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Chapter 66: A reason to exercise

While Sora who had never seen a real-life woman squirt right in front of him and not through a screen froze and didn't do anything, Chiharu also no longer had the same happy and pleased expression on her face once she finished orgasming.

Sensing that Sora hadn't as much as touched her since the moment she began orgasming, Chiharu gritted her teeth and said, "Go on... Say whatever you want... "

"Huh? What should I say?"

"Whatever you think of what you just say... I'm used to it anyway... "

"What are you talking about? Do you want me to praise you or something? I mean sure you are the first woman I've seen to squirt, but... "

It was now Chiharu's turn to be shocked as she turned around and look towards Sora who was still speaking.

"You're not disgusted by what you just saw?"

Looking weirdly towards Chiharu who looked like she wasn't lying, Sora who had a retort only shook his head and said, "No." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Nodding his head, Sora saw Chiharu's face suddenly light up like a christmas tree from bright that smile on her face was.

Literally pouncing on Sora and kissing him on the lips, Chiharu caused him to fall down the bed and onto the carpet-covered floor while she fell along with him.

"Mmmmm... What are you doing?"

Not answering Sora's question, Chiharu once again kissed him while tears could be seen welling in her eyes.

Breaking the kiss, Sora who felt like he did something wrong hastily asked, "Are you okay? You didn't get hurt while galling down right? Hey Chiharu!"

Snapping out of the daze which was brought on by how happy she was, Chiharu shook her and chose to not say about what the reason behind her suddenly acting so strangely was.

Instead, she once again kissed Sora and said, "I'm just very happy."

Well, Chiharu didn't actually need to explain herself because once he calmed down Sora quickly more or less guessed what the reason behind that sudden outburst was.

She was probably very sensitive towards the fact that she squirted when orgasming, and was afraid that Sora would hate that fact about her.

But how could she know that Sora was not just disgusted by that, but even more turned on from what he saw?

After all, how many women could actually proudly claim that they would squirt when orgasming.

In fact, if the situation didn't seem like the best one to say so, Sora truly wanted to ask if he could satisfy his curiosity by making her squirt a few more times.

After what had happened, even though Sora was still very turned on, due to Chiharu who kept on hugging him the two of them didn't have any more sex and just lied there with one in the other ones embrace.

Staying like that for almost an hour, Chiharu finally stood up when there was around forty-five minutes to go for the time they paid to be over.

Recovering her usual cool, Chiharu asked, "It's almost time for us to leave. So shall we get cleaned up?"

Nodding his head Sora was about to wait for Chiharu to finish using the washroom when she suddenly added, "Since I spent so much time... You know.... I don't mind it if you want to join me in the shower."

Saying so, Chiharu went inside the bathroom while Sora quickly followed behind her.

Standing under the shower, Sora was kissing Chiharu whose back was pressed against the wall.

Rubbing his erect dick on top of Chiharu's pussy, Sora asked, "When you squirt, how far does it actually travel?"

"You..... Don't ask about such things! I'm fact, don't talk about it at all!"

"No way. Do you know how much I want to experiment with your pussy after finding out that you squirt?"

"I don't! And you should forget about it as well because I'm not letting you do any such thing!"

Showing a disappointed face, Sora acted like he was heartbroken and just about to cry due to which Chiharu rolled her eyes and said, "Such faces only work when it is a girl that does that."

"But... Tell me what it is that you have in your mind."

Speaking with an excited look on his face, Sora brought his mouth near Chiharu's ears and began whispering something into it.

The longer she heard those words the more bright Chiharu's face turned until she finally pushed Sora's face away and shouted, "Don't even dream about such things.... Pervert!"

"In exchange... How about having some shower sex for now?"

Like that, Sora was forced to shelf all the plans he had on playing with Chiharu's pussy and making her squirt enough times to satisfy his curiosity because having sex with a woman inside a shower was something he always wanted to.

Spending almost thirty minutes during which Sora went through two condoms due to the number of times he cummed, Sora also managed to test out one of the activities he wanted to with Chiharu.

Holding her up by the legs right when she began squirting, Sora found out how far that stream of liquid would travel.

Washing each other's body and dressing up, Chiharu and Sora who left the love hotel while holding each other's hands.

"How about training with me in the morning from tomorrow onwards, Sora?"

"You mean on those morning runs? But you go out so early in the morn.. "

"We can have sex after finishing our training."

"I always wanted to run in the mornings."

Rolling her eyes, Chiharu chuckled and said, "Since we can't find enough time to go to a love hotel every day, we can stop near the gym on our way back and finish working out before having sex inside the showers."

"This way, we'll also manage to make you look even better by adding a few muscles and abs to your body."

While sighing a little from understanding that Chiharu definitely had more than just running planned for him, especially because she was talking about going to the gym, Sora seemed to have found himself a reason to start exercising.

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