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Chapter 167: Awkward

"Aaahhhh... Kazumaaaaaa..... It's sooo goooddddddd!"

Moaning nonstop even after she stopped orgasming because that semen inside her pussy was constantly causing her to let out mini orgasm and her entire body to twitch when she did so, Yuriko failed to notice that Kazuma was frowning way too much for someone who was enjoying himself less than a few seconds back.

Especially considering how he cummed inside a woman for the first time.

And the reason for that was simple. This woman was calling him by his name.

As someone who wanted to train her into a slave, Kazuma was fine with it when she submitted way too soon and ruined all the plans he had for her, but now that she even stopped calling him Master, there was no way he'd just take all it lying down.

Pulling his dick back out of the woman's pussy while causing her entire body to tremble from pleasure, Kazuma looked at the time and saw that it was time for him to leave and this slut's daughter to come back.

Therefore, after standing up while ignoring the exhausted Yuriko who wanted to lie on the bed and continue enjoying the lasting effects of her orgasm pulled her up by the neck and made her look at him.

After all, even though he did want to teach her an unforgettable lesson, he felt that maybe she deserved a final chance.

"Hey slave, who am I?"

"Huh?... My honey Kazuma!"

Speaking while slurring with eyes that were overflowing with lust from obviously wanting to go again, Yuriko finally noticed that Kazuma's face was looking black right now.

"Kazu..... Aaaa!"

Screaming suddenly since Kazuma began walking ahead while dragging her with him during which she barely managed to get to her feet and almost scraped her knees against the floor, Yuriko couldn't understand what was happening when Kazuma finally stopped in front of the sofa.

Smiling meaningfully from thinking that maybe he had something more perverted planned, Yuriko no longer said anything and even began going along with everything he did.

Dragging Yuriko and pushing her onto the sofa, Kazuma ignored the fact that the semen he pumped inside her had found its way onto the floor and instead rook out some short pieces of rope from his bag.

"Ooohhh.... Kinky."

Smirking at Yuriko who obviously misunderstood his intentions, Kazuma after pressing her back against the sofa lifted her legs straight up.

Pressing her calves against the sides of her head so that her pussy was completely visible along with the white liquid which was slowly flowing out of it little by little, Kazuma tied her ankles together after which he lifted her arms and tied them in front of her legs making it impossible for her to change the current position unless the ropes were removed.

It was finally now that Yuriko felt that something was off.

After all, while she was sure that her staying in this position definitely looked erotic, it wasn't possible to have sex if she remained in the same way right?

"You seem to have forgotten something Yuriko."


Not giving her the chance to speak, Kazuma continued doing what he wanted.

Bringing out the smallest butt plug he brought with him in hopes of stretching Yuriko's ass and getting it ready for his dick, Kazuma after plunging it inside her only remaining virgin bole said, "You seem to be thinking that the two of us are equals."


"Don't forget that you are just a filthy little slave, and in your master."

"Wait! I... "

Ignoring the woman who finally understood what he planned on doing since she saw him dressing up and packing his bag, Kazuma after taking the camera he left here yesterday and replacing it with a fully charged one he brought to record what was going to happen next, began walking towards the door.

"Let's hope that this lesson will be enough to teach you the difference between us. If you repeat the same mistake again, what I'm going to do is, hehehehehehehe.... "

Leaving the house along with the laughter to let the woman herself imagine what it was that he would do, Kazuma truly left and went back home to see what the camera he left yesterday recorded.


"Master! I'm SORRY!!! MASTER!!!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Please come back MASTER!!!"

After aimlessly shouting for almost half an hour and finally turning scared because she realized that he really did leave, Yuriko didn't know what she should do anymore.

Given her current state, she truly couldn't move in the slightest.

And regardless of who walked inside her house right now, they'd see her in such a humiliating posture.

Just thinking about it caused her pussy to start watering and made the semen deposit inside her seep out and cover the couch under her in it.

While this was happening, her entire body trembled and that stupid perverted grin on her face disappeared due to hearing the sound of someone opening the door.

How could she forget about it? It was time for Izumi to come back home!

Looking around nervously since she truly couldn't do anything despite wanting to, even before Yuriko could try to think of a way Izumi who had entered the house walked inside it like always and was just about to pass by the couch when she suddenly stopped.

She might have subconsciously thought that everything was normal, but there was something really out of place.

In the sofa beside her, that tied up naked woman.... Was that her mother?!

Walking back very slowly and moving her eyes to look at her mother in the eye, Yuriko's jaw dropped wide from seeing the helpless look on her tied up mother's face.

What the fuck was happening here?!

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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