are a bit young to be going out and ruling a Duchy by yourself." Mom says.

"The boy is a genius, though." Father mutters from his throne, but mom ignores him completely.

"I would go with you, but there seems to be a core beast herd passing by, and the adventurers guild called for all S ranks and above to take care of it." She explains.

"Core beast herd? What type of core beasts are they?" I ask.

"Core beast herds are a bit different than normal animal herds. Animal herds are comprised of herd animals like sheep, goats, llamas, etc. Core beast herds can be anything, including non-herd type animals. No one knows how they start, but if we let them grow to big they can take out an entire kingdom. Have you ever heard of the Theston Kingdom?" Mother asks and I shake my head. "Exactly, because it doesn't exist anymore."

"You're saying a herd of core beasts destroyed an entire Kingdom!?" I exclaim finding that hard to believe.

"Yes, the entire kingdom is gone. Destroyed in the stampede of a beast herd. This is why when herds pop up we deal with them as fast as we can."

(A/N: Want to read ahead of what I've posted so far? Go to my patreòn and get early access chapters. https://www.patreó

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