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Chapter 86: The Identities of The Two

Reagan cleared his throat and asked again.

『Sarena. Oswal-』[Reagan]

Before he could even finish his sentence, she began to spit out his nicknames from the students.

『Puppeteer. Homework King. Soryl Scientist. Tactician In Glasses.』[Sarena]

He looked over to Sarena with a look of betrayal.

She looked back and gave him a wide smile.

『...It's only fair, right?』[Sarena]

He wanted to protest, but couldn't find any reason to fault her.


『Then… These two are...』[Jenny]

『..The third year's Gardenia and Gladiolus, right?!』[Marn]

Reagan raised his eyebrows again.

『...Gladiolus and Gardenia, huh?』[Reagan]

Reagan shut his eyes for a moment before he opened it again.

『So, you two are the representative of the 3rd years?』[Reagan]

The class stared at Reagan with strange looks.

『They are your students and you don't know?』[Katherin]

He responded to their blank stares with a blank stare of his own.

『Huh? Why would I?』[Reagan]

A strange silence filled the room until Jade broke the silence.

『...Can they teach me too?』[Jade]

This opened up the flood gates.

『Me too!』[Sophia]

『Here too!』[Marn]


『Can we?』[Thomas]

『...I would also like to...』[Anastasia]

Sarena suddenly paled.

『...I already have my hands full with missions...』[Sarena]

Oswald just shook his head.

『I taught Nova because I was assigned to, as a mission. He is a special case, in that he was forced to start with zero knowledge of mana or magic. All of his achievements are his own.』[Oswald]

Sarena caught on and nodded her head very enthusiastically when Oswald said this.

『...So, Nova started with zero knowledge of mana? So, you're telling me that he...』[Marn]

『He learned things out of order.』[Reagan]

Reagan chopped Oswald on the head.

『Ow! Why?!』[Oswald]

『You were the one who taught him all these things out of order, right?』[Reagan]

『I taught him in the order of circulating mana, to mana shield, to the modifier! That's all!』[Oswald]

Reagan turned over to Sarena.

『And you?』[Reagan]

She had a proud look on her face.

『I IMPROVED his mana circulation, taught him Inferno Purgatory, then taught him about "rules" for spells!』[Sarena]

He squinted his eyes when he heard this.

『...What do you mean by "improved"?』[Reagan]

Oswald's eyes suddenly shifted around between the two.

『I taught him to channel mana through his hear-』[Sarena]

Oswald quickly covered her mouth and stopped her from speaking, but it was already too late.

Reagan's eyes opened wide for a moment before his expression returned to normal.

『...Is that so? And you taught him those other insane things that caused him to be able to pass my exam, no?』[Reagan]

Sarena realized that she had said too much.

The first half of class was them being yelled at.


Once he was done, they were dragged outside to the training yard with them.

『...I guess Nova is off the hook.』[Marn]

『Alright… I think we've had enough of that for one day...』[Jenny]

『I didn't think Reagan could be so scary...』[Katherin]

Reagan cleared his throat.

『So, as you know, this week is a special week.』[Reagan]

Nova didn't have any recollection of a special event.

『...Is it a special week?』[Nova]

Jenny got close to him and whispered into his ear.

『...It's club week.』[Jenny]

『...Did they not tell you about clubs?』[Reagan]

Oswald made some complex movements with his hands and fingers in the shape of a rectangle.

Suddenly, Nova was reminded about the detailed notes that Oswald had written him that he forgot about. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

『...I forgot about that. 』[Nova]

『...It's a group of people that do the same things as each other. For example, the Magic Research club puts efforts into new applications of magic. The beast taming club is the one Raina was in.』[Reagan]

Sarena also cut in.

『I'm a part of the gardening club, if any of you want to join!』[Sarena]

Thomas quietly whispered something along the lines of…

『..I.. want to try..』[Thomas]

Sarena's eyes lit up and she ran over to him and grabbed him by the shoulders.

『You will?! Are you sure?!』[Sarena]

His face went red and he nodded.

Sarena happily ran back next to Oswald with a smile on her face.

Nova glanced at Thomas and heard him speak under his breath.

『...She's cute.』[Thomas]


Reagan continued speaking.

『Anyways. Today will be an easy day. Join a club, look for a Raidagem team to join. Most Raidagem teams won't accept you, but you need to find one. If you have a hard time finding a team, the best team to go to is Atlas. You'll only get a little rewards, but if you save up enough, you could probably afford something nice.』[Reagan]

He opened up a portal right next to him.

『Thomas already found a club to try out, so he can follow Sarena. Go in here and go to the different tables. You can join as many clubs as you want, but don't bite off more than you can chew.』[Reagan]

The class slowly lined up into the portal and found themselves in the area in the middle of the school.

There were tables set up everywhere, as well as people who were at the tables calling people over.

『...Woah! There's so many people here!』[Marn]

『Yeah. Clubs get more of a budget the more students they pull. Try to find something that you like!』[Oswald]

He looked in a certain direction.

『I won't influence your guy's decision, but have fun!』[Oswald]

Oswald slipped away right after he said this.

The rest of the class all ran in different directions, with Marn and Katherin going off in one direction and everyone else in all types of directions.

Nova and Anastasia were the only ones left.

She looked a bit lost.

『...Where should we go?』[Anastasia]

Nova looked around, but couldn't find any place that stood out.

『Uhh… Just around, I think!』[Nova]

They walked around the tables and found several things, such as the Monster Battling club, the Monster Hunting club, and several others that were based on some kind of monster fighting or magic research, but couldn't find any that appealed to them.

As they were walking around, Anastasia suddenly stopped.


Her eyes were glued to a board that said "The Fine Dining Club".

The people under had an array of food and snacks that they were giving out to appeal to students.

She glanced at Nova nervously and looked at him for some kind of response.

He let out a bit of a laugh and motioned for her to go

『Go ahead. I'll keep looking』[Nova]

After a moment, she nodded her head and went to join a small group of people that were there.

Nova kept on walking through the tables, but couldn't really find anything worth his time.

Eventually, he sat down on a bench in a secluded area and just spent some time thinking about what he wanted to do.


Suddenly, an ice cold pair of hands grabbed him on the neck and his shoulders.


He flailed around for a moment before the hands pulled his chin up for him to see two green eyes and long orange-brown hair.

『Hehe. Did I get you?』[Freyana]

She looped around and sat next to him.

『...Haaah. I almost had a heart attack...』[Nova]

Freyana pulled his arm up and put it around herself before she got closer.

『What are you doing here, honey?』[Freyana]

This was the first time he heard her call him that.

『 Hmm? Honey?』[Nova]

『Yeah! You don't like it?』[Freyana]

Once she asked that, her ears seemed to droop down a little.

『...I like it.』[Nova]

Her ears perked up again before she nuzzled his face with her hair.


He continued answering her question while she nuzzled him.

『I'm thinking of a club to join, but there aren't many appealing clubs to me...』[Nova]

『Hmm… What DO you like to do, now that I think about it?』[Freyana]

『I… read a lot? I also play games, watch movies, and I used to cook… I guess?』[Nova]

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

『Oh! Then why don't you join my club?!』[Freyana]

Nova was taken aback at this.

『Huh? You're in a club?!』[Nova]

『I'm in the cooking club! I've been in it ever since I've been enrolled as a student!』[Freyana]

『You… wait, what?』[Nova]

Nova was absorbing a whole lot of information at once.

『...You know what? Sure.』[Nova]

Alanala Alanala

This chapter goes out to skizrim_3 in commemoration of America's Thanksgiving holiday. I am thankful for your support, even when I hadn't uploaded for an extended amount of time. More chapters will be rapidly releasing in the next few days for some other great names who have supported me emotionally through my time as a writer. Check in to see if you're one of them! Thank you, skizrim- you're a real one man.

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